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Posted On 19 September 2019

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So, a little later than planned, here is my ‘halfway through the SPFBO’ feedback post.

I’m on my third batch of books and have read the first chapters (up to 30%) of the first three which takes me exactly to the halfway point.  This is my third batch of books and my feedback on the first three of those books,

To date I’ve now read at least the first 30% of 15 books.

Today I’m going to give my feedback on three more books.  I’m also going to decide which books will be semi-finalists up to this point.

Without further ado here are my thoughts on my next three reads.

Shadowof.jpgFrom the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court by Benedict Patrick

I’ve read just over 31% of From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court and I’m enjoying it so far so intend to read further so won’t at this point be providing a review.  To be rolled forward.

Author Info:


Living in.jpgLiving in Times of Dragons by John A Pretorius

This is a contemporary story that gets off to a very quick start.  Roger is returning to his homeland of South Africa with his son when things start to go horribly wrong.  Roger has been in a sort of self imposed exile, I’m not totally sure why, and is returning to take part in a court case for which he may be in grave danger.  As it happens the danger is much worse than Roger could ever imagine.  Dragons exist, they live hidden from humans but they’re about to break their secrecy and wreak havoc upon the world and it appears that they’re coming for Roger.

To be totally honest this one didn’t quite work for me, which may be just an ‘it’s me not you’ thing.  There are lots of dragons, some good, some not so good – although at this stage I don’t understand their motivations so I could be wrong about the good and bad ones.

I think my main issue with this was that it got off to a very dramatic start but then slowed down considerably with lots of dialogue and constant questions that didn’t really feel like they moved the plot along.  I also felt like there were quite a number of typos in this which started to feel like they were pulling me out of the story a little.  This one didn’t quite work for me but then I’ve only read the first third of the book.

To be cut.

Author Info:


TheShadow.jpgThe Shadow Watch by S.A Klopfenstein

The Shadow Watch was a good read. Well, it took me a little to get into but then I did become invested and this is a book that I would like to return to if I get the time just to see how it develops

This is a world where magic has been eliminated – or so it is believed.  We begin the story with a young girl being sold by her mother for her own protection.  We then move on to the Oshan Empire where slaves live in wait to see whether they will be selected to go to war.  Terrifying times and Tori and Darien are on the eve of such a selection process and about to be separated.

I enjoyed this but it did take a little time to get into.   As it is, I feel like I was becoming quite invested and interested by my 30% cut off zone.  I would like to return to this but for the purpose of the competition it’s being cut for now.

To be cut.

Author Info:


For the purpose of this feedback I’ve cut two books and decided to continue reading one of them.

At the current point I would say I have one semi -finalist to date and one book still waiting to be completed and reviewed and therefore still in the running to be a semi finalist.  The Lore of Prometheus is my current semi finalist. For the purpose of the competition I am now cutting the other books that I have read apart from the one book that I still intend to read.  I will provide a further update at the end of the month for the other three books from batch 3.

My current semi finalist is the Lore of Prometheus by Graham Austin-King


My book being carried over is From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court by Benedict Patrick

I have three more books to check out by the end of the month and a further feedback post.

My apologies to all the authors cut so far, I realise this is really tough and my thanks to you all for entering the competition.  Good luck to the remaining authors.

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