A Local Habitation (October Daye #3) by Seanan McGuire, readalong


Today is week three of our readalong of A Local Habitation (No.2 October Daye by Seanan McGuire) arranged by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow.  I read the first book as part of a readalong at the start of the year and thought it got off to a good start but book No.2 is speeding along .

The schedule is below, so if you want to join in or jump in with the comments then please do so.  Without further ado here are the questions and answers with a customary word of warning that spoilers will be lurking below:

And, I must say – what a place to stop!!!  I think there will be book finishings very soon – Tybalt!!!  *swoonings*:

1. First things first, Toby braved the likelihood of being eaten alive by summoning the night-haunts! What are your impressions of this strange race of fae? And how do you think Toby’s relationship with the Luidaeg will change now that her final question has been asked?

I think I’m more scared about the Luidaeg and what will happen next – sort of scared but not scared if you understand me.  Part of me feels like the Luidaeg likes Toby and needs her too.  Time will tell.  The night haunts.  Well, I don’t know what I’d expected to be honest but tiny little cannibals that steal the faces of those they eat isn’t it!  I think I was expecting something quite animal in nature.  This is a really intriguing thread though. I don’t think I’d ever considered before, when I’m reading UF and the fae die, just what happens to the body – an autopsy just wouldn’t do would it!  I wouldn’t say the night haunts were as scary as I expected somehow.  I was expecting strange voices and darkness – lots of darkness – sufficiently creepy though.

2. The storyline has really kicked off with another death to add to the body count and yet another attempt on Toby’s life. How did you feel about this latest murder? Are you suspicious of anyone in particular or seeing any patterns regarding motivations?

I can’t believe this latest death.  Literally can’t believe it.  I just haven’t got a clue what’s going on.  What does occur to me is that the attempts on Toby’s life are completely different than the other attempts/deaths so whoever is trying to kill or warn her off isn’t trying to make her a part of whatever is going on here.

3. Before her untimely demise, January was on the verge of revealing a secret regarding ALH and a mysterious project it was running. Do you have any suspicions on what this might be?

I’m all out of maniac theories this week.  Whatever they were planning there is clearly resistance to so it must be something ground breaking.  They’re an odd bunch of characters at ALH, eclectic, quirky, maybe it was something that would change the standing of the lesser fae or halflings – I really don’t know.  It all seems to be linked into technology and I remember Toby saying there was an awful lot of random information being kept about everyone.  Not sure how it all links together though.

4. April is a fascinating and amusing character to read about, how do you think she’ll cope now she no longer has her adoptive mother? Can you see her becoming part of another court or as an addition to Toby’s life?

I can imagine that April will become angry once she’s had time to grieve.  I still don’t understand how she doesn’t know more about what’s going on though which I think is suspicious.  I’d imagine that she would always keep an eye on January and she’s the only one who has that ability so I’m puzzled.  Let’s face it – the suspects are getting more difficult to choose as the body count stacks up.  I guess the only one we haven’t yet suspected is Elliot!  I can’t come up with a reason why he would be the bad guy though.  The thing is, I feel like I’m going down this route of ‘if people grieve or lose someone they care about it can’t be them – but that’s not strictly true is it.  For example, April could be implicated with January’s death – yes, she’s distraught about the death but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have a part in it.  It’s all very perplexing!

5. In this section of the novel a little more is revealed about one half of our suspicious siblings, Alex and Terrie. Whilst Alex gets very handsy and a bit hypnocreep with Toby, Terrie is almost non-existent! What are your thoughts on this pair? Was Toby’s reaction justified? And are you as suspicious of at least one half of this pairing as Toby?!

Alex is just downright creepy – and also a little bit suspicious.  Although his attempt at schmoozing Toby away for example happened at a convenient time.  Like he wanted her out of the way when January was killed – maybe he was actually trying to get her out of the way to protect her.  Terrie.  Well, perhaps she can’t come out at a certain point of the day?  Bit like a vampire??  The other thing with Alex and Terrie and the whole ‘are they the same person’ routine – I can’t help thinking of the scene in Shrek where Princess Fiona turns into ‘green ogre Princess Fiona’ maybe Alex and Terrie are like ‘naughty and nice’ halves of the same person – bad and evil.

6. Alex might not be able to turn off the seduction but in this section we see the return of both Connor and Tybalt. What do you think of Connor and his obviously complicated relationship with both Toby and Raysel? Do you think they have a future? Or is Tybalt too much of an infuriating temptation? Or more to the point, will either of them be of any use during the investigation? Thoughts please!

I don’t think Toby and Connor have a future to be honest.  I don’t dislike Connor but I think their relationship is in the past and whilst they’re both clinging on to fond memories they’re both different people now.  I feel sorry for Connor being in a relationship with Raysel which has an arranged feel but then part of me thinks his own unhappiness is making him hanker after something else and Toby is an obvious candidate. Plus, Tybalt. Need I say more.  I don’t know whether he will be in any use but I had an immediate release of tension in my shoulders when he appeared.  Like Toby finally had somebody who could take care of himself and help her rather than somebody who she was running around trying to protect.  Grrr!

