A break from books???


Nah!  Just a break for today’s post!  The topic for discussion this week over at the Broke and Bookish is ‘other types of story’ – in other words tell us about your top movies or tv series.  Well, I don’t really watch a lot of tv – but that’s simply because I’m disorganised and so I will forget to watch one week to the next!  And, also, I don’t want to become tied to staying in every week on a certain day at a certain time because I have to catch the next in series.  I do watch quite a lot of films though.  In terms of series we usually buy a full box set and watch them in one long haul! I’m going for five tv series and five movies just to be fair and have picked things that I can watch over:

  1. The Sopranos – we bought the box set of this and watched it virtually night after night until we’d seen the lot.  It was pretty amazing watching the family grow up in this way!  I loved this series, so well made and such great characters and dialogue.
  2. Trueblood – okay, I can’t deny that there’s a bit of eye candy going on right here which definitely has a certain appeal!  Eric – pwoah!  Sorry, it had to be said.
  3. Dexter – I actually didn’t fancy this series when it first started.  I sort of took umbrage at the thought of a serial killer who worked in the police.  However, yes, I can admit when I’m wrong.  I watched a couple of these, almost begrudgingly and then I was hooked.  I’ve only watched up to the end of series 5 so should really watch the rest.
  4. Flight of the Conchords – this is another series that we bought the box set – I love Jemaine and Bret, probably not everyone’s cup of tea but had me in stitches.
  5. Breaking Bad – again, didn’t know what to expect of this and decided to give it a shot.  It sort of reminds me a little of Dexter in that every episode you’re a little on edge – will they/won’t they come undone!
  6. The Shining – onto movies – how can you possibly narrow it down to such a small selection?  Anyway, I only recently read the book and without doubt it’s better than the film.  But even saying that I still think this is an excellent film.  It scared the you know what out of me.
  7. Lord of the Rings – I had to go there – I’m having all three included as one.  Brilliant book and great adaptations plus Aragorn.
  8. The Life of Brian – Monty Python, this is just one of those films that is totally quote worthy!  So many good lines.
  9. Pan’s Labyrinth – this film is dark, creepy, brutal, harsh, scary and brilliant.
  10. Star Wars – the first three!  And I do mean the first three – not the later three films that now are known as 1, 2 and 3!

That’s it for me.  I know I could come up with a LOT more but 10 is it!  Do you like any of these??  Which would you swap?


40 Responses to “A break from books???”

  1. The Resurgent Bookworm

    Yours is the only post I have seen so far that has Dexter 🙂 Its on my list too !
    Here it is : http://theresurgentbookworm.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/top-ten-tuesday-tv-shows/

    • lynnsbooks

      I loved Dexter although I’ve not kept up to date – I must have watched 5 or 6 (not sure now – don’t even know how many the series goes to!)
      I should catch up with it.
      Lynn 😀

  2. lipsyy

    I LOVE Flight of the Conchords! Bowie’s in spaaaaaaace!

    • lynnsbooks

      YES!! I love that episode – ‘I’m 1980s David Bowie! So funny.
      Lynn 😀

  3. readerbuzz

    That was my initial response, too! And since I’ve stepped away from tv for so long I need some new recommendations. Thanks for sharing these. I’m taking notes today.

    And, since I’m not really in a position to recommend tv or movies, I decided to venture off on my own this week and post about mood-boosting books: Be-Happy Books.I’d love to have you stop by.

    • lynnsbooks

      I love ‘Be happy books’ so will definitely check out your recommendations!
      Lynn 😀

  4. Alexis Salcido

    LOTR! That series is life. