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Posted On 25 July 2014

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Fan Art Up is a weekly feature hosted by Tabitha at Not Yet Read.  Details here.  Each week I see if I have a book doodle or just a random doodle to  place here.  This week I’ve read The Tearling Queen and also The House of the Four Winds – however I’ve been away for a few days (so not yet reviewed and not been visiting everyone) and my doodle is inspired by my trip.  I’ll give you a few clues: think Tulips, windmills, clogs, canals…. and bikes – is that enough?  It could have used a bit of colour, but you know, i was improvising, so!  Anyway, this is a made up doodle – not an actual strees.




12 Responses to “Guess where?”

  1. Genki Jason

    Nice picture. Reminds me of the paintings of Lowry. Holland!.

    • lynnsbooks

      Yes, Amsterdam – we also went on a couple of visits whilst there. I love the quirky feel of the buildings. Virtually all of them have wall ties and even so the perspectives are totally skewed with certain buildings leaning to the side or to the front. And, they’re all different. Not like here where you have a row of houses that are identical. The houses along the canal fronts are all unique in one way or another, even the skyline is higgledy piggledy.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    Wow I love it!! I want to live in one! I hope you had a nice trip. I had a busy work week stuck in the office and husband out of country. I feel like some art and reading tomorrow!!

    • lynnsbooks

      Thanks. It would be nice to live in one of those – some of them are really beautiful properties – this was drawn from imagination but it’s easy to do with this type of property as there are no real perspectives involved.
      I hope you have a lovely weekend chilling, reading and drawing. I’m enjoying my sketches and I love your weekly event – it makes me think of different things. I actually went and bought a tiny moleskin to have in my bag whilst we were in Amsterdam so I can fill it with my doodles now.
      Lynn 😀

  3. jenclair

    Amsterdam? Love the drawing!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yay – you guessed it! You win… hee hee. We had a good time. The doodle is made up – you won’t find that particular street anywhere in Amsterdam but you will find plenty that are sort of similar. It was good fun to draw that because you can be a bit quirky with line drawings of that sort, they don’t have to be particularly correct.
      Lynn 😀

  4. Danya @ Fine Print

    Hey, that’s really good! You’re a MUCH better artists than I am, Lynn. I would’ve guessed Amsterdam or somewhere in Denmark, but I know it was Amsterdam since I cheated and read the comments. 😉

    • lynnsbooks

      Haha, I’m sure I’m not – property fronts are easy for anyone! I wanted this to look a bit comic and quirky and hopefully the clues related to Amsterdam although I missed off the real giveaways!
      Lynn 😀

  5. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    That is really good! I am jealous of anyone who can draw buildings/houses…I’m totally junk at drawing architecture!

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, I’m not sure about that! I imagine you could do a very good job of what I was merely attempting! My artistic talents leave a little bit to be desired to be honest but I quite enjoy doing my silly sketches – I haven’t done any sketching for ages and it’s amazing how enjoyable it is!
      Lynn 😀

  6. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    Love it! And if this is a doodle then what I do is little more than chicken scratching 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I don’t believe that – I bet your drawing is excellent. I quite enjoy doing doodles and sketches but when I look at what everybody else is submitting over on ‘Fan Art Up’ I feel quite embarrassed about my attempts but then I think ‘oh well’ – there are some very good pictures going on and some seriously talented people!
      Lynn 😀

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