Feeder by Patrick Weekes

Posted On 5 May 2018

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feederHaving read the first two books in Weeke’s Rogues of the Republic series I was intrigued when I saw Feeder with it’s ‘sci fi’ feel.  I’m enjoying the fantasy series by this author (although I need to read No.3 and complete the series – I have completion issues!) and similarly to his fantasy works this book has a fun feel.  I enjoyed this.  I would say it’s probably aimed at a YA audience although to be honest it has a comic book type adventure feel that I’m sure will appeal to many.  It’s not a serious read but definitely something that I could see being adapted to screen really successfully.  A bunch of young adults with mutant powers plus a very diverse and inclusive cast of characters.  On top of that it’s virtually non-stop action with monsters of the tentacle-kind.

As the story starts we meet Lori Fisher.  She’s received a message with details of her latest job and is sorting out real life issues in order to dash out the door – this gives you an immediate glimpse into Lori’s life.  You meet her brother Ben, who she adores, and get a feel for their close knit unit – it also kind of surprised me because Lori is only young, especially to be responsible for her brother, but don’t worry, all things will eventually be revealed.  Unfortunately, at her latest job, things go a little pear shaped and to cut a long story short Lori winds up rescuing a bunch of teenagers who all seem to have special powers.  Lori looks after her younger brother and being only 16 herself she keeps a low profile so as not to draw attention to the situation, the last thing she wants is her brother being taken from her.  Her latest job and the whole rescue situation has drawn the unwanted attention of The Lake Foundation.  A huge and powerful corporation who will now be looking for Lori.  If they find Lori they find Ben and then Lori’s family life will unravel.  The only thing to do is to strike first.

Lori is a monster hunter.  She seems to have special powers and yet on close examination that might not really be the case.  Lori is the tip of the iceberg, her Handler, who actually alerts her to ‘jobs’ is in fact a monster.  A huge creature who feeds on aliens.  In a fashion Lori is the bait that draws ‘feeders’ into the open.  The group of teenagers that Lori helps to escape are known as the Nix.  The Lake Foundation have been making enquiries and have lured them from their homes with the promise of scholarships – of course it’s all a ruse.  The Lake Foundation intend to study these teenagers and they don’t intend to go gently.

This is definitely a book that you simply have to go with the flow. It doesn’t really provide a great deal of background but runs with the expectation that you’ll jump on board and keep hanging on.  It’s a whirling dervish of action and a speeding train of fun and finding out what everyone can do and who the baddies of the piece are is all part of the enjoyment.

The world building, well, it’s kind of brief as I mentioned.  The water levels have risen and there seems to be a collective brain washing of the majority of the population that prevents them from really examining why that might be.  It could be global warming or it could be something that prefers to remain in the dark undiscovered. In Matrix style most of the people live their lives in blissful ignorance of what’s really going on with the planet.  Some of them are used by the LF and once they’ve been taken over can’t revert back to their former selves, they become like hollowed out versions of themselves, puppets who crave the lack of feeling that they experience whilst under control of the dark creature and it’s minions.

There’s a great cast of characters and I really do have to applaud Weekes for being so inclusive and managing to write a bunch of young adults, all different, who come across in such a kickass way.  I really enjoyed seeing the way they start to gel as a group playing to their strong points and looking out for each other.  Lori is actually an easy enough character to like.  I felt sorry for her at times as she seems to have such a lot of responsibility to carry, she comes across almost as the unspoken leader of the group and yet underneath it all she suffers from a lot of self doubt – not least because she holds close the secret that she works for one of the monsters that they’re all hunting.  She’s not even sure if she’s human or not.  There seems to be holes in her memory and for Lori they all lead to a path known as ‘fear of discovery’.

In terms of criticisms.  Well, this isn’t a book that you really need to overthink. It’s a blast of entertainment – and when I say a ‘blast’ I literally mean it.  The story bolts out from the starting blocks, gains momentum and doesn’t lose pace until it crosses the finish line.  Not really a downside but the pacing and constant action don’t leave room for much else and in some ways it leaves you feeling that the characters and world building could be strengthened a little.  The only thing I would mention is that along with the fast pace the story literally takes place over a few short days and for me there’s a rushed element to some of the coupling up that takes place. I don’t think that it’s really a problem but in a way I would have liked to get to know the characters a little more before the majority of them became so neatly tied up into romantic pairings – it just felt too fast which ultimately makes the relationships feel shallow.

Overall, this is an entertaining, easy to read book that I had fun with.  If you fancy a fairly light, almost comic style adventure with x-men type protagonists and a lot of action then give this a shot.  Very entertaining.

