The best laid plans…of the average bibliophile


This week over at the Broke and Bookish the theme for Top Ten Tuesday is:

‘Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2015 — bookish, blogging or otherwise!’

This year I’ve come up with 10 resolutions that will be easy – because why make it difficult to succeed (I realise that’s not the point but why do we have to make everything a struggle?)  So:

  1. To collect so many books they they’re stacked in piles all over the house
  2. To ignore people and refuse to be sociable when I’m reading a good book
  3. To have library books, that become absorbed within my own book collections therefore forgetting to be read and running up large ‘late’ fines
  4. To let my kindle battery run down so low that at that crucial moment, the last 10 pages in the book, it just blanks out – because that’s always a giggle
  5. To have no organisation whatsoever in my book reading schedule and just to make it up as I go along – because it’s all about the fun
  6. To read 3 books at a time until one becomes the favourite and muscles the others out of the nest
  7. To let my ‘one click’ finger run amok!
  8. To totally over indulge – in books, and maybe the odd glass of wine – because that sounds civilised doesn’t it?
  9. To do that thing where you wander round a huge bookstore – even though you might not have anything in particular that you want to buy at that particular moment just because – soaking up the atmosphere, looking dreamily at the books – and, well, I suppose you might make the odd purchase or come up with a few additions to the tbr!
  10. To be the easiest person to buy gifts for EVER – because, book tokens!

In other words to pretty much carry on regardless and just enjoy myself!

Finally, this isn’t a resolution but a hope:

To have a good year and to wish the same for all of you!

10 Bookish resolutions

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at the Broke and the Bookish is:

 top ten bookish resolutions

(Although they don’t have to necessarily be bookish!).  I’ve decided to stay bookish and given that I’m a fairly self critical person I have 10 things I think I need to work on:

  1. Need to properly organise books into some sort of order and put together a schedule, especially of books given to review and in order to get ahead of myself a little bit!  Although that does sound like hard work doesn’t it.  I basically just want to read the next book that I want to read!!!
  2. Want to expand reading genres – actually, I’ll be more to the point – trying to incorporate more sci fi as although I read primarily fantasy I also read historical, mystery and horror so sci fi is getting left out in the cold a bit – I’m working on this – see Stainless Steel Droppings Sci fi Experience and Little Red Reviewer’s Vintage Sci Fi event.
  3. Want to read ten of my classics this year – only read 4 so far = massive fail!  Still, I have got time to catch up.
  4. Want to seriously tackle tbr – it’s out of control and needs addressing – maybe limit the number of books I buy this year (ahem!)
  5. Want to finish some of my unread series – also getting out of control – will go and actually figure out how many unfinished series I have one day (see No.1 above)
  6. Need to be more on the ball about updating my blog, behind with challenges pages, A-Z, etc.  Basically I write my review and run for cover!
  7. Hoping to take part in some challenges again like the Women of Genre Fiction by Worlds Without End – really great for introducing new authors and making you step out of your comfort zone (see No.2 above).  Actually a great site – go check it out.  You won’t be sorry.
  8. Thinking to change my reviewing style – needs to be more clear whether I don’t like a book as well as if I love it!
  9. Incorporate some different discussion posts – I enjoy doing something different, fun or just silly on occasion.
  10. Enjoy reading – I always do – doesn’t really need a resolution but thought I’d stick it in there anyways!

Now, just need to make a start on those lists.  Maybe I could make a list of what lists I actually want to make before I start the actual lists themselves.  Categories, this is what I chiefly need…  Or maybe I could stop prevaricating.