‘Beam me up Scotty’: Sci Fi Month 2016 #RRSciFiMonth

That’s it folks.  Sci fi month 2016 ends today – and what a great month it’s been.  I’ve had a great time and I hope you all have too!  I was determined to write, post and watch lots of sci-fi (well, lots in terms of my own normal posting) and I managed to do so so I’m all coloured happy. I watched a few films, particularly enjoyed Jurassic Park.  Read and reviewed three books and managed to highlight 4 sci fi books that I’m looking forward to as part of my Waiting on Wednesday posts.

I have to give a great big hand of applause to Rinn Reads and Over The Effing Rainbow for doing such a stella job of hosting and I have to say that I hope they do so again next year as I’m actually going to formulate plans next time around!  That’s right – there are actually going to be PLANS (although in fairness, I probably said that same thing last year – however, this time there really are going to be plans)!!

So, as one door closes, another usually opens.  We currently have a readalong about to start for Becky Chambers A Closed and Common Orbit – starting literally in the next couple of days but if you’re interested in joining in you could easily catch up as it’s a nice gentle pace (and when I say catch up I mean jump on board because we’ve not started yet – details here).  Also, in the New Year, the Little Red Reviewer will be hosting her annual Vintage Sci Fi month – so dig out your old vintage sci fi books, films, covers, tv – whatever, and join in.  Lots to still look forward to people.

Finally, just in case you needed a little pick me up – here – just for you:

Live long and prosper 😀


We can rebuild him…it….(#RRSciFiMonth)

People, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s third bionic sci fi month. Rinn Reads and Over the Effing Rainbow will be your hosts, better, than they were before (is that even possible?), better…. stronger…faster…. (Okay, I’ll stop now)

This is a very quick post (mainly because, like the White Rabbit) I’m late about this month’s Sci-Fi Month 2015 event being hosted by Rinn Reads and Over the Effing Rainbow.  Okay, late it may be, but because this is a sci fi event – I’ll just hop into my tardis and take a spin back in time – so actually, if you’re reading this post now – it’s really earlier than you think!!!!  It could work! Yeah, my head hurts too.

Anyway, details here – go and sign up, only if you wish of course. Who am I kidding, everybody signed up a month ago right?, But, don’t forget that I have a tardis handy…which means, technically speaking, I will be first!  Went there again..

So, to my plans, (wrings hands with glee):

I’m joining in the readalong hosted by the Lovely Lisa at OtER: The Long Way to a Small and Angry Planet by Becky Chambers, details here.  I am so looking forward to this book!

I’m hoping to read:

  1. Lock-in by John Scalzi
  2. The Machinery by Gerrard Cowan

I won’t add more because November is already a bit pushed!  And, if I do find a way of making time slow down, well, I can read more.

But – I think films are very possible too.  Fancying rewatches of Blade Runner, Star Wars and Aliens – bring on the popcorn!

Tweet all about it here:;#RRSciFiMonth

That is all.

Join us.

“Live long and prosper.”

Hear all about it, hear all about it!!!

Two great events.  (You’re welcome :D)


Darkness falls across the land The midnight hour is close at hand Creatures crawl in search of blood To terrorize your neighborhood And whosoever shall be found Without a book or kindle in hand Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a corpse’s shell…..

RIP (Readers Imbibing Peril) – this is the brainchild of Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings.  This year The Estella Society will be hosting the event.  Details here.  This is NOT a challenge – it is an event and the accent is purely on fun.  Choose as many books as you want, enter a readalong, whatever.  Dark fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, chiller – it’s the right time of year to give yourself the goosebumps.  And there’s lovely artwork:

Image by the very talented Abigail Larson

Sci Fi Month 2015: November


Sci fi Month 2015


It’s not rocket science …. (pun intended)


It’s all about great sci fi…


little green men and spaceships! (or whatever floats your ship)


Check out the details. Hosted by Rinn Reids and Over the Effing Rainbow.

Details here.

Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch, readalong week II

And so part II commences with Lisa from Overtheefftingrainbow.  As per the first instalment I managed to find loads of quotes that I just loved.  I thought it was very clever the way Lynch managed to get Locke out of a very tricky situation and we managed to travel back into time to check out some more of the Bastards’ experiences.  So, to the Q&A and for those of you not participating (at the moment anyway – because I know you all want to join in really but feel too shy – or maybe you don’t have the schedule – which is here) the rest of the post will undoubtedly contain spoilers.  You’ve been warned.

Blood And Breath And Water: Patience tells Locke that the ritual to save him is serious business. She wasn’t kidding… What did you make of this scene, and do you think any of it might (perhaps literally) come back to haunt Locke?

