When is a challenge not a challenge?

When it sounds like so much fun that it will be a doddle (words that may come back to bite me).

I don’t usually sign up for challenges – well apart from 100 books a year over at Goodreads – but that doesn’t feel like a challenge because I roughly read two books a week so it’s more a given rather than an actual achievement.  Anywho, this year I’ve seen two challenges that I really like the look of.  Both of them are book bingo.  To be honest I’ve never really been drawn to book bingo before which is kind of crazy because I’m sure I would easily be able to fit some of my reads to the prompts – but, what can I say, I’m a bit lazy. 

So, why the change this year.  Well, I’ve seen two bingo cards that I just like the look of – and I really am that fickle.

One is a picture prompt and the other are prompts inspired by music.  Here they both are:

The first book bingo event has been created by the ever so lovely Mayri over at Bookforager.  Check out her original post here and be simply in awe of the beautiful visuals that she’s come up with.

Picture Prompt

I love the pictures – I am a simple soul after all – and what really grabs me for this one is that I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to come up with for some of them.  There may be some very creative book keeping going on and maybe a few crazy interpretations.  The first rule of book bingo is that everybody talks about book bingo.  The second rule of book bingo is that there are no (other) rules.  

My second book bingo has been dreamt up by ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’, Queen Terrible Timy over at the Queen’s Book Asylum. This challenge is called the Sound of Madness and all the prompts are music inspired.  The original post is here and the bingo card is below: 

Sound of MadnessImage created by Queen’s Book Asylum

Again, I’m going to have to do some creative thinking to shuffle some books into these spots – but I’m sure there will be crossovers between the two bingo cards, right??

I think part of the fun for both of these will be looking at my shelf for the first half of this year and seeing how I can manhandle some of my books to fit these prompts. 

This should be fun and I’m not going to give myself any stress about it so take a look at both these and see if you fancy joining in one or both.

That’s it for now.  I’m thinking I may post a monthly progress report (combined with my last of the month bookish update post).

(Mayri/Timy – I’ve used your bingo cards which I hope is okay but if not then let me know and I’ll remove them)