#SPFBO – Cover Competition


A part of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off is the cover competition that is held before all the reading and judging commences.  This is a lovely way to get the ball rolling and gives all the entrants another shot at having their book highlighted in a really positive way.  All ten judges pick three favourite covers from their own batch of books.  There is then a vote to decide the favourite out of the 30 covers submitted.

I can’t tell you how difficult this was.  I definitely wanted more than three.  Now, being a sole blogger I can’t really vote on the books so I just have to go with my gut feeling.  No amount of humming and ahhing has helped.  I’ve been backwards and forwards deliberating and I can say for the record that you people (my authors) have made this almost impossible.  At the end of the day there are some quality covers – check them out here.  I eventually narrowed it down to about eight contenders but the three I’m entering into the competition are as follows:

My 3 cover contenders:

Sorry to all the others, I realise it’s not much consolation but I liked so many of your covers and the standard this year is fantastic.  To check out the other entries put forward this year look here.