Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson readalong week No.5

537a7-wordsofradgroupread250This week is No.5 of the Words of Radiance readalong.  If you’re not joining us for this yet you’re still not too late to join in with all the goodness and discussions.  Or, if you’ve already read or are reading then please feel free to just jump on in here with your thoughts.  Everyone welcome.  The schedule is here.  Let’s get straight to it – the usual alert about spoilers applies of course – if you don’t want to know spoilers ahead of reading this then stop right here!  Can’tkeepsecretspren are running amok below:

1. Sebarial and Palona seem to be quite good fun. Do you accept them at face value, or are they playing a much deeper political game? Are you concerned that Jasnah’s intelligence on them seems to have been wrong?

I kinda liked Sabarial and Palona and thought they seemed fairly straight forward and I enjoyed their interaction.  They seem relatively harmless at the moment – but who knows with Sanderson.  Sabarial seems to be one of those people whose bark is worse than his bite.  He likes to appear grumpy, curmudgeonly and rude and yet I like him!

2. When Kal finally works out how to alter gravity, he sees a shadowy world with a distant sun. Is this Shadesmar, or do you think that there is yet another parallel world in this universe?

I was kind of assuming that Kal was seeing Shadesmar so I’m going with a ‘yes’ on this one.  I do feel like I should reread that section to see if there are any clues.

3. Renarin has demanded to be trained with the other Bridgecrews. Am I the only one to find him unbearably cute? Do you think that Kal can eventually train him to be partially competent with his Shards?

I really like Renarin – it’s probably because he likes books!  I think one of the best things about him is his willingness and enthusiasm.  He reminds me of a puppy running around wagging his tail.  Not sure how good a soldier he’s going to make but it surely can’t do any harm to learn some basic skills.

4. Shallan has learnt how to use her Surgebinding to adopt disguises. What did you think of her meeting with the Ghostbloods? Do you think that she can fool them successfully long enough to discover anything? Any ideas on why they want to remove Amaram?

That whole changing appearance ability was pretty awesome to be honest.  That really opens up a whole load of possibilities.  Yet more impressiveness from Shallan.  That meeting with the Ghostbloods was scary and creepy – I hope she can fool them for long enough!!  I wouldn’t like  them on my case after all.  I confess I’m at a loss as to what they want with Amaram.

5. Ok, so I was wrong: sorry, Elhokar, for assuming that you had made another rubbish attempt at a fake assassination. Were you surprised that Moash was involved in such an organized conspiracy? Do you agree with the ‘patriots’ and what do you think Kal should do about them?

I was really surprised about Moash.  I know we had the earlier hint about him having the opportunity but I didn’t really want to believe it was true.  Plus I was shocked at the speed with which he’d become involved with the group and the fact that he trusted them.  After all, they’re talking about assassinating a king here!  I don’t really agree with what they’re doing.  They may have a point but I don’t really like their methods.

6. We are seeing much more of Shallan’s family life. Can someone explain why nobody has killed her father yet? Also, is anyone concerned about the girl that Nan Balat has his eye on: will he become a wife-beater himself?

I suppose if one of them does kill Shallan’s father then they are, in a way, no better than he is!  Well, that’s why I think someone hasn’t killed him yet.  I would be concerned for any girl that Nan Balat has his eye on – but that’s because I’m not really fond of him or his unpleasant disposition.  He does seem to have a cruel streak – whether he would revert to his father’s methods – I’m not sure.

7. Any guesses about the identity of the messenger who speaks to Shallan at the fair? Also, what do you make from the sections of the Words of Radiance that are included at the beginning of the chapters?

I thought that the messenger had a feel of Wit – I can’t really give any pointers as to why, it was something about the voice.  The sections from the Words of Radiance are a bit of a puzzle.  I think I’d like to go back and read them all one after the other to see if there’s a connection.

This week’s questions are being hosted by Sue over at Coffee, Cookies and Chilli Peppers so stop on by there to check out her thoughts – they’re always very illuminating!