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A part of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off is the cover competition that is held before all the reading and judging commences.  This is a lovely way to get the ball rolling and gives all the entrants another shot at having their book highlighted in a really positive way.  All ten judges pick three favourite covers from their own batch of books.  There is then a vote to decide the favourite out of the 30 covers submitted.

I can’t tell you how difficult this was.  I definitely wanted more than three.  Now, being a sole blogger I can’t really vote on the books so I just have to go with my gut feeling.  No amount of humming and ahhing has helped.  I’ve been backwards and forwards deliberating and I can say for the record that you people (my authors) have made this almost impossible.  At the end of the day there are some quality covers – check them out here.  I eventually narrowed it down to about eight contenders but the three I’m entering into the competition are as follows:

My 3 cover contenders:

Sorry to all the others, I realise it’s not much consolation but I liked so many of your covers and the standard this year is fantastic.  To check out the other entries put forward this year look here.



#SPFBO Cover Competition


If you’re familiar with this blog you’ll be aware that for the past three years I’ve taken part in the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO) created by Mark Lawrence (check out the details here).  Basically the SPFBO is a competition for self published authors.  Each year 300 books are submitted, 10 judges are awarded 30 books each, each judge submits one book to the final stage and finally one book, with the highest rating wins the competition.  As the contest begins we have a cover competition.  Below are the 30 covers for my books (list of titles and authors can be found here). I will be choosing 3 covers from the titles below to submit for the contest.  I already have 3 in mind and will post my choices on Friday – but, I want to give the authors a chance to check my list and ensure I have the most uptodate covers.

So, here they are – and there are some lovelies to feast your eyes on:

HighBarrensrebel's bladellightdawningThe Sangrook Sagathe lostsentinelcursedwishesHeart of the DestroyerSolace LostA Wizard's ForgeunderordshawsavageswordsForsaken KingdomSanctuary's FiendSorcerers' IsleHow to go to Hell in 10,000 Easy Stepscross fireShadow of a SlaveArgenterrapurplehazeclockworld


songsofsworn to theAnempiredeadmarshplumstonecovers_Dark_Oak_Jacob_Sannox_004-3victorboonedarkofwinterParagonTheBastardFF

#SPFBO 2018 – My book list

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I recently posted (here) about the next Self Published Fantasy Blog Off that’s due to start in August this year and said I would update my blog with the list of books I’ll be checking out.  Below is the list of books and authors I’ve been assigned.

I will be posting all my book covers very soon and choosing my three favourite covers for this year’s competition.  Note to authors.  I will be taking the covers from Goodreads so if there is a more uptodate version that you want me to check out then please let me know.

Here’s my list of book and authors – an exciting looking list which I can’t wait to get started on:

  1. Phil Parker – The Bastard from Fairyland
  2. K.D Wloch – Paragon
  3. Christopher Percy – Dark of Winter
  4. David Joel Stevenson – Victor Boone Will Save Us
  5. Jacob Sannox – Dark Oak
  6. Melika Dannese Lux – Deadmarsh Fay
  7. Tim Marquitz – An Empire of Tears
  8. Craig Schaefer – Sworn to the Night
  9. J.C Kang – Songs of Insurrection
  10. D.P Woolliscroft – Kingshold
  11. Ben Myatt – Clockworld
  12. Andrew Einspruch – The Purple Haze
  13. Donna Maree Hanson – Argenterra
  14. Saffron Bryant – Shadow of a Slave
  15. Andrea Domanski – Crossfire
  16. Douglas Todd – How to go to Hell in 10,000 Easy Steps
  17. D.P Prior – Sorcerers’ Isle
  18. Andrew Lynch – Sanctuary’s Fiend
  19.  J.R Rasmussen – Forsaken Kingdom
  20. Viel Nast – Savage Swords
  21. Phil Williams – Under Ordshaw
  22. A.M Justice – A Wizard’s Forge
  23. Mike Sliter – Solace Lost
  24. Kent Corlain – Heart of the Destroyer
  25. Marcy Kennedy – Cursed Wishes
  26. Suzanne Rogerson – The Lost Sentinel
  27. Steve Thomas – The Sangrook Saga
  28. Ty Arthur – Light Dawning
  29.  Frost Kay – Rebel’s Blade
  30. Alice Sabo – High Barrens

Are you familiar with any of these??


#SPFBO 2018 – coming soon!

Posted On 25 June 2018

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blackThe Self Published Fantasy Blog Off, brainchild of Mark Lawrence, will soon commence it’s fourth year.  In just under 48 hours 300 entries were received from self published authors and the doors are now closed.  If you want to read more about the competition find a link here to Mark Lawrence’s blog and some helpful information about the aims of the competition.  If you click on this link you will be able to see all the books submitted this year.  The books I’ve been allocated are listed there and I’m really excited to take a closer look at them all.

To all the authors taking part I’d like to say a big thank you – there wouldn’t be a contest without you and I wish you all the best of luck.  I hope you enjoy the competition, make a whole heap of friends and get the most from the experience.  I truly appreciate you putting your books out there for scrutiny and also realise how nerve wracking that can be.

The only advice I would give is to interact as much as possible and have a presence in the competition.  Use the facebook page, follow the #SPFBO twitter feed, chat, discuss and ruminate.

For my part, I will be shining a light on my books as often as possible.  If any authors would like to pay me a visit to either take part in interviews or submit written articles about their own piece of work or any other topic of choice – one and all are welcome.  I’m sure other aspiring authors would greatly appreciate any tidbits you can throw their way.

Finally, in the much repeated words of the Highlander :


My list of books and authors will be posted shortly.

My twitter feed is : @LynnsBooks

My email: lynnsbooks64@gmail.com – if you email me and I haven’t responded then please try again, unfortunately my emails can be a bit busy sometimes and it’s easy to overlook something – don’t be shy.