Temples and winged things

Posted On 25 September 2014

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Fan Art Up is a weekly meme hosted by Tabitha over at Not Yet Read.  The idea being to see if you can come up with some inspiration for a little sketch or doodle from your last week’s reading or just anything else in general.  This last week I returned from holiday.  I read a few books whilst away.  One of these is a rather poor sketch of an archaeological site we visited (drawn in situ and my only excuse is it was very hot and there was no shade).  The other is a horrible doodle of a baby from a book I just finished.  Brood.  I think this doodle turned out a little more evil looking than I intended.  I couldn’t come up with much inspiration this week I’m afraid but check out the site above and see some lovely designs.


5 Responses to “Temples and winged things”

  1. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    What are you talking about! Those temple columns you drew are amazing! I can’t draw like that – all I can do are freaking basic cartoon doodles, nothing even remotely detailed or realistic at all.

    And the baby is to stinking cute. I love the sneaky little face he’s got on!

    • lynnsbooks

      No, all your drawings are completely unique and straight out of your head which is why they’re so good. It’s all about the vision and being able to depict it.
      You know – I don’t think drawing in real life situations works for me – people keep trying to look at what you’re doing (the pressure!!) – I missed out a whole row of blocks on those temple columns (but don’t tell anyone!) And, if you draw in pen (and let’s face it I didn’t have a pencil with me because that would amount to being organised) you’re stuck with your mistakes. Pah.
      Lynn 😀

      • Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

        oh that’s very true. I have whipped out my sketchbook a few times in public because if you don’t you forget what you want to draw. And people always seem to want to sneak a peak if they notice its drawing you’re doing and not writing.

        I hate working in pen first! I’m all about making mistakes ….and i hates them!

  2. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    Like a “I’m cooking up something evil for you, yes yes”

    • lynnsbooks

      Haha – he’s cooking up something – in his nappy!! (sorry – couldn’t help it!) 😀

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