Welcome to the comfort zone


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme where every Tuesday we look at a particular topic for discussion and use various (or more to the point ten) bookish examples to demonstrate that particular topic.  Top Ten Tuesday (created and hosted by  The Broke and Bookish) is now being hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and future week’s topics can be found here.  This week’s topic is:

Cozy/Wintry Reads

I’m taking this to mean the sort of books that you love and can reread because they feel comfortable.  I’ve also included a few more recent books that I would enjoy picking up and revisiting when time allows:

  1. The Harry Potter books by JK Rowling – I haven’t reread the books but I would love to.  I have watched the films though – many times.
  2. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle – and for that matter any of the other Sherlock Holme stories.  I love these stories.
  3. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.  I like all of Austen’s books but Northanger Abbey has a special place with it’s nod to the gothic stories that were becoming so popular at the time.
  4. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  I love this book, it’s only fairly short which is a surprise for me because I don’t tend to like short stories as a rule but this is such a good tale.
  5. The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell – this is a recent read which I thought was excellent and I would love to read it again.
  6. Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller – another new read and one that I definitely recommend.
  7. Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier – yes, I do probably bang on about this book but what can I say – it’s an old favourite.  Perhaps one more reread wouldn’t hurt.
  8. Lord of the Rings by JRRTolkien –  I really am that predictable!
  9. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte – I just love this book.
  10. Suggestions????  Come add your favourite to my favourites pretty please.


13 Responses to “Welcome to the comfort zone”

  1. Tammy

    This would be a fantastic time of year to reread Harry Potter. If only I weren’t trying to catch up on all the new books from 2018 that I didn’t get to…

  2. waytoofantasy

    Great list, I think I’ve read most of these!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Ahh, lovely comforting books – don’t you just love them.
      Lynn 😀

  3. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I’m almost done reading the sixth HP book to my daughter, moving on to the last book soon!

    • @lynnsbooks

      And presumably your daughter is loving it – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading the sixth book already. That’s such a lovely reading experience.
      Lynn 😀

  4. sjhigbee

    And I would also add Cressida Cowell’s fabulous How To Train Your Dragon series which is hilarious and poignant in equal measure… The fact that it is actually written for small boys who don’t like reading much is beside the point – it has completely beguiled this granny!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Haha – and I have a copy of the first book I think.
      Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        It’s just so riotous, funny and engrossing…

  5. evelynreads1

    oh I should read the hound of the baskervilles!


    • @lynnsbooks

      I love that book so can’t help recommending it to everyone.
      Hope you get a chance to pick it up.
      Lynn 😀

  6. jessicabookworm

    Lynn, I love how we both had Harry Potter, Northanger Abbey and A Christmas Carol on our lists 😀 I also thought about putting Rebecca or The Lord of the Rings on my list, but I was trying to go for cosy and wintry reads so discounted them for more wintry choices.

  7. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom

    Rebecca is on my winter TBR list! It has been recommended to me many times since I am a big Jane Eyre fan 🙂

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