#SPFBO Cover Competition


The cover competition for this year’s SPFBO is now live.  See here for all the details.  Each blogger will now pick four covers and place them in their order of first, second, etc.  Check out some of these covers – there are some absolute beauties here.  It’s going to be a real struggle to narrow this down to four – at the moment I have at least 10 very strong contenders!  Which ones are your favourites:


Fantasy Book Critic

Lynn’s Books

The Qwillery


Kitty G

Thoughts Stained With Ink


The Fantasy Hive
Rockstarlit Book Asylum

#SPFBO Cover Competition – Final Three

Posted On 28 June 2019

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As you may be aware if you read this blog the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off Competition is about to start.  The first stage is for all the blogs taking part to choose their three favourite covers from the batch of books they’ve been allocated.  The details and other entries can all be found here – take the time to go and check out the other covers.  There are some absolute stunners and my full list of books can be found here.

So, I needed to decide upon my three choices for the cover competition.  I can’t deny that I had a really difficult time choosing and had to narrow it down in the first instance to 7 possibilities before making that final choice.  Without further ado my three finalists are :

And the other covers that really stood out for me and made the first cut to semi finalist were:

Which are your favourites or do you agree with my choices?

And, finally, good luck to everyone in the cover competition and SPFBO5.

#SPFBO – Cover Competition


A part of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off is the cover competition that is held before all the reading and judging commences.  This is a lovely way to get the ball rolling and gives all the entrants another shot at having their book highlighted in a really positive way.  All ten judges pick three favourite covers from their own batch of books.  There is then a vote to decide the favourite out of the 30 covers submitted.

I can’t tell you how difficult this was.  I definitely wanted more than three.  Now, being a sole blogger I can’t really vote on the books so I just have to go with my gut feeling.  No amount of humming and ahhing has helped.  I’ve been backwards and forwards deliberating and I can say for the record that you people (my authors) have made this almost impossible.  At the end of the day there are some quality covers – check them out here.  I eventually narrowed it down to about eight contenders but the three I’m entering into the competition are as follows:

My 3 cover contenders:

Sorry to all the others, I realise it’s not much consolation but I liked so many of your covers and the standard this year is fantastic.  To check out the other entries put forward this year look here.