This was interesting and I confess that I was super intrigued to find out how Lynch would get Locke out of this mess (by the way it only just occurred to me that Lynch and Locke both start with the ‘Ls’ – okay I’m a bit slow on the uptake but he mentions that about Locke always choosing names that start with an ‘L’  in this section so I just thought…. ) Anyway, the whole poison removal reminded me of some type of black magic ritual with the effigy, etc, except it was kind of in reverse so instead of the effigy causing problems it was actually drawing the problem to itself.  About things coming back to haunt him – well, he experienced a haunting from Bug of all people (which was a bit creepy, out of character and also totally Marley like) – perhaps he’s going to have a visitation from three ghosts at Christmas – the Ghost of Chains, Calo and Galdo.  I haven’t made my mind up whether this was just purely hallucination on the part of Locke due to his suffering or whether he really did experience a haunting, and, if so, can we expect more from this quarter?

Orphan’s Moon: Back to the childhood of the Gentlemen Bastards, and here we get another ritual, this one in service to the Nameless Thirteenth. It looks as though it might be Locke vs. Sabetha, round two – but this time Locke seems to be a little slow on that uptake… Who do you think deserves to be given the final oath? Locke or Sabetha?

Well, this is one of those loaded questions.  I mean, on the one hand Locke didn’t seem to have given much thought to being chosen so when he ended up standing up with Sabetha it was almost WTF you doing dude – sit down already!  But, two things, if he’d stepped down and Sabetha hadn’t been chosen, and it’s not certain that she would be chosen just by dint of being the only one volunteering –  how bad would that have felt (at least this way she lost out to another candidate, right?), but, on the other hand she’s just lost out to Locke – who didn’t even want to be chosen.  It just seems to be one of many things where Locke seems to have an easier ride and doesn’t even realise what the hell is going on.

Across The Amathel: This chapter takes a breather for quite a bit of Eldren history, while Locke starts recovering. What do you think of the history lesson, and Patience’s ominous speculation regarding the Eldren? Is this something you’d like to know more about?

I wanted to find out more about the Eldrens and their history so I was probably a bit untroubled by the way Lynch of giving us this information.  Yes, it did feel a little bit obvious, Locke can ask Patience anything so now she gets to tell us everything, but, I didn’t really mind too much.  In fact I wouldn’t have minded finding having a bit more info dump if I’d got to find out a little bit more.  All we seem to have so far is a highly civilised and accomplished race of people who disappeared – hey, maybe they learnt how to time travel.  Or, they’ve been abducted by aliens who want a glass city of their own but can’t figure out how to do it as it’s too simplistic for their massively intelligent brains.  Patience seems to have a theory that drawing too much attention is not good but I’m not quite sure about that at the moment.

Striking Sparks: The gang’s off to Espara, after a bad summer and a pretty thorough dressing-down from Chains, and we finally get to the source of the book’s title – they’re bound for the stage! What are your thoughts on this latest ‘challenge’ and the reasons for it? I think this is brilliant.  It’s like showing us the experience that the gang have to go through in order to make them pull together, and, on top of this it sort of adds a little bit more weight to their overall conman abilities.  They’re going on the stage, they’re going to act!  They’re going to wear costumes and pretend to be other characters.  Awesomeness!  Plus, it feels a little bit like Chains is pushing them out of their comfort zone in order to make them grow up a little bit.  At the moment he’s always there to mediate and set them tasks.  They need to fall out of the nest and find their wings – or come crashing to earth.  Harsh but there it is.  It certainly shut them all up for a few seconds.

The Five-Year Game: Starting Position: The election gets underway with a party (as you do) and before it’s even over, the Deep Roots party has problems – and not just thanks to Sabetha. What do you make of Nikoros and his unfortunate habit?

Nikoros is a bit of a misguided maniac – although clearly he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with yet.  Nothing misses Locke and Jean’s attention and obviously the gig is up and they’re on to him but they need to deal with it!

Bastards Abroad: The gang arrives in Espara, and already they’ve got problems (nicely mirroring the Five Year Game!)… This aside, we’ve also seen some more of what seems to be eating at Sabetha. Do you sympathise with her, or is Locke right to be frustrated with her?

Oysters and Snails – what?  Fucking slimy … oh!!! Well, ew!  Anyway, I sort of see things a little bit from both sides and that is usually my problem to be honest.  Yes, I can see that Sabetha’s nose was put out of joint a little when on returning home a new leader had assumed her former role.  However, it’s not really Locke’s fault – especially as he wasn’t even aware of her existence at that point (or more to the point thought she was dead!).  She comes across a tiny bit jealous but I don’t think it’s that.  I think it’s like I already said that she finds it more difficult to fit in with them all.  I don’t think the rest of the gang really understand this and naturally see her as part of their little group but she doesn’t see it in the same way.  I think really it’s something that Sabetha has to come to terms with herself to be honest.  What I did pick up from all of this is that Sabetha clearly has certain desires for Locke.  She hasn’t outright spurned his advances but she is falling into that age old trap of expecting him to read her mind.  Then, on the back of that he sort of scrabbles around trying to do or say the right thing and usually failing.  I prefer a bit of straight talking personally plus I can’t stand somebody just agreeing with me for the sake of it – they both need a good shaking to wake them up – but maybe trained monkeys will climb out of my ass before that happens (ouch).


I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett readalong, final instalment


We’ve come to the end of the readalong, which is frankly a little bit sad.  I’ve enjoyed spending time with Tiffany and the Wee Blue Men and will miss them.  But, nae bother, onto the questions and if you haven’t read these books you definitely want to read no further.

The readalongs for Wintersmith and I Shall Wear Midnight have been hosted by the lovely ladies at Dab of Darkness and Over the Effing Rainbow for which I give much gushing goodly thanks and praise!  Onwards:

Well, now. It seems Letitia is much more than just a snivelly ‘princess in the tower’… What do you think of the way she handles the ghosts at Keepsake Hall?  I thought it was great!  She’s definitely a witch.  She has that ‘caring’ thing down to a tee.  On top of that I was impressed with that whole chapter.  Letitia almost changed personalities when she was on her home ground and became a different person – it shows how out of water she was really feeling and how stressed with the whole ‘wedding’ thing.  Not to mention, and don’t pelt me with rotten fruit – but even the Duchess came out of that scene looking kind of good!  She looks after her staff in their dotage.  Okay, she can be a bit of a mare but that was touching and definitely helped me to look at her with a ‘less frowny face’.

“We do right, we don’t do nice…” Miss Smith turns up again – in another unusual way – and she’s got some eye-opening words for Tiffany here… Do you agree that Tiffany’s got to grow up a little more still, or should she just ask for help with the Cunning Man?  I quite like that Tiffany wanted to sort this out by herself – even more so as it wasn’t all her own creating.  I thought on the contrary it almost made her seem more grown up – she’s on her own turf, erm, chalk, and she’s taking the responsibility.  And, okay, things could have gone wrong but she has pride in herself which as she said isn’t necessarily bad.

Preston earns even more trust from Tiffany, and she makes an interesting point about whether or not the Cunning Man will be dangerous to him… Do you think the two of them can take him on? I really like Preston even more now I’ve finished!  To be honest it never occurred to me at the time just how terribly wrong it could all go – I suppose the Cunning Man could have tried to overtake Preston’s body just the same as the man in the jail and being worn as a suit by Dr Evil doesn’t sound like much fun to me.  But, Tiffany seemed to think he was safe so I did also.

Speaking of taking on the Cunning Man, he’s getting closer – and in a very alarming way. This is certainly different, and it’s keeping Mrs Proust involved. Do you think she might be the exception to the “kindly assistance” rule among witches?  It certainly seems that way.  She  made an enormous effort to reach Tiffany and warn her about the Cunning Man having acquired a body – and all the witches managed to get on together when they finally met.  It was like a standoff.

O-ho, so the Duchess has a secret of her own… Are you surprised?  I’m not surprised that she had a secret – you could tell her behaviour was wrong.  But I hadn’t figured it was about being a dancing girl!  It certainly brought her down a peg or two although I don’t know why she was so scared about it all coming out – it’s not exactly the end of the world and perhaps she would have been able to remove the ramrod from up her backside and get on with people in a normal fashion if she wasn’t so scared people would find out.  I guess the whole hint about all her family being dead was a giveaway – they were probably all still alive!

Tiffany defeats the Cunning Man! What did you make of this scene?  I didn’t really figure out what her plan was – right up to the end – Okay, I could tell she was running into the fire but I kind of thought she’d do that transference thing (although it’s not like she had a bucket of water handy so DOH!)  I liked that she used the whole harking back to the ancient wedding ceremony trick with the language and all – although I wondered why she was calling Letitia names and I thought it was cool that in actual fact she did really have help through the use of time travel – but actually helped herself.

Extras go here!

I loved that all the little odds and ends were worked out.  Amber, Letitia, Preston – even the Feegles being handed the land which the mound sits on.

Also – I loved the use of the Macbeth line!

I could definitely do with some more Tiffany reading material so side note to Mr Pratchett – if you want to write any more – or just the Feegles all by themselves – nae problemo, I’ll be there.

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