Friday Firsts – A Little Knowledge by Emma Newman (Split Worlds book #4)


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‘Cathy listened to the argument, weighed its merit, and considered her response carefully, as the Duchess of Londinium should. “This is bullshit.”

That also summarised most of what Cathy had discovered about being Duchess of Londinium.  She’d had high hopes – once she’d overcome the sheer dread of having such high status – that the title of Duchess would confer upon her enough power to really make a difference in fae-touched Society.  In reality the only power Cathy had was confined to areas in which she had no interest whatsoever.’

My First Impressions

Being the fourth book in the series I have a very good idea (as you might hope!) about what this series is about.  This opening scene clearly gives me the impression that even though Cathy left on something of a high note at the end of the last book, things haven’t panned out as she hoped since then.

Other books in the series:

  1. Between Two Thorns
  2. Any Other Name
  3. All is Fair


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