Booking Ahead/Weekly Wrap Up

Sunday PostI’m trying to get back into the habit of doing a round-up of the week just completed and also take a look at my plans for the forthcoming week.  I rather got out of the habit of doing this last year but I would like to reinstate this type of post as I feel it keeps me on track.  So, I’m linking up to The Sunday Post over at Kimberly’s  Caffeinated Reviewer.  Without further ado:

Last week

I completed and reviewed The Mask of Mirrors.  I also started and finished The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell (review to be posted this forthcoming week).  I’m also 50% into Juliet Marillier’s Daughter of the Forest which I’m buddy reading with Mayri over at the Bookforager.  I’m also listening/reading to We Lie With Death by Devin Madson.

Next Week

I’m hoping to complete We Lie With Death and start listening to the audio version of Paternus: War of Gods by Dyrk Ashton.  I will also be reading my SPFBO book Nether Light by Shaun Paul Stevens.  Ambitious?  Perhaps a little bit – let’s see how I get on.  Something about the best laid plans.

Reviews Posted since last Sunday:

  1. Mask of Mirrors by MA Carrick
  2. Pawn’s Gambit by Rob J Hayes

Forthcoming Reviews:

  1. The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell
  2. Ink and Sigil by Kevin Hearne
  3. Shiver by Allie Reynolds

What’ve you been up to the past week?