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Posted On 26 June 2016

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A little while ago The Tattooed Book Geek nominated me for this award.  It’s taken me a little while to get around to it (apologies) but, better late than never methinks!  Thanks to the Tattooed Book Geek for the nomination (everyone, stop on over and check out his blog):

The Rules:

  • Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
  • Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
  • Create 7 questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.


1. If you could make any book into a film/TV series, which book would you choose?

This is a tough one – not least because I’m always a little worried about if the adaptation is just going to annoy the socks off me!  I’m going to cheat a little bit here and have two series for totally different reasons.  (1) The Red Queen’s War by Mark Lawrence.  I love this series and think it could be absolutely amazing adapted to the screen.  Obviously I also really enjoyed The Broken Empire by the same author but I think the Red Queen’s War would be my first option.  (2) Mayhem and Murder by Sarah Pinborough.  I think these two would be great as an adaptation – a really gothic and darkly chilling affair!

2. What’s your preferred reading format, book or e-reader?

This is another split/cheat type answer – I love books.  I love having bookshelves full of books, I love looking at books and there’s definitely something so satisfying about reading a physical book as oppose to an e-book – but (and you could tell there was a ‘but’ just waiting to spring), these days I actually prefer to read books electronically.  For a number of reasons to be honest, not least that I can carry around a whole bundle of books all the time, as a book reviewer it makes it easier to find books and organise myself, when reading it’s just so easy to make notes, check words or highlight whole sections, sometimes when I’m reading I might have a particular sentence or paragraph that I want to remember for the review but if it’s a book I pretty much give up on that altogether because I’m too lazy to carry around a notebook and keep notes of things because it breaks up the flow of reading.  Plus, buy an e-book and it arrives immediately.  Dare I mention the elephant in the room – e-books are frequently a cheaper option!  Not to mention little things like the back light and the fact that I can read an epic book without spraining my wrist!  So, yeah, whilst I prefer to own physical copies of books, and also whilst I’m the sort of reader that will still collect the physical copies of those books and series that I enjoy – for reading purposes I just love my e-reader.

3. The book you were most looking forward to but ended up being really disappointed with?

Mmm, this is tricksy too – *grr, shakes fist*.  I would have to say Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie.  This had such great reviews and virtually everybody I know loves it but it really didn’t work for me personally.  I own that it had a great ending but by that point I’d lost interest really.  I certainly wouldn’t ever try to dissuade others from giving it a shot because I think it must just be me being a little bit odd – like I say – I’m going against the flow with this one.

4. Favourite drink/tipple/beverage to have whilst reading?

Well, that depends on the time of day I suppose!  Wine is my choice of tasty beverage – but not if I’m reading in the morning – people on the bus would just stare and people in work would probably object too!  So, mornings: coffee,  afternoons: tea and evenings (not all of course – I’m not a raging alcoholic after all!) wine – and at the moment I’m enjoying red more than white.

5. What is your favourite genre of book to read?

Fantasy – and everything it encompasses.  Urban fantasy, gaslight, steampunk, flintlock, dark, – everything.  I also enjoy sci-fi but tend not to read as much as I do from the fantasy element of SFF.  I also enjoy historical novels and alternate history.  But, fantasy wins for me!

6. What book/series made you choose that specific genre?

I don’t think it was a book or series but probably more a person – or series of people!  Firstly my dad because I read all his books when I was younger and he has quite a few fantasy books on his shelves, one of my teachers when I was around 8/9 (ish) who recommended The Borrowers and the Wizard of Oz.  I had a bit of a break from SFF for a good number of years then reading quite a lot of more modern/contemporary authors and then I just seemed to revert back – probably a bit gently at first, I found authors like Alice Hoffman and Joanne Harris who I just loved and that just set things off in motion for me.

7. Will George R.R. Martin ever finish (Game of Thrones) A Song of Ice and Fire series?

I’d like to think he will!  Of course it could be a long wait …. still, all good things to those that wait.

My nominees:  I will just mention that I realise how busy everyone is so no pressure here if you don’t have time to join in, also, I may have tagged you before in which case just ignore me, or you might outright hate awards – also, no problem:

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My questions – short and sweet I think (hope) and including some of the above.

  1. If you could meet any author, from any time (past and present), who would that be and what would be your most pressing question?
  2. Who is your absolute favourite character, ever.  I know you’re probably groaning and rolling your eyes but there must be one character that springs to mind immediately – probably followed by a host of others – but, I want that first knee jerk reaction please and why!
  3. What is your favourite series out of all the books you’ve read?  The series you would recommend without hesitation.
  4. What’s your preferred reading format, book or e-reader?
  5. The book you were most looking forward to but ended up being really disappointed with?
  6. Blogging – what do you love/not love – any embarrassing moments?
  7. Most anticipated book for the remainder of 2016?


Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you Caitlinsternwrites for nominating me for the Real Neat Blog award. This seems like a nice simple one–answer random “either/or” questions, nominate a couple of people, ask a few questions of your own and there you go!  Nice and easy people.  Here goes :

  1. Which would you prefer – to never be able to leave your home city, or to never be able to go back to it?  Ah, that’s tough, it’s hard to not be able to go back to your home city but I think it would be harder to never leave it.  It’s natural to leave and travel really.  Yeah, I would prefer to never be able to got back to home than never leave.  That sounds really harsh now I’ve said it!
  2. Would you rather never re-read a book, or only read the ones you have read? (Assume someone could present you with a list of all the books you’ve read over your lifetime.)  I’ve reread lots of books – even recently, however, if it was a choice of never reading another new book I’m afraid there would be no more rereadings!
  3. Would you rather have a dragon, or be a dragon? I would rather have a dragon – that way you have you – and the dragon!    Okay, it would be ace to fly and breathe fire – but it would be kind of cool to have a dragon – you could ride anyway, which is flying at the end of the day – and, YOU”D HAVE A DRAGON.
  4. Which would you choose–to live permanently in a fictional world, or visit as many as you liked but you couldn’t stay more than a few hours? If you’d do the former, which book/series?  I think I would have to go for living in a permanent fictional world rather than just stay a few hours.  You can’t even see a full City in a few hours after all.  I’d just choose a fictional world that was huge – maybe middle earth?  Or the Foundation series which isn’t restricted to one planet??
  5. What book that you’ve read recently would you recommend to everyone? I recently read The Liar’s Key by Mark Lawrence – which is excellent and I would highly recommend.  Of course, you would need to read Prince of Fools first – but that would not be a problem as both books are excellent.

My Questions:

  1. Okay, if you had to choose would you sooner travel in a tardis or the Star Ship Enterprise and why.
  2. If you had to choose someone to rescue you from the jaws of certain death would it be a superhero or a supernatural creature of some description.
  3. Hot or cold – would you like to sit in the sun relaxing, or do you prefer something a bit more chilled or challenging?
  4. Cats or dogs (or other) (or neither)-  do you have a favourite cat, dog or other animal that you would love to accompany you? Or not?
  5. Earth or not? If you could choose anywhere in the world or universe to live where would it be?
  6. If you had to choose between book or e-book, no going back – which would it be??

I hope you can both take part but don’t worry if not – I know you have very busy lives and this is just for fun. 😀 😀