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Posted On 1 July 2017

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Today sees the start of the third Self Published Fantasy Blog Off competition organised by Mark Lawrence.  Long story short – 300 novels have been submitted, 10 blogs have been allocated 30 books each and in 12 months time 1 book will win the competition.  For me the strap-line for this competition is ‘there can be only one’.

Last year I decided to divide my books up into six batches of five, chosen randomly, and then for the the first six months I would choose a favourite book each month that I would read and review completely.  By the end of the first six months I would then choose my favourite book out of those six to put forward.  The other blogs also submitted their final entries to the second stage of the contest.  During the following six months each blog then read all of the other 9 finalists and reviewed and scored them.  In this way by the end of the 12 months a winner was chosen.  I quite liked the format I used last year and I’m a believer of not fixing things that aren’t broken so I’m going to go with that again.  So, I’ve chosen my first 5 books and will be posting about those shortly.  My aim is to make sure that all the books I’ve been allocated are going to be highlighted in some way over the course of the next six months.

As last year, to get things started there was a cover competition.  Each blogger chose their favourite three covers, and from the 30 chosen we picked our favourites.  The results are in and here are the top three books (1st/2nd/3rd from left to right):

Congratulations to Benedict Patrick’s Where the Waters Turn Black for scoring so many votes.

I will post shortly about my first five books.


My Cover Selection #SPFBO 17

I recently posted all the books I’m taking on for the #SPFBO 17 contest.  At the start of the contest we’re holding a cover competition.  Check out this post to see all my book covers.  I think I had some great contenders but I’ve had to pick three and so here they are:


Empire of the Dead by Phil Tucker.  I really like this cover.


Spark of Defiance by Autumn M Birt. Another great cover – check out that beastie!


Land of Gods by Justin Sloan. Totally different from the first two but I like the sense of movement, the theme and the font.

The SPFBO ’17 : Cover Off

Today is a day for a SPFBO ’17 post methinks.  I’m a little behind with looking at all my books and I haven’t posted an introduction or wrap up piece yet – but I will get there.  However, and not to jump the gun, as last year all the bloggers are submitting three of there assigned books for a cover art contest.  If you’re a bit of a cover tart like me then you’ll love this!  Plus, it gives at least three of your books a shot at winning a ‘best cover’ title – which, considering there are three hundred entries and only one winner, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get a ‘best cover’ award under your belt now would it, not to mention a little bit of extra focus on your book?

So, as last year, my book covers are all laid out below for you to feast your eyes on.  My list of books and authors is at the bottom of the post plus a link to Mr Lawrence’s blogspot for a bit more information.

Here be my covers (with one omission as I don’t seem to be able to find a cover for Wishful Thinking by Jim Beach – if the author wants to point me in the right direction then I’m happy to update.  Similarly – if I’m using out of date covers for any of these and any authors want to change their covers please let me know.)


Which are your favourites?

Justin Sloan – Land of the Gods /
Elizabeth Baxter – Everwinter /
Charlotte E. English – Faerie Fruit /
Ken Lozito – Road to Shandara /
Layla Nash – War Witch /
Watson Davis – The Archbishop’s Amulet /
Aldrea Alien – The Rogue King /
Jenna Elizabeth Johnson – Faeborne /
Tirzah Duncan – Grace the Mace /
Josh Rhoades & Mike Rutledge – The Apotheosis Break /
Alan Tucker – The Devil You Known/
Scott Haworth – Dark Moonlighting /
Jordan R Murray – The Emperor’s Horn /
C.V. Dreesman – Cursefell /
Kelly Stock – The Soul Guide /
Burke Fitzpatrick – Today Is Too Late /
James Jakins – Jack Bloodfist /
Clayton D Baker & Michael H Kuecker – The Saga of Dirt and Poncho /
Patty Jansen – Sand and Storm /
Gayle Torrens  – The Tralls of Nindarry /
Rob Cornell – Darker Things /
Phil Tucker – The Empire of the Dead /
Jim Beach – Wishful Thinking
Anthea Sharp – Feyland: The Dark Realm /
Ilana Waters – The Age of Mages /
Sandy Hyatt James – A Gaze of Flint /
Autumn M Birt – Spark of Defiance /
S.E Burr – Goblin Fruit /
Tiffany Turner – The Lost Secret of the Fairies /
Tom Gaskin – Search of the Lost /
Link to Mark Lawrence’s blog post for further details about the SPFBO.
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