#SPFBO My second batch of books

Posted On 8 August 2017

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FullSizeRender-1The SPFBO is well underway and I’m on to my second batch of books.  They’re listed below in the order I’m going to check them out – five books a month for the next six months before choosing one book to submit for the final.

Without further ado here are my books:

Gobln Fruit by S E Burr

With goblin fruit, addiction is contagious. If you touch a user, you’ll crave the drug. If you crave it, you might take it. If you take it, you might not stop. If you don’t stop, you’ll become a zombie, slang for a catatonic, someone who can eat, and move, and breathe, but nothing more. If you become a zombie, people might touch you, and if they touch you, they’ll crave the drug.

Sixteen-year-old Clarity’s mother is a catatonic. So is Audrey’s brother. Together, with clues from a one hundred and fifty year old poem, they’ll try to save their loved ones, and the world.


Search of the Lost by Tom Gaskin

The Knights of Ezazeruth were the most elite warriors the world had known: toughened by war and trained in a harsh regime, they were a force to reckon with.
But when the arrogant King Afthadus became afraid they would not survive, he cursed them with immortality: and so they went into exile…

2,000 years later, the dark armies of the Black, the very empire they swore to protect the world against, begin their invasion of Ezazeruth, and the ancient legends must be summoned back to fulfil their oath. This quest falls upon Havovatch, with his newly-appointed captaincy and unit of elite warriors. They must venture into the wild to find the Knights. But there is one problem: no-one knows where they are… If Havovatch does not succeed then Ezazeruth is doomed.

Search of the Lost is the first instalment in the Knights of Ezazeruth trilogy.


War Witch by Layla Nash

Hustling as a waitress is a far cry from being the most feared witch in the world. But after surviving ten years of war between humans and supernaturals, Lily finds anonymity a relief.

Even a request for help from an old coven friend can’t bring Lily out of hiding — until her friend disappears, along with the entire coven. What’s worse, wolf shifter and Chief Investigator Leif — the man Lily is secretly in love with — considers her the only suspect. And to top it all off, the dark witch who was her first love has been resurrected … and wants her back.

Lily’s search for the truth could destroy the witch-shifter Alliance and reignite the war with the humans. But if that’s what it takes to help her friends, she’ll do it. Even a retired war witch is very dangerous when provoked.


Land of the Gods by Justin Sloan

Narcel’s enslavers took everything from him: his family, the woman he loves, and his freedom. All he has left is his will to live and a burning hatred for his masters.

Years of living and training with the Mawtu changes Narcel. Once his sworn enemies, he now considers these men friends and brothers-at-arms. He would snuff the life from those who oppose them, and fight and die to protect them.

Battle looms on the horizon and the Mawtu army faces its toughest challenge yet. Will Narcel side with his enslavers and lead their army to victory? Will he honor his friendship and allegiance with his new brothers? Or was this all a ruse and will Narcel finally exact his revenge and betray the army that took everything from him?

As Game of Thrones is based on the Wars of the Roses, Land of Gods is the first book in an epic fantasy series based on Ancient Greek wars. It features fast-paced action, a love triangle, and bitter revenge.


The Devil You Know by Alan Tucker

Two alien races vie for control of Earth amidst a human population decimated by a merciless plague, famine, and war.

Meanwhile, the denizens of Hell grow restless. The apocalypse they were supposed to instigate and revel in is happening without them…

Doing their best to create new lives in the aftermath of the chaos triggered by the aliens’ arrival, Abraham Black and Neri White come from backgrounds about as different as their last names would indicate. Yet, together, they may hold the key which allows humanity to remain the primary tenants of Earth. The question is: how much are they willing to give up to save the world? Their memories? Their lives? Their souls?


#SPFBO My first batch of books

FullSizeRender-1The SPFBO has officially started and I’ve now chosen my first batch of books to read.  They’re listed below in the order I’m going to check them out – five books a month for the next six months before choosing one book to submit for the final.

Without further ado here are my books:

The Saga of Dirt and Poncho by Clayton D Baker and Michael H Kuecker

ThesageofdirtFrank sucks. Or at least his life does, not that he’d know. When he meets Dirt and Poncho his life changes from sucks to really sucks. But hey, at least it’s interesting now. Now he gets to almost die on a daily basis and generally have no idea what it going on around him. His new friends make it a point to put him in harms way all while telling him how important he is. Murder doesn’t seem important to Frank but he ends up trapped by his own indecision and possibly idiocy in an insane plot to end the world, or save it. It’s pretty hard to tell.

Frank thinks it’s all B.S.

The Emperor’s Horn by Jordan R Murray

The Emperor's HornDo not ask to fight me. The power I wield is more ancient than your blooded line. I will crush your soul and devour your essence until you are nothing but an empty, discarded husk.

The first Emperor of the Imperium banned the use of magic a millennium ago, and yet now, something is stirring in Falden Province. An unspoken truth begins to emerge: magic still exists.

As dark forces seek out ancient and powerful sources of magic, a mysterious horn resurfaces that was thought to be only a legend. Herbert Tanasen and Teguin Dorst—two young men with remarkable magic of their own find themselves pawns in a dangerous game. Will Herbert and Teguin learn to harness their abilities before the horn falls into the wrong hands?

The Emperor’s Horn is a breathtaking adventure that will immerse you in an imaginative fantasy world.

Wishful Thinking by James Beach

At the moment I don’t seem to be able to find a cover or description for this one so we’ll just have to wait and see…

The Tralls of Nindarry by Gayle Torrens

TheTrallsGermaine thinks that he is heading off for a funfilled holiday with his grandparents at Ninderry in Queensland, Australia but when he arrives, he finds his grandfather seriously ill. As his parents are committed to flying to Canberra to try to save Fraser Island from the ravages of sand mining, it is left to him to help his grandmother find the unusual cure – the only thing that will save his grandfather’s life. The journey to find the cure sets Gemaine and his grandmother on a fantastic journey into a parallel world that is amazingly beautiful but, at the same time incredibly dangerous. Along the way, Germaine uncovers a long held family secret. Will this secret bring his family even closer to each other or will it shatter his family forever?

Sand and Storm by Patty Jensen

Sand&StormAn ancient machine that produced icefire was destroyed twenty years ago, but the deadly magic is again on the increase. No one understands why or where it’s coming from.

King Isandor sends his Eagle Knights to investigate a concentration of icefire in the mountains at the border. It appears that the neighbouring country Arania wants revenge for a defeat in a war forty years ago, and is using icefire as weapon. The evil power source must be eradicated.

Lana is a student about to make a vitally important discovery about icefire, but the people in power, including her own father, are too busy talking about war to listen to her.