Friday Face Off : “And who decided which people wore the striped pyjamas”


Here we are again with the Friday Face Off meme created by Books by Proxy .  This is a great opportunity to feature some of your favourite book covers.  The rules are fairly simple each week, following a predetermined theme (list below) choose a book, compare a couple of the different covers available for that particular book and choose your favourite.   Future week’s themes are listed below – the list has been updated to help out those of you who like to plan ahead – if you have a cover in mind that you’re really wanting to share then feel free to leave a comment about a future suggested theme.  I’ve also listed events that take place during the year, that I’m aware of, so you can link up your covers – if you’re aware of any events that you think I should include then give me a shout.  This week’s theme:

“And who decided which people wore the striped pyjamas” – A cover that is striped

Well, I know what book I was thinking of when I came up with this theme but I wanted to try and find something different.  So, the first cover I came up with had no alternative covers – drat, the second – same story.  So, I’ve finally gone for : 1984 by George Orwell:

My favourites: 

My favourite:

1984 3

There were a heck of a lot of covers for this one and I haven’t even scratched the surface with this selection but I was trying to go for very geometric/striped covers to reflect the theme.

Which one is your favourite?

Like last week I’ve added a Mr Linky here so that you can leave a link if you wish or please leave me a link in the comments so we can all visit and check out each others covers.  Thanks

I’ve updated the list and included themes through to the end of 2019 – I’ve also included events that I’m aware of so that you can perhaps link your themes up where possible (if you know of an event you’d like to share that let me know in the comments).  I also have a list prepared for 2020 and so will set up a separate page soon for forthcoming themes.  As always, if you wish to submit an idea then leave me a comment.

Next week – A cover featuring something/somebody historic 

Future themes: (if you’re struggling with any of these themes then use a ‘freebie’ or one of your favourite covers)


5th July – “The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe… has been answered” –  a cover featuring something/somebody historic 

12th July – A wrap around cover

19th July – “You can’t choose between life and death when we’re dealing with what is in between.” – A cover that is grainy or looks like ‘white noise’

26th July – “Ludo ….. down” – A cover that is Upside Down

2nd August – “There are children here somewhere. I can smell them.” A cover featuring children

9th August – “I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your request.” – A cover featuring Pirates

16th August – “The haft of the arrow had been feathered with one of the eagles own plumes” – a cover featuring feathers

23rd August – A cover that is a movie tie in

30th August – “I wandered lonely as a cloud” – a cover that is predominantly yellow

6th September “Warm September brings the fruit” – a cover that is seasonal for Autumn/Fall

13th September – Friday the 13th – unlucky for some!  A cover with ‘curse’ in the title

20th September – “Your hair is winter fire,January embers.” – A cover featuring hair

27th September – Freebie

4th October – “Feed me Seymour” – A cover that is 60s horror

11th October – ““And, though there should be a world of difference between the smile of a man and the bared fangs of a wolf, with Joss Merlyn they were one and the same.”  – a cover featuring an Inn

18th October – “It’s your favorite scary movie, remember? He had on the white mask, he stalked the babysitters.” – A cover featuring a scream

25th October – for Halloween – pick any scary cover you like

(I’m hoping that November will once again bring to us SciFiMonth – Twitter @SciFiMonth)

1st November – A cover that is predominantly grey

8th November – “big badda boom” – a cover that features an explosion

15th November – “No thinking thing should be another thing’s property, to be turned on and off when it is convenient.” – a cover featuring a robot

22nd November – A cover that is Futuristic

29th November – “When a day that you happen to know is Wednesday starts off by sounding like Sunday, there is something seriously wrong somewhere.” – a cover that is 60s sci fi

6th December – Now is the winter of our discontent, Made glorious summer by this sun of York”  – a cover that puts you in mind of winter

13th December – A cover that features a temple/or religious icon

20th December – Longest Night –  a dark and foreboding cover

27th December – the festive season – a cover that is glittery or sparkling

(2020 – January is Vintage SciFi month so I’ll be including possible themes to take that on board.


20 Responses to “Friday Face Off : “And who decided which people wore the striped pyjamas””

  1. sjhigbee

    Wow! Who knew that 1984 featured so many striped covers?? Well done for choosing a really good title – my favourite is the very blocky depiction of the town, looking up the road. I was beaten on this one – I simply went for a favourite book and featured the covers that most appealed…

    • @lynnsbooks

      I did struggle with this week and I can totally see why you went for a favourite book – it’s supposed to be fun after all and not a chore.
      Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        And many thanks for giving that wild card option so we can go on enjoying this great meme, Lynn:))

      • @lynnsbooks

        Yep, I figured we all needed that every now and again. It’s supposed to be fun after all.
        Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        It was a really inspired move in my opinion…

  2. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I actually kind of like the one that has all the numbers on it. There’s something about it that really grabs my attention!

  3. Tammy

    I love the one you picked, and also the first one. They have such bold designs, I think that’s why I like them😁

    • @lynnsbooks

      the first cover is lovely, or well, not lovey – like you say – bold. Such a difficult choice.

  4. maddalena@spaceandsorcery

    I like the “eye” theme in the covers – Big Brother is watching you! 🙂
    The middle cover in the second row is the one I prefer: the fractured motif feels right for the story.

    • @lynnsbooks

      Hah – yes, big brother – I don’t think I’d even thought of that.
      Lynn 😀

  5. Friday Face Off: Stripes – Perfectly Tolerable

    […] Friday Face Off is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, and run by Lynn’s Book Blog. […]

  6. PerfectlyTolerable

    I like your third favorite best! The color of the eye is really pretty 😀

  7. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

    I agree! Your favorite is mine too. I always associate this book with the eye, so I need a cover with the eye on it 🙂

  8. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I like your choice, it’s probably the one I would have picked too. Though I have to say the Penguin cover is very clever, with the “censored” bars obscuring the title – only such a classic book could pull that off!

  9. @lynnsbooks

    I love the Penguin Classic covers and nearly went for a theme with a bunch of them.
    Lynn 😀

  10. waytoofantasy

    Interesting pick, lots of covers for this one. I do love the one you picked out, I think it fits really well with the tone of the book.

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