A received a copy courtesy of the publisher for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.

Friday Firsts : Feeder by Patrick Weekes


Friday Firsts is a new meme that runs every Friday over on Tenacious Reader. The idea is to feature the opening sentences/paragraphs of your current book and try and outline your first impressions as a result. This is a quick and easy way to share a snippet of information about your current read and to perhaps tempt others.   This Friday I’m reading : Feeder by Patrick Weekes




The message about the new feeder came while Loi Fisher was trying to get her brother, Ben, to eat his breakfast.

“This is what you said you wanted,” Lori said, putting the toast down in front of him.

Ben, seven years old and blessed with a complexion that made him look perfectly tanned, while Lori herself just looked sallow, glared at Lori and let out a put-upon breath as he pushed the toast away.  “I said toast.  I didn’t say toast with butter!”

“Toast implies butter, though.  Toast comes with butter,” Lori said, and then she looked down as her phone buzzed.

Handler: New feeder. Taxi will pick you up.

“I didn’t want the butter part!” Ben insisted, playing angrily with a Lego figure on their large and cluttered kitchen table as the toast sat uneaten in front of him.  “I just wanted the toast part!”

“Okay, but the butter is on the toast already.  I can’t take if off.  Can you eat it just today for me?”  Lori gave her brother a hopeful smile, then looked down at the phone again and tapped in a response.

Lori: I was going shopping with Jenn.

Handler: Sorry. And client wants to consult.

My First Impressions

It’s not giving much away so far is it.  It all seems quite pedestrian at first glance.  Breakfast time, arguing siblings.  The only oddity slipping in is this ‘Handler’ – who is this and what is a Feeder?  It has a feel like Mission Impossible or something – where somebody is leading a regular life but underneath it all – there’s a Handler – who talks of ‘feeders’ and clients who want to meet.  Mmm, I look forward to finding out.

What you reading this Friday??  What are your first impressions??

*The above excerpt was taken from an advanced reader copy and it is possible that the final version may have further changes.

Waiting on Wednesday : Feeder by Patrick Weekes

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that was originally created by Breaking the Spine.  Unfortunately Breaking the Spine are no longer hosting so I’m now linking my posts up to Wishful Endings Can’t Wait Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop over, link up and check out what books everyone else is waiting for.  If you want to take part, basically, every Wednesday, we highlight a book that we’re really looking forward to.  This week my book is : Feeder by Patrick Weekes.  This sounds really good and I already like this author so I’m twice as happy!

FeederLori Fisher hunts monsters. Not with a sword or a gun, but with an interdimensional creature called Handler. Together they take down “feeders”—aliens who prey on mankind. When Lori touches a feeder, Handler’s impossibly large jaws appear and drag the beast into another dimension.

It’s a living—or was, until a job for the Lake Foundation goes wrong, and Lori stumbles across the Nix, a group of mutant teenagers held captive on the docks. Now the Lake Foundation is hunting Lori, and if they find Lori, they find Ben, the brother Lori would do anything to protect. There’s only one thing to do: strike first.

Lori teams up with the Nix to take on Lake, and to discover why the Nix were kidnapped in the first place. But as she watches their powers unfold, Lori realizes the Nix are nothing like her. She has no powers. She has…Handler. Maybe she’s not the monster hunter after all. Maybe she’s just the bait.

Due for publication: March 2018

The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic #2) by Patrick Weekes

theprophecyconI loved The Prophecy Con – I started off wondering how it would fair against The Palace Job but I really needn’t have worried as this book more than lived up to the promise of the first.  In fact I think I might have enjoyed this story even more to be honest.

The story gets off to a pretty rapid start with Loch and Kail getting into trouble almost immediately.  It seems that their short period of being seriously legit is coming to a crashing end.  The Elven book that the Rogues stole in the first of the series is now once again being chased down and Loch and her crew need to find it’s whereabouts in order to prevent war between the Empire and the Republic.  The stakes for this one are high.  Loch is being set up to take the fall over the looming war and she and her team really need to pull out all the stops.

What I loved most about this book is the characters.  Loch and her crew are all so good to read about.  There are a variety of relationships and the crew all interact differently with each other in a fascinating and more often than not very clever and incredibly humorous fashion.  I genuinely like all of them and I think that’s a great achievement because not only do I enjoy the different view points as and when they occur but I care what happens to all of them and this is what makes this book so thrilling to read.  Well, that and the fact that Weekes has got an incredible imagination that comes up with a multitude of different scenes ranging from airships powered by demons and fights on top of moving trains to card games with enough twists and turns to make the mind boggle.

