Two Serpents Rising by Max Gladstone readalong week 2

Today is the second instalment of our Two Serpents Rising readalong.  The full details can be found here.  If you want to take part then there’s still time.  Just leave a comment.

This week is being hosted by the lovely Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow.

The Q&A are below and please beware of spoilers.

1)  So we’re halfway in, and we seem to have uncovered the culprit already… What did you make of the confrontation at Seven Leaf?

I sort of have mixed feelings here and I’m not sure why but I’ve left it for a while in order to reflect and all I can come up with is that I was a bit underwhelmed with the confrontation.  I don’t really know why.  It wasn’t the writing but I felt like it was a very quick confrontation and for some reason it didn’t create any tension for me personally and it didn’t feel like there was ever a real threat involved.  The only thing I can come up with is that the whole thing was a set up for something else which maybe hasn’t occurred yet or maybe it was a way of raising a number of different issues about Mal and Caleb – such as the fact that Caleb isn’t totally defenceless or the whole issue with Mal and her ideas around atonement.  I certainly didn’t see that coming.  It was good that they both worked together though and let’s face it Mal couldn’t have succeeded without Caleb’s help.

2)  Temoc is still turning up at random, and still protesting his innocence. Doth he protest too much…?

I think you could be forgiven for thinking he protests too much but somehow I believe him.  And now I’ve said that I’ve no doubt I’ll be immediately proven wrong but I don’t dislike him somehow.  He’s clearly not perfect but he doesn’t give me the creeps.

3)  The Red King. Discuss.

This guy could easily give you the creeps but again, at the moment, I’m a little on the fence with him.  There’s something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on yet.  I’m puzzled about him sending Caleb on the mission to Seven Leaf with Mal.  Does he mistrust both of them?  I wonder if he knows more about Caleb’s original withholding of information about Mal or maybe he just suspects something because they’ve come out about being in a relationship.  It does feel like he’s testing Caleb.

4)  And let’s not forget Mal! I confess, I did not see any of those surprises coming. What do you think of Caleb’s ‘sweetheart’ now?

She certainly has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.  I’m really enjoying the way theyre both ‘pinging’ off each other and even though this ‘romantic’ element isn’t the main focus for the story I’m really enjoying the way it’s being included.  There is definitely a lot of electricity between the two – and a lot of secrets.  Mal’s part in brokering the deal and testing out the security at the water plant – not sure what to make of that yet.  Can we trust her?  I think that’s the main question really.  She originally made out that she was simply out to get a bit of a rush with her extreme sporting – but that wasn’t really true.  Then again, she wasn’t involved with Caleb at the time – I wonder whether her feelings for him are going to interfere with things for her one way or another.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.  Part of me really wants everything to go okay and part of me wonders whether Mal has a different agenda of her own.

You have to love the creativity of Max Gladstone.  He comes up with such a lot of unusual concepts.  I love the ways of getting about in this one – particularly the flying.  And, more particularly, the huge dragonfly like creatures that clasp onto your back and carry you – whilst sucking out a little of your soul.  Yeah, you’d want to be careful about just how long your journey was!

That’s it for me.

This is the schedule if you’re interested in jumping on board:

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Two Serpents Rising by Max Gladstone, readalong week 1

Hi everyone, sorry I’m late with this one but life just conspires sometimes!

So, the first week of the Two Serpents Rising readalong is upon us.  Susan from Dab of Darkness is our lovely host (over here) and the details for the readalong are here.  You know you want to join us!

Without further ado, other than to add an obligatory spoiler alert, here are the Q&A for this week:

1) Poison in the Bright Mirror reservoir! What are your thoughts on the infestation? Then an explosion later on! Any ideas of who is the culprit yet? Are the two events related?

That was a bit mind blowing wasn’t it – I certainly didn’t see that coming at all – makes me have second thoughts about walking round reservoirs.  I can’t help thinking the reservoir and the explosion are linked – it’s just too much of a coincidence and it will be interesting to see if Mal is being used or is involved.  I hope that she’s not involved as it would be a bit obvious.

2) Let’s talk about Mal and the sport of cliff running. Care to compare this sport to one here in our real world? What do you think Mal gets out of the sport? 

I suppose she gets to be rebellious to a certain extent – she seems to come from a privileged home so it seems that this is her little break out.  Also, I suppose she gets a massive rush of adrenalin and a certain number of cool points as she does seem to be rather a daredevil. I’m not sure what sport it reminds me of – other than perhaps something I saw about people jumping roofs – but I could have just made that up or dreamt it or something.

3) Are you enjoying the deities and culture this book is infused with? Has any of the architecture wowed or frightened you? 

The first book was impressively creative so there was a lot to live up to and I think so far this one is definitely doing well to live up to it. And, in spite of the clue in the title  – snakes, really!!  Yes, between the serpents and reservoir monster – omg!  Both scary – and what was the whole thing with the slaughterhouse.  Talk about watch this space.

4) The Red King is a pretty serious guy. Will he make the deal with Alaxic concerning the powerhouses known as Achel & Aquel? 

I think it’s too soon for me to call at the moment.  There is definitely something big afoot but I’m really clueless to be honest.  The Red King though – what a description heh!  Wouldn’t really like to meet him alone in a dark alley – he just sounds creepy.

5) Finally, Caleb has a wealth of scars, linguistic skills, and a complex relationship with his father. Discuss!

This is very intriguing to me.  I wouldn’t say that Caleb seems unduly jumpy or scared when his dad is around so I’m kind of discounting certain things, I suppose.  And he doesn’t seem to hate his dad – they just clearly don’t agree with each other – which no surprise there given what his dad is up to – and certainly his dad’s got a terrible reputation which does rather get in the way of Caleb’s work.  It’s complicated to say the least.

A great start to the series – I feel like I’ve been very bad this week though – I’ve not really given this a detailed examination so looking forward to everyone elses’ comments.

Sorry for being absent.  Loving the book so far though.

Two Serpents Rising by Max Gladstone – readalong

I recently finished reading Max Gladstone’s Three Parts Dead as part of a group readalong with a number of other bloggers.  It was very enjoyable and now we’re moving onto the second in the Craft Sequence books – Two Serpents Rising.

This is going to be great.  The full details can be found here.  If you want to take part then let Susan at Dab or Darkness know or simply leave me a comment and I’ll make sure you’re added to the list.

The first in the Sequence books was very original and I really enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to No.2 – although I understand that these are not follow on novels so it will be interesting to compare.

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