“One had a knife. But I had a staff and was trained to use it.”


Once again it’s time to go Tough Travelling.  So, don your jaunty cap and pack your spotted hanky because we’re off on our travels.  The Fantasy Hive are now hosting Tough Travel so don’t forget to head on over there and link up.  This month’s theme is:


Apprentices are people who are training for a trade or skill, which means they are usually quite young and bad at what they do. Most of the time they are like nurses during an operation, being there only to hand the master his tools. They seem to have to do this for a good many years before they get to do anything more interesting, and it is therefore not surprising that some of them get restless and either try to do the interesting stuff themselves or simply run away. The Rules state that if an Apprentice tries to do the interesting stuff on their own it will blow up in their face. If they run away, they will learn all sorts of things very quickly and also probably prove to be the MISSING HEIR to a Kingdom.

– Diana Wynne Jones, The Tough Guide to Fantasyland


Phèdre nó Delaunay – Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart.  Originally trained in Naamah’s arts Phedre becomes a trainee or apprentice to Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève.  Along with Alcuin Phedre will learn a number of things, including languages and the art of being covert in preparation for becoming a spy at court.


Vin – from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy.  Vin starts the novel as a street urchin but pretty soon becomes a trainee after her allomancy abilities are spotted by Kelsier.


Arya Stark from GRRMartin’s Game of Thrones – raised at Winterfell Arya moves to King’s Landing where, not content to play a typical role of the times she receives training in the use of a sword by Syrio Forel – not sure if that isn’t a bit cheeky as the training doesn’t last for too long – however, in a later instalment Arya travels to the House of Black and White where she trains to join the Faceless Men.  I figure she goes on the list.


Mia Corvere from Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight Chronicles.  Mia is apprenticed to the Red Church.  She will train and eventually join their deadly assassins – when hopefully she will have the opportunity to take the revenge she so badly desires.


Agnieszka – from Naomi Kovak’s Uprooted.  A small village protected by a powerful sorcerer.  Every ten years he chooses a female from the village to be his companion – – sounds a bit hideous but bear with me – anyway, after discovering that one of the girls in the village has magical ability he is forced to take her into his care and train her to the best of his ability.  And so Agnieszka becomes a trainee to the most cantankerous and rude sorcerer ever – which is why he’s known as ‘the dragon’.


Pyrre Lakatur – from Brian Staveley’s Skullsworn.  A fantastic character to read about indeed – not to mention utterly deadly after years of training.  Pyrre needs to pass one final initiation test before becoming a Priestess to the God of Death.



April’s topic is MOTHERS