Did I mention that there’s a dragon?  Silly me!  There’s a dragon!!  How much more happy can you be really.  We also have a woman who was a love priestess then turned into a death priestess and then turned back into a love priestess again.  A shapeshifting unicorn who can play with people’s minds in a very comical fashion.  Loch and Kail who provide the outstanding fight scenes – and a healthy dose of humour.  Tern the alchemist and her partner in crime the former monk named Icy.  And not forgetting Hessler the wizard and Dairy the Champion of Dawn from book No.1.  It really is an awesome team.

The world building is gaining strength.  We take a trip into the land of the Empire and are introduced to Princess Veiled Lightning and her bodyguard Gentle Thunder – these two are great new additions to read about.  Particularly the Princess who is all full of indignant rage at Loch – particularly after Loch not only kicks her ass in the first few chapters but also wounds her pride by stealing her sword!  They’re a persistent pair to say the least and quite frequently pop up when you least expect.  We also have a new ‘tricky’ fae character to deal with who has an incredibly complicated name that is conveniently shortened to Ethel!  He’s a great ‘baddie’ and his fight scenes with Loch are incredible to read about.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this.  It has fantastic pace, great fight scenes, it’s full to the seams with humour, imagination and twists and turns and it has an abundance of great characters.

I certainly recommend this series, it’s just too much fun and a great read.

I received a copy courtesy of the publisher through Netgalley for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.


The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

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Just finished reading The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes which was a thoroughly enjoyable fantasy adventure/heist story packed with unusual characters and lots of fun.

The story starts off with a crazy inventive prison break.  Loch and her fellow prisoner Kali have to get out of the Cleaners before something seriously ‘bad’ happens.  And, basically they take their chances and go for it.  That right there – that should give you a damn good idea what the rest of the story will be like – anyway, you can definitely over think a plan.

Loch has a curious background – quite unexpected in fact when the full story eventually comes out.  She’s an ex-soldier and was in prison for deserting – along with her colleague and friend Kali.  Of course, it turns out that this could have been a set up because whilst she’s been away from home it seems like her future and inheritance has been stolen.   Now, Loch is determined to steal from the man who stole from her.  She has her sights set on an ancient elven manuscript and needs to put together the best crew possible to pull off the impossible.

Let me recount the ways in which this is good.

Firstly, and I like to think rather importantly a great cast of characters.   I mean, there is a lot going on here and plenty of people to populate the story so the character development isn’t maybe as deep as you could hope for but I still thought Weekes did a good job.  Let’s put it this way, I liked them.  More to the point, as things rolled forward and the proverbial started to hit the fan I was worried about them.  We have Loch – can this woman fight or what!  Why yes she can.  Her trusty sidekick Kali who trusts her completely.  Kali is your typical joker and seems to be able to crack ‘mother’ jokes in multiple languages.  We have a unicorn, nope, not kidding – oh, and this unicorn can shape shift.  A young male who seems the most unlikely recruit and his would-be friend the wizard, a skilled lock picker and an acrobat and last, but not least a death priestess and her talking warhammer.  Yep, wow.  I love this cast.  Like I said, the development could have probably used a bit more time but having said that it would have made the story a heck of a lot longer and would also probably have diluted the dialogue and humour to an extent.

Secondly, I think the pacing and plot is excellent.  It’s a very clever story and clearly being a little less clever I was delightfully surprised for the majority of the book – I am just basically useless at second guessing and to be honest I tend to think why even try – just get on with the story, become immersed and everything will eventually become clear.  On top of which, reading this with a sense of wonder and surprise all adds to the tension you feel for the characters.  The plot – well, what I can say is that Weekes puts you through the wringer a little bit in terms of the characters – to such an extent that certain elements of the plot definitely take a back seat because you’re so desperate to read on and find out what happens next.

Thirdly, Great imagination. The world.  Well, again, probably could have used a little development but on the whole we have such a lot going on.  Mummies, satyrs, prophecies, steam punk elements, elves.  Basically, you name it and Weekes has probably thought it!

I’m actually not going to give a lot more away.  A quick recap.  A strange yet great bunch of characters – oh, I forgot about Pyvic – this is the guy who is hot on the tail of the escaped prisoners – and another really good character to read about.  Anyway, as I was saying.  This is very entertaining.  I think it will give you a whole bundle of laughs.  It’s clever, quick and imaginative.  I found myself almost desperately wondering how on earth the characters could survive.

I can’t wait to pick up the next in series.

I received a copy of this courtesy of the publishers through Netgalley for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinion.