Classics Club: revised list suggestions please!!

e142d-question-markWell, I was about to say a couple of years ago but that would have been a fib so I’ll come clean, three years ago I joined in with the Classics Club.  This is a great site that encourages you to pick up some old favourites and share with others.  I used to read a lot of classics but this was mainly because I read what was available around me and those being my dad’s books the majority were classics.

Obviously I moved on from there to my own books and tastes but I still like to include the odd classic into my reading  These days my tastes run more to speculative fiction with a little murder/mystery/horror/historical thrown into the mix for good measure.  Truthfully, I’m not doing as well as I’d hoped so I’ve decided to revise my list and I’m looking for some suggestions.  I’m not going to try and go through all the classic books I’ve read because it would be silly!  But, for example, I recently read The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde – which was great.  I would definitely like to read more along those lines.  I like books with a magical fairytale feel and also was thinking of Agatha Christie or other similar murder/mystery books – also, anything a little bit creepy would be good.  If you have any suggestions  please let me know.  Obviously any fantasy classics that you can think of feel free to chuck in here too.TCC