Week 1: Saturday 5th March, Chapters 1-8 hosted by Over The Effing Rainbow
Week 2: Saturday 12th March, Chapters 9-16 – hosted by Lynn’s Book Blog (me!)
Week 3: Saturday 19th March, Chapters 17-25 – hosted by Books By Proxy
Week 4: Saturday 26th March, Chapters 26-end – hosted by The Bibliosanctum

All are welcome and there’s a discussion page over on Goodreads if that makes it easier to join.



11 Responses to “A Local Habitation (October Daye #3) by Seanan McGuire, readalong”

  1. digitaltempest

    At first I was thinking that only Jan, April, and Gordan had anything to do with what was going on. Now, I think maybe everyone was involved with what’s happening at ALH for whatever reason. If they were trying to upload people to the server, they would need more than one programmer and one fabricator. Maybe after the first death, everyone bailed out, but the ones left were maybe forced to be subjects? Or no, rather, they were surprised. There’s only one person I can think of who could surprise them now that I think about it. That would be April who can teleport, and we learned that she can teleport living things, which seems important. She could probably teleport a person with her. And thinking on it, April doesn’t really seem to comprehend death. She’s more concerned with when they’ll come back “online.”

    I don’t see Connor and Toby moving forward either, but I’m probably biased toward Tybalt more than anything. 😉

    • @lynnsbooks

      It is possible that everyone is involved – I certainly seem to have suspected everyone at some point! That murder of January was so violent wasn’t it – like somebody was in a frenzy somehow.
      I must read on and finish this, the suspense is driving me nuts.
      And, yeah, not feeling Connor – I’m also biased towards Tybalt! 😀

      • digitaltempest

        Her violent death is why I suspect Gordan because Gordan is losing it and she hates purebloods. And if they are uploading people, if they manage to bring people back, Jan can’t come back from such a death. She’s died a true death.

      • @lynnsbooks

        Yeah – and also she could have transported Gordan into the room with January!!! We are looking at you Gordan!!

  2. proxyfish

    Ahh it’s so complex! I have no idea who it is either. I like April so I don’t want it to be her – but it totally could be! Her lack of understanding/comprehension along with her convenient lack of information on some characters is all too suspicious…. but maybe someone at ALH has programmed her to forget! Gordon? Complicated!!!!

    And you’re right about Connor and Toby being in the past. I definitely think she needs some Tybalt action. I hope Connor ends up in a happier relationship no matter what happens with Toby though.

    • @lynnsbooks

      I like April too – there seems to be such doubt about everyone – very perplexing! And, that whole thing about April transporting with ‘live’ objects – there must be some significance to that but I can’t figure out what. Unless she transported someone, for example, Gordon?? to where January was when she was attacked?
      I hope Connor manages to find some happiness – of course he’ll have to get Toby out of his head first and move on from Raysel – so it seems like it could be a while!
      Lynn 😀

      • proxyfish

        Yes that transportation thing must be significant and perhaps she can be programmed to forget things or just have her memory erased. It’s all getting very exciting!!

      • @lynnsbooks

        Yeah, I hadn’t really thought about somebody ‘programming’ April and in effect using her – how awful!
        Lynn 😀

  3. maddalena@spaceandsorcery

    The Luidaeg… She is one of the most interesting – no, fascinating! – characters in McGuire’s universe, and she can also be quite scary at the same time. I wish I could say more, but at this point I’d better keep my mouth shut 😀 Time will tell, indeed…

    Total agreement about your take on Connor: while I do feel sorry for him being tied to Raysel ((insert little shudder)), I’ve always perceived him as something of a liability for Toby, a way to drag her back to a past that can be no more.

  4. nrlymrtl

    I was also expecting something a bit more animalistic from the night-haunts but they were a pleasant, if spooky, surprise.

    Yeah, I wasn’t expecting Jan’s death either. I thought we might have one more death (I was worried about Quentin!) but Jan was not on that list.

    I’m also looking sideways at Elliot. He’s like the most in control of those left. Alex has this handsy charm, April is a kid, Gordon is perpetually grumpy. But Elliot could be hiding his real thoughts, even as he grieves.

    I’m not a big fan of the seal boy as a romantic interest for Toby either. But we all know from Book 1 that Toby has a tendency to return to bad-for-her relationships even when she knows they are not healthy choices. So, we readers may have to endure a rekindling with Connor before Toby realizes that is a supremely bad idea (or Raysel kills Connor is a jealous rage).

    • @lynnsbooks

      The night haunts – spooky – yes, especially the faces!! Talk about haunting 😀
      Yeah, maybe Elliot is the one we least suspect – which kind of makes him suspicious!
      I’m hoping that we don’t go down the rekindling Connor route in terms of romance. I think I’d sooner have no romance thank you!
      Lynn 😀

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