July: My Month in Review

Posted On 31 July 2017

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This has been a very busy month indeed.  I hope you’ve all had a good July – I certainly hope you’ve had more sunshine than we have – although in fairness I did go to sunny Malta for two weeks so I can’t grumble.  Anyway, this month I’ve managed to read 11 books – I missed a couple off my covers post so I’ve updated it now – can’t miss Spoonbenders and Graveyard Shift off now can I:

Books read: 

  1. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
  2. Phantom Pains by Mishell Baker
  3. A Kiss Before Doomsday by Laurence MacNaughton
  4. Darien by C F Iggulden
  5. Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
  6. Godblind by Anna Stephens
  7. Blackwing by Ed McDonald
  8. Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory
  9. Graveyard Shift by Michael F Haspil
  10. Devil’s Call J Danielle Dorn – review to follow
  11. The Clockwork Dynasty by Daniel H Wilson – review to follow

My covers are here.

I’ve had some really good reads looking back at this list – Spoonbenders was a wonderfully excellent surprise, Devil’s Call I loved and The Clockwork Dynasty was also really good.  Blackwing by Ed McDonald stole the show a little bit for me I must admit.

Backlist books

None this month.

Unfinished series completed:

None this month.

Books Bought: 

  1. Naamah’s Blessing by Jacqueline Carey
  2. The Boy on the Bridge by M R Carey – audio book

Review Books: