Can’t Wait Wednesday : Wanderers by Chuck Wendig

Can't Wait Wednesday

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that was originally created by Breaking the Spine.  Unfortunately Breaking the Spine are no longer hosting so I’m now linking my posts up to Wishful Endings Can’t Wait Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop over, link up and check out what books everyone else is waiting for.  If you want to take part, basically, every Wednesday, we highlight a book that we’re really looking forward to.  This week my book is : Wanderers by Chuck Wendig.  Because – Chuck Wendig! and also check out the description – this sounds great:

WanderersA decadent rock star. A deeply religious radio host. A disgraced scientist. And a teenage girl who may be the world’s last hope. In the tradition of The Stand and Station Eleven comes a gripping saga that weaves an epic tapestry of humanity into an astonishing tale of survival.

Shana wakes up one morning to discover her little sister in the grip of a strange malady. She appears to be sleepwalking. She cannot talk and cannot be woken up. And she is heading with inexorable determination to a destination that only she knows. But Shana and are sister are not alone. Soon they are joined by a flock of sleepwalkers from across America, on the same mysterious journey. And like Shana, there are other “shepherds” who follow the flock to protect their friends and family on the long dark road ahead.

For on their journey, they will discover an America convulsed with terror and violence, where this apocalyptic epidemic proves less dangerous than the fear of it. As the rest of society collapses all around them–and an ultraviolent militia threatens to exterminate them–the fate of the sleepwalkers depends on unraveling the mystery behind the epidemic. The terrifying secret will either tear the nation apart–or bring the survivors together to remake a shattered world.

Due for publication : July 2019


The Complete Double Dead by Chuck Wendig

Complete double deadChuck Wendig is fast becoming one of those authors that I must read.  I’ve certainly not read all of his books but the ones I have read I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and The Complete Double Dead is no exception.

At the start of the tale we make the acquaintance of Coburn who has been lying entombed in a derelict building for close on five years.  He’s a little dried out to say the least until by some random occurrence he finds himself the lucky recipient of a good dose of blood.  Coburn is a vampire.  An egotistical, no nonsense, killing machine with super strength and the ability to self regenerate from just about any injury – short of losing his head of course.

Coburn was right at the top of the food chain until he was awoken by blood’s sweet kiss and found the zombie apocalypse shambling around outside.  His walking snacks have turned into walking maggot farms and his miraculous revival turns out to be rather ill timed.

Instead of preying on unsuspecting victims by night Coburn instead finds himself shepherding a bunch of humans across the country.  He has to keep his food source alive and so, firstly, he must learn to snack rather than guzzle and, secondly, he and his sheep must make it to the other side of the country where a cure to the zombie disease is rumoured to be a possibility.  So, Coburn and his crew set off.  The route is going to be tough, on top of cannibals, would be military establishments and fanatical religious cults he’s going to need to keep his wits about him to survive his own pack of humans and if that isn’t enough it seems there’s a whole new ‘super’ zombie stalking Coburn.

To be fair, I don’t suppose The Complete Double Dead brings anything startlingly new to either the zombie or vampire legends, and perhaps that’s why I like it – it feels like something old and familiar.  Coburn seeks blood, he hides from the sun and he has the ability to ‘persuade’ his victims to behave.  The zombies – well, they pretty much want to eat living flesh and they don’t care what extremes they have to go to in order to do so.  What I found really original was the twist in the tale that turned the predator into the prey.  A little twist that almost brought Coburn to an unlikely end due to his over confidence in his vampire acquired abilities and the fact that he’s never been on the receiving end of a threat before.

On top of this, well, we have Chuck Wendig’s unique style of writing.  Here we have a book with horror, blood, guts, drama and action.  It has the potential to become too brutal, too horrific and too much to swallow but instead Wendig manages to inject humour in the places you least expect.  He turns Coburn into an almost redeemable character (although not completely) and he makes this a gripping read right to the end.  There are a number of twists, particularly in relation to one of the characters who seems to bring out the best in Coburn and there are some spectacular scenes of outrageous bloodiness – really, I can’t even go there.

