Follow the spiders? Follow the spiders?


It’s time once again to go Tough Travelling with Fantasy Faction,  On the first day of each month, with a pre arranged theme in mind, we will all come up with out own individual selection of books that take us travelling through the tropes of fantasy.  This month’s theme:



Why is everyone so serious all the time?  Perhaps they need a friend that is there with a quick bit of wit to liven up the day… even if the day is looking to quickly turn to blood.

Oberon – from The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.  I love Oberon and the element of fun that he brings to these stories.


Dog – Poison City (Delphic Division #1) by Paul Crilley.  Dog is a spiritual advisor to London (Gideon Tau) who works for the Delphic Division police force – they specialise in the supernatural.  Dog is a snarky sidekick indeed.  Rude and usually a little drunk -he has a penchant for sherry.

poison city

Reiches – a squirrel cat from Sebastien de Castell’s Spellslinger series – I love this critter.  Not everybody understands him but he’s definitely snarky and it turns out he loves a hot bath with buttery biscuits on the side.

Samwise Gamgee – I will not explain this one.  If you don’t know then I can’t even look at you right now – ‘a promise is a promise Mr Frodo’.


Derrick – a honey loving fae type character who plays the snarky sidekick to Aileana in The Falconer (The Falconer #1) by Elizabeth May.

Next month’s topic will be : ELVES  (Please note that from January 2018 The Fantasy Hive will be hosting this meme).




Holy catfish.. it’s a snarky sidekick!

This week over at the Fantasy Review Barn we will be travelling once again through the tropes of fantasy looking at:


Why is everyone so serious all the time?  Perhaps they need a friend that is there with a quick bit of wit to liven the day; even if the day is looking to quickly turn to blood.  (Not actually found in the Tough Guide).

Well, I thought I had a few – but, to be honest, I think I’ve maybe cheated, just a tad….

Lord Ermenwyr from – The Anvil of the World by Kage Baker.  I love Lord Ermenwyr, I’m not sure whether he qualifies as a sidekick but I just don’t care because he’s so good – and, i think he does qualify really!

Tyrion – Game of Thrones by GRRMartin – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tyrion on lots of lists – so sarcastic!  I actually love this character.

Jean Tannen – I just don’t think of him as a sidekick as he’s fairly fundamental BUT I can’t resist giving him a mention and really Locke is the main character so I’m saying that Jean is Robin to Locke’s Batman!!  The Gentleman Bastards by Scott Lynch

Bob – from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files – defo a sidekick character – yes!!

The Marquis of Carabas from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere – is this a cheat?  He’s defo not the main character?? Not sure.  He’s a great character though.  I think this one counts.

Lord Akeldama is Alexia’s foppish eccentric vampire friend from the Parasol Protectorate novels by Gail Carriger

Can I also just say Suzume (MLBrennan’s Generation V) and Wydrin (Jen Williams Copper Promise) – both are massive cheats because they’re not sidekicks – but OMG these two have given me plenty of laughs in my recent reading so they get a mention just for the ‘snark’.  I’m calling it quits before I make myself blush with all the cheating!

That’s it for me!