Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey : Readalong week No.3

naakissToday is the third week of our readalong of Naamah’s Kiss.  Feel free to join in (the schedule is below) or to jump in with the comments.  This week the questions are being hosted by Grace at Books Without Any Pictures.  Please be aware that spoilers may be lurking below for this and future books in the series so please be careful.
1. What are your impressions of Queen Jehanne?
I wouldn’t say that I like her.  Which isn’t necessarily that I dislike her – I don’t know her well enough at the moment.  But, I certainly wouldn’t trust her.  I get the impression that everything she does is self serving – the incident with the viper – being annoyed because she felt Moirin had stolen her thunder.  And then there’s the whole step-mother vibe – let’s see!
2. Moirin has found herself in the middle of a sticky love triangle. How do you think it will play out?
I think that Moirin is going to have to step away from both of them to be honest.  They’re just using her – it feels almost like she’s just a plaything to distract or tantalise them both or maybe bring a little spice into their relationship.  I think it could end badly for Moirin because she’s obviously getting sucked in and I don’t trust either of these two.
3. Now that we finally get to meet Moirin’s father, what do you think of him?
He feels like a very calming influence.  Very reasonable, nice – he seems like a good guy to be honest.  He wasn’t judgemental of Moirin and he had a good natured laugh at her too.
4. The scene with the summoning of Valac seems to be a shift in tone from the rest of the series. Is the Circle in over its head? What do you think is happening here?
This has a bad feel doesn’t it.  Sharp white teeth, slit eyes – it makes me think of something that is just waiting to be released by trickery.  I think the Circle thinks its much more clever than it really is and I think they’re dabbling with things they know very little about.  It definitely feels like something dark is going to come of this.
5. What do you think of the descriptions so far of the Ch’in?
I guess they’re as I expected.  The master who is all patient and comes out with lots of wise statements.  Then we have Bao, scowling and prickly.  Moirin and Bao put me a little in mind of Phedre and Joscelin when they first met – each disapproving of the other – I wonder.
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And here is the current list of participators:
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5 Responses to “Naamah’s Kiss by Jacqueline Carey : Readalong week No.3”

  1. nrlymrtl

    Yes, it does certainly seem like Jehanne and Raphael are toying with Moirin, using her to heighten their own feelings towards one another without really caring about Moirin’s feelings on it all.

    I totally agree about the Circle being overconfident, even conceited, on this one.

  2. tethyanbooks

    Your comment about Moirin’s role in the relationship reminds me of something I read once about polyamory, specifically about established couples looking for a bisexual female third. The idea is that both members of the couple are interested in sleeping with the third (and vice versa), but it really sucks emotionally for the third–they referred to it as “being a couple’s chew toy”. I think there was a lot of potential for here for Moirin to get hurt very badly, emotionally, and I agree it would have been better for her to just walk away from both.

    That would be an interesting development, if Moirin and Bao fall in love!

  3. Grace

    Interesting that you point out the similarities between Bao and Joscelin. 😀

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yeah, I’m intrigued to see if that becomes a ‘thing’.
      Lynn 😀

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