Can’t Wait Wednesday : The Monster Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #2) by Seth Dickinson

Can't Wait Wednesday

“Waiting On Wednesday” is a weekly meme that was originally created by Breaking the Spine.  Unfortunately Breaking the Spine are no longer hosting so I’m now linking my posts up to Wishful Endings Can’t Wait Wednesday. Don’t forget to stop over, link up and check out what books everyone else is waiting for.  If you want to take part, basically, every Wednesday, we highlight a book that we’re really looking forward to.  This week my book is : The Monster Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #2) by Seth Dickinson:

the monsterBaru Cormormant’s world was shattered by the Empire of Masks. To exact her revenge, she has clawed her way up razor-edged rungs of betrayal, sacrifice, and compromise, becoming the very thing she seeks to destroy.

Now she strides in the Masquerade’s halls of power. To save the world, she must tear it asunder … and with it, all that remains of her soul.

Due for publication: October 2018

20 Responses to “Can’t Wait Wednesday : The Monster Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #2) by Seth Dickinson”

  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this series but I’ll be honest, that floating head is kind of scary!

    • @lynnsbooks

      These covers are creepy – not altogether sure why!
      Lynn 😀

  2. Tammy

    Ooh I need to catch up with the first book! I’ve heard really good things😁

    • @lynnsbooks

      The ending to the first book was what really grabbed me. I liked the start, I felt the middle was a bit slow, but the ending was brilliant.
      Lynn 😀

  3. Nadine - todaysechoes

    I tried so hard with the first book. I made it about 100 pages into and couldn’t connect with the characters. I think I’ll give it another try sometime because its got such an interesting synopsis.

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yeah, to be honest, I enjoyed the start but found the middle a bit difficult – the ending though, blew me away.
      Lynn 😀

  4. Captain's Quarters

    I need to read the first one still! At least I have time.
    x The Captain

    • @lynnsbooks

      You do have time indeed. I had my issues with the first book, I thought it made a great start but then I found the middle part a bit of a sticking point – however, the ending simply bowled me over.
      Lynn 😀

  5. Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky

    Hell yes! I was so excited when I heard that there were going to be 2 more Baru books, alongside Monster.

    • @lynnsbooks

      Woo hoo – I did not know that – thank you so much for sharing 😀

  6. Carmen

    This one sounds very intriguing. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. 😉

  7. Melissa (My words and pages)

    That cover is a bit creepy. I like it. Sounds like an interesting story. You have me curious.

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yeah, it really is creepy but I’m not sure why – it’s not a creepy story.
      Lynn 😀

  8. sjhigbee

    That cover certainly suggests horror! Is that the case, Lynn? I hope you enjoy this one, though it looks a bit too scary for a wuss like me…

    • @lynnsbooks

      No, I’m not totally sure I understand why the covers look so creepy. This is more like an epic story of revenge. The world is a take on the Roman empire and the character involved wants to bring the empire down after they overtook her homeland and changed it. There’s lot of treachery and politics – the ending to the first book was brilliant.
      Lynn 😀

  9. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I remember loving the first book! It’s been a while though, so I think I might need a refresher on some of the finer details before I jump into this one!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yes, a refresher would be nice. It’s a pity that more authors don’t use the trick that Mark Lawrence does by giving a recap before the book starts. I could use it for this one because there was a lot of treachery and it would be good to go over the names.
      Lynn 😀

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