Wish I was still there!

Posted On 13 February 2016

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We’re back from our travels.  We took a few days in Sicily – we’ve already seen a lot of this island and love it.  Loads of history, you can’t chuck an olive without hitting an ancient monument or doric temple, great food and drink, friendly people and good weather.  Don’t know what more you could ask for really!

We stayed in Ortigia which is within Siracusa.  Origia is a beautiful island.  It has a wonderful array of twisty streets all lined with houses from the baroque period.  The main piazza is just gorgeous and the Duomo is a wonderful building that manages to display the many different ages of this town.  The Duomo was originally the Greek Temple of Athena and the doric columns still make up part of the building.

No more words – the pictures can speak for themselves:


The Fountain of Diana


The Fountain of Diana


Piazza del Duomo

Palazzo Beneventano Del Bosco


Palazzo Beneventano Del Bosco



We visited the Archaeological Museum – this is a Medusa mask


Fantastic Food


Did I mention the wine?


Twisty turny streets


Relaxing in the sunset!


Couldn’t resist these trees -Fangorn!!

Tumbleweed moments…

Posted On 4 June 2015

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If you notice a little inaction around here for the next few days that’s because…. (choose one of the following):

  1. I was, yet again, late.  I spotted a white rabbit with a huge watch and chased after him to ask the time. I don’t know how come it didn’t seem a little more odd, a talking rabbit, wearing a waistcoat and carrying a watch on a chain, but…. the next thing you know I was falling down a bloody big hole so there was really no time for speculation.
  2. Some guy in a pointy hat, mumbling into his beard about burglars, knocked on the front door and asked me to sign up to something – I thought he was talking about neighbourhood watch, I should have paid more attention because next thing you know I was off on an adventure…
  3. The gigantic stacks of books, precariously placed around the house have finally toppled over and me, the hubby and the dog are currently stuck underneath – it’s okay, we have goodies and we won’t get bored because – plenty to read!  Well, the dog doesn’t read but he does like to sleep.  Speaking of which….
  4. I’ve gone into hibernation, I’m big on sleeping and I’ve decided to try out the bear’s way of life – it’s still bloody cold round these parts so my body clock is all messed up.  Now, jar of honey in hand, where’s that cave?
  5. I’m reading a very fine book and have gone into a worm hole – not always easy to get out, sometimes you don’t want to get out.  Perhaps I’ll stay here for a few days.
  6. I’m getting on board a huge chunk of metal, burdened by lots of people and baggage,  that by the wonders of modern science will soar into the sky, rising above the clouds and take me to a different destination.  It. Could. Work.