Now, for information, I understand that this book is a combination of two novels – Double Dead and Bad Blood.  Also, this is a bloody and sometimes violent book.  Wendig pulls no punches so if this doesn’t work for you then step away now!

I really enjoyed The Complete Double Dead.  If you’re looking for a little horror, a swathe of zombies, the odd grisly blood bath, some moments of genuine humour and a hero where you didn’t expect then this could be the book you’re waiting for.

I received a copy courtesy of the publisher through Netgalley for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.

Woman’s best friend????

Art it Up.  This is a weekly meme hosted by Tabitha over at Not Yet Read.  The idea being to see if you can come up with some inspiration for a little sketch or doodle from your last week’s reading or just anything else in general. this week I’ve been reading Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig and The Ice Twins by S K Tremayne.  I’ve taken my inspiration from Atlanta Burns and tried a sketch of Whitey!

The Topic for Tough Travel at Fantasy Review Barn this week was Law Enforcement.  Check out this week’s books!

Check on over to Tabitha’s place – her artwork is always quite gorgeous!!


Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig

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Just finished reading Atlanta Burns by Chuck Wendig and woah, wow and oh my giddy aunt all rolled into one!

Atlanta Burns is a young girl.  At the start of the story she’s just returning to school after a break of some months.  The reason why she’s been away from school will soon be made apparent to you the reader.  In the meantime all I can say is that she’s gathered something of a reputation and people are a strange mix of in awe, scared and confrontational towards her.  Getting a reputation has it’s drawbacks but Atlanta isn’t too worried – she’s all up for going stirring up a can of whoopass!

This is a difficult book to review because I don’t want to give away too much about the plot.  In fact I don’t really want to talk about the story other than to let you know that Atlanta is going to become the hero of the underdog!  And a most unexpected hero at that with a smart mouth and a heart of gold that she hides beneath a prickly exterior.

I liked Atlanta.  She’s a mixed up girl but that’s no wonder considering her past.  She gets involved in all sorts of adult badness that she shouldn’t even be aware of and on the outside she appears tough.  Yet, she does get afraid, she doesn’t want to be in scary situations and more often than not she just wants her mum!  She is vulnerable and yet she’s also determined.  I don’t think you could fail to like her really. She’s all about championing the misfits and probably in recognition of this they naturally navigate towards her.

And, oh my word, there’s a lot of rescuing to be done here and no shortage of heartache frankly.  If you’ve read Wendig’s Blackbird series you’ll be no stranger to the gritty realism that he portrays so well and this book is no exception.  Within this story you’re going to get mixed up with all sorts from the lower echelons of society to the society darlings and you’re going to bear witness to extreme poverty and some rather seedy living.

This is without doubt a brutal read and you can believe me when I say that.  Through this story you’re going to be reading about bullying, homophobia, violence, suicide, rape, torture, a bunch of fascist podunk hicks, dog fighting and dog baiting!  Some of the people involved are down right nasty and don’t flinch at all sorts of repugnant behaviour – and if that’s going to be a turn off for you then I’m giving you fair warning right now!  I’m not trying to deter you from reading this book because frankly I was hooked to the page and at the end of the day this may be a downright dark and gritty look at areas that are not always pleasant to be reminded of but it was also a book with hope threaded throughout.  Atlanta is a misfit, she’s more an anti-hero than anything else but it’s sort of reassuring that she wants to do the right thing.

In terms of criticisms I think the only thing I would mention is that this can be bleak (see above!)  There are very few really nice people to latch onto and you certainly won’t be having any deep belly laughs while you read this.  Like I said though, I found it totally compelling, shocking and then uplifting in a strange sort of way and absolutely unputdownable.

I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this with the above provisos.

I received a copy of this courtesy of the publishers through Netgalley for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.

The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig

Just finished reading Cormorant by Chuck Wendig, the third book in the series about a psychic called Miriam, the first two books being Blackbird and Mockingbird.  Seriously I love this series.  It’s brutal.  And, it’s grim.  Miriam is no sweet and fluffy little girl and there’s a whole seedy world out there which reading her story is going to suck you right into.  (Stop reading now if you’re worried about potential spoilers).

In the last book Miriam tried to control her abilities but this ended up in an explosive situation.  In this instalment she’s still trying to come to grips with it, more to the point trying to come to terms with how to live with it.  She’s been experimenting with the gift, trying to change the visions she sees, but fate finds ways to intervene.  Death won’t be cheated.  A life for a life.

So at the start of the story Miriam is barely scraping together a living and the situation is going to become worse as her flatmates have decided to throw her out of her accommodation, apparently she’s too difficult to contend with!  The sugar coating is that one of her flatmates has found her a bonus.  A job where she can use her special talents for a rather lucrative reward.   Apparently there is a guy down in the Keys whose curious to find out about the way in which he will die, so curious that he wants to pay Miriam $5,000 to give him such an insight.  And so Miriam heads out to Florida.  It feels like a trap.  And, that’s because it is a trap.  And things are now going to go from wish you didn’t get up in the morning to absolutely wished you stayed in bed for the rest of the week!

Basically, Miriam is going to end up again following a serial killer, or at least, not so much following the killer as he’s following her. The serial killer seems to be watching her and anticipating her every move.  He’s using his victims to send her messages, it’s a creepy plot line.  You have Miriam, who when she makes contact with someone can see the way in which they die, and when she has this vision there’s a message there for her in the future.  It twists with your brain for sure.  The story is interspersed with scenes that jump backwards and forwards which seems to be oddly fitting given Miriam’s special abilities.  We also, again, have the strange connection to the birds.  Plus the trespasser, as Miriam has come to think of him who seems to be a spooky message carrying ghost.  Miriam is stronger than she realises though, she just needs to come to terms with her own new found talents and find out the boundaries.

The storytelling is excellent.  It’s gripping.  It’s compelling.  It’s like a train wreck that you can’t tear your eyes away from.  The language is, well, let’s just be honest here, the language is a little bit coarse!  But, this is Miriam and she’s a force of nature to say the least.  If you’re easily offended then it’s probably best to steer clear but if you’ve read the other books you’re no doubt very familiar with Miriam already.  She’s offensive but even so you can’t help liking her especially as she seems to have these moments where the real Miriam comes to the surface and you can see the person she could or would have been if her life hadn’t become so messed up.

The pace is constant as Miriam ricochets from one situation after another, barrelling out of control for a good part as she tries to come to grips with what exactly is going on as the people around her become the murderer’s next target.  Miriam seems to have drawn the attention of not only some badass drug dealing gangster types and a stalking serial killer but also the FBI seem to be on her trail.  I suppose you can only go for so long leaving death and destruction in your wake before you finally gain a following of sorts.

Did I mention that I loved this book?  It pulled me right in and I couldn’t put it down until I reached the conclusion.  It’s not like Miriam is perfect.  She rushes into a situation even when its obvious that she shouldn’t.  There were occasions where it was clear what would happen and you could see things would turn out badly and yet Miriam still walked into those scenes!  Boldly going where no woman has been before I might add!  She has such a devil may care attitude about her own safety it’s like she almost thinks shes become invincible or something or perhaps it’s just that she really doesn’t care any more.  You can’t help feeling exasperated with her at certain points and yet even with that frustration the story still grabs you and shakes hard.  Even as the story races towards it’s grand finale you can’t help racing along with it.  I think my biggest regret is that I didn’t take a little more time to savour the story and certainly my biggest problem will now be finding the patience to wait for the next instalment.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, courtesy of the publishers, in exchange for a honest review.  The above is my own opinion.  I think this series is excellent: dark, twisted fantasy.  I definitely recommend.

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