Can’t Wait Wednesday : Scarlet by Genevieve Cogman


“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that was originally created by Breaking the Spine.  Unfortunately Breaking the Spine are no longer hosting so I’m now linking my posts up to Wishful Endings Can’t Wait Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop over, link up and check out what books everyone else is waiting for.  If you want to take part, basically, every Wednesday, we highlight a book that we’re really looking forward to.  This week my book is : Scarlet by Genevieve Cogman.  I love this author and a reimagining of the Scarlet Pimpernel in an alternate revolutionary France, with Vampires – sign me up.


A thrilling reinvention of the tale of The Scarlet Pimpernel with the addition of magic and even more mayhem.

In Revolutionary France, the aristocrats are vampires – and they face the guillotine. However, the Scarlet Pimpernel, a disguised British noble, is determined to rescue them. These predators are being offered sanctuary by their aristocratic British kin, but at great cost to London’s ordinary people. Then an English maid discovers the only power that could stop them. Assuming she survives.

Scarlet is the first book in the trilogy, set during the turbulent French Revolution, and featuring all of Genevieve Cogman’s trademark wit and fast-paced plotting. It’s perfect for fans of The Invisible Library series, Kim Newman and Gail Carriger.

Expected publication : May 2023


“I should infinitely prefer a book.”


Here we are again with the Friday Face Off meme created by Books by Proxy .   This is a great opportunity to feature some of your favourite book covers.  The rules are fairly simple each week, following a predetermined theme (list below) choose a book, compare a couple of the different covers available for that particular book and choose your favourite.   Future week’s themes are listed below. This week’s theme:

 ‘Desperate affairs require desperate measures’ – a regency style cover

I had a couple of books in mind for this one but I’ve gone for Genevieve Cogman’s Invisible Library.  Not sure if this is a perfect representation but anyway!:

My favourite:


Which is your favourite?

Next week – a cover featuring a key

Future themes:

10th November 2017 – ‘zip it, lock it and throw away the key – a cover featuring a key

17th November 2017 – Snap! – a cover featuring a double image or reflection

24th November 2017 – ‘I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently’ – a cover featuring snow

1st December 2017 – The pen is mightier than the sword – a cover featuring a fancy font

8th December 2017 – ‘Do not go gentle’ – a cover featuring the night…

15th December 2017 – Hubble bubble toil and trouble – a cover featuring a portion/perfume bottle

Waiting on Wednesday : The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library #4) by Genevieve Cogman

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that was created by Breaking the Spine.  Every Wednesday we highlight a book that we’re really looking forward to.  This week my book is : The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library #4) by Genevieve Cogman.  I am loving this series and can’t wait for this book.

the lost plotAfter being commissioned to find a rare book, Librarian Irene and her assistant, Kai, head to Prohibition-era New York and are thrust into the middle of a political fight with dragons, mobsters, and Fae.

In a 1920s-esque New York, Prohibition is in force; fedoras, flapper dresses, and tommy guns are in fashion: and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in the middle of a dragon political contest. It seems a young Librarian has become tangled in this conflict, and if they can’t extricate him, there could be serious repercussions for the mysterious Library. And, as the balance of power across mighty factions hangs in the balance, this could even trigger war.

Irene and Kai are locked in a race against time (and dragons) to procure a rare book. They’ll face gangsters, blackmail, and the Library’s own Internal Affairs department. And if it doesn’t end well, it could have dire consequences on Irene’s job. And, incidentally, on her life…

Due for publication January 2018

The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman (The Invisible Library #3)

I started the Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman (the Invisible Library #3) expecting it to be the final in series so I’m really over the moon to have discovered that a further two instalments have been picked up by the publisher.  I’m loving this series so far and just as this is predominantly about a library that can open doors to an infinite number of realms I think this series also holds the possibility to an infinite number of exciting storylines and settings.  Libraries, librarians, dragons, fae, chaos, dastardly baddies, and a Sherlock-Holmes-style detective all thrown into the mix equals an excellent read for me and for you too I think.

Following Irene’s adventures in the last book (The Masked City) she (and her apprentice Kai) are now in the naughty corner so to speak.  They are still working from the alternate Victorian London where Irene has been made Librarian in residence but they’re being given some of the less desirable jobs as a form of punishment.  Anyway, as the story begins Irene and Kai are making a hasty departure from one possible version of Revolutionary France when they’re confronted with a major problem.  The portal they intended to use has just gone up in flames and their pursuers are in hot pursuit (literally).  Escaping over the French rooftops on the back of a dragon (did I mention that Kai is a dragon) that has just exploded out of the roof of a burning building certainly makes for a dramatic escape to say the least and rather sets the tone for the rest of the story.  Anyway, returning to the Library it seems that this problem is being experienced far and wide. Portals everywhere are being eliminated, librarians are dying and it seems that the traitor Alberich is responsible for the chaos.  He has issued an ultimatum to The Library to give up or be destroyed.  All is not yet lost and Irene and Kai are sent to retrieve a book from The Winter Palace, St Petersburg – a book that will hopefully help to restore order.

This series is such incredible fun that I just really look forward to the next instalment.  Yes, there’s no shortage of urban fantasy but any series that comes along and brings something a little different definitely ticks the boxes for me.  I mean, firstly, we have Irene.  She isn’t some sort of ninja, she makes mistakes and has terrible arguments with herself about the rights and wrongs of certain decisions before she makes up her mind – but this is why I like her.  She isn’t perfect and although she has a very good grasp of the magical librarian language it doesn’t mean that she gets out of every situation easily.  Secondly we have these wonderfully creative scenes where Irene uses her magical ‘librarian’ speak to escape situations.  Thirdly we have infinite possibilities for the ultimate in travel settings combined with any number of paranormal creatures to become involved which makes the stories rife with possibility.

In terms of the characters.  Well, obviously we have Irene, I think she’s a great character.  Perhaps it’s because she’s all bookish and just loves the printed page, like a lot of bookworms she can be a bit standoffish and admits to not enjoying social situations – so of course you can’t help forming an attachment to her really –  although I don’t think it’s simply that.  She definitely has strength of character, she’s not shy about putting her own ideas forward when it comes to anything relating to books or the Library, she has a quite ‘proper’ way of behaving but isn’t completely bounded by rules of etiquette and will break them if the results are likely to be favourable and on top of that she isn’t some fainting ninny waiting around to be rescued.  That’s not to say she doesn’t sometimes need help but just she uses her own resources first.

Then we have Kai.  I can imagine many ladies loving this character.  He’s terribly handsome and has that casual nonchalance that being brought up with power and privilege bestow upon a person.  He radiates charm and authority and although he is still relatively new in terms of his dragon abilities the fact that he is royalty carries a lot of additional strength.  What I like about Kai is that he doesn’t monopolise the storylines, he’s very defensive of Irene and since their exploits in book 2 he is maybe a little over protective and possibly a little bit smitten but those things don’t drive the story, they’re just background elements that all add to his character.

Detective Vale is the would-be-Sherlock of the piece and whether you like it or not you can’t help but liking his surly behaviour.  Unfortunately, his involvement in Irene’s last escapades have left him in a bad way.  His involvement in the world of fae has left him a little ‘chaos’ soaked (for want of a better word) and Irene, feeling incredibly guilty over involving him in the first place, feels responsible for finding a cure for his ever worsening condition.

On top of this we have a couple of fae – both are just wonderfully deceitful and ooze casual boredom.  You can’t trust them at all – or in fact maybe you can trust them, to behave exactly how you expect but can’t believe.

Anyway, on top of the plot and all the lovely characters, we have tigers and bears (oh my), lots of insects – most of them not ones you would want to pop out from under your pillow! Snakes and other crawling and highly venomous ‘things’ coupled with explosions, burning buildings, toppling staircases and a rather dramatic finale.

In terms of criticisms, the only thing I could say, if you were to absolutely force me, is that the ending did seem a little abrupt.  But, as I know I have two further books to look forward to I really don’t mind that one bit.

In case I didn’t make it obvious.  I’m loving this series.  It brings a wonderful alternative period feel to it without being over starched.  It’s fun.  It’s packed with chaotic and dramatic adventures and is witty to boot.  Why wouldn’t I love that!

I received a copy courtesy of the publisher through Netgalley for which my thanks.  The above is my own opinions.


Friday Firsts: The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman

Friday Firsts
 is a new meme that runs every Friday over on Tenacious Reader. The idea is to feature the first few sentences/paragraph of your current book and try and outline your first impressions as a result. This is a quick and easy way to share a snippet of information about your current read and to perhaps tempt others.  Stop on by and link up with Tenacious Reader.    This week I’m reading The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman.  I’m loving this series – librarians with a multitude of possible universes to explore.

burning-page‘The morning light glittered on the glass windows and on the blades of the guillotines in the central square.  Pigeons squabbled noisily in the general deadly silence.  Only the creaking of cartwheels and the soft padding of footsteps disturbed the stillness.  

Irene could feel an even greater zone of terrified hush surrounding herself and Kai.  Passers-by avoided their gaze, desperate not to attract their attention.  It was because of their “borrowed” uniforms, of course: everyone was afraid that someday the National Guard might come for them, to drag them away for counter-revolutionary activities.  And then would come prisons, and trials, and then the guillotine…

It made their outfits the perfect disguise for getting around unnoticed.  Nobody was going to look twice at the National Guard.  In case the National Guard looked back at them.’


My First Impressions

It’s a great opening isn’t it.  It really pulls you in and makes you want to read more (which I confess I’ve already done).  I love the way the author opens up these stories – with the ending of a previous mission – kind of like how the Bond movies always start.  Of course this couldn’t be further from Bond – so far a lovely period feel and writing and yet again a gripping plot.

What you reading this Friday??

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