Friday Face Off : Echo Man by Sam Holland


Today is another Friday Face Off, originally created by Books by Proxy).  This is an opportunity to look at a book of your choice and shine the spotlight on the covers.  Of course this only works for those books that have alternative covers (although sometimes I use this to look at a series of books to choose a favourite). . So, if you have a book that has alternative covers, highlight them and choose your favourite.  If you’re taking part it would be great if you leave a link so I can take a look at what you’ve chosen.

My book this week is another one that I read late last year, Echo Man by Sam Holland – an impressive debut about a copycat serial killer.

Here are the covers:

My favourite this week is :


Which is your favourite?

I like the injection of colour in this one and the way the title echoes.

Join me next week in highlighting one of your reads with different covers.