Vintage Sci Fi: Book No.10

vintage-sf-badgeNo.10  Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

As part of Vintage Sci Fi month being hosted by Little Red Reviewer I’ve given myself a small challenge to post a vintage book each day – one that I’ve read – and to highlight some of the covers.   Today’s choice is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  I enjoyed this book in fact I think I reread it fairly recently.  Gothic and dark, Frankenstein is considered to be one of the first examples of sci fi.  It was originally published anonymously in 1818.  It was published in 1823 with Mary Shelley’s name:


There are a LOT of covers for Frankenstein, see if one of the following grabs you.  I’m sort of drawn to both the Dover books: Ignore the numbering because these images seem to keep jumping about – I’ve given a tiny description for each one:

  1. Tor 1994 – is the mainly orange cover.
  2. Prestwick House 2005 – close up face with chains
  3. L&PM 1985 – yellow background – huge forehead and strange, ransom note type print of name
  4. Signet classics 1965 -dark cover, bare trees in the foreground
  5. Dover Publications 1994 – man standing looking out to sea
  6. Dover Publications 2001 – castle with a blue background
  7. MacMillan 1961 – the picture with the purple and green, looks like a face being shown during lightning
  8. Wordsworth Classics 1993 – scary looking guy who looks like a zombie

8 Responses to “Vintage Sci Fi: Book No.10”

  1. samoak

    I love Frankenstein! I like the very last cover. I think one of my favorites is the Barnes and Noble collectible edition:

    • @lynnsbooks

      That’s a great cover – it would definitely appeal to me because it looks classic!
      Lynn 😀

  2. Jenn

    I’m drawn to the Prestwick House with the close-up of the chained eye…. very very creepy.

    • @lynnsbooks

      It is creepy isn’t it – and i’m just drawn to it – that just sounds wrong doesn’t it!
      Lynn 😀

  3. jessicabookworm

    Frankenstein is one of my all time favourite classics. I must re-read it soon a long with Dracula. I’m not sure I like the covers with the monster perhaps their too obvious for me. I prefer the abstract ones like the 1965 Signet classics.

    • @lynnsbooks

      I know, I’ve read both of these books at least twice already – maybe three times. I do love them. The abstract covers are good. I actually liked the gothic mansion with the blue backdrop.
      Lynn 😀

  4. Wendleberry

    I dislike the almost comic covers of ’61 and ’85. I like the Dover ones a lot, but i think my favourite is the ’65 cover with the bare trees; i like ominous 🙂

    • @lynnsbooks

      Ominous definitely works well for this particular book.
      Lynn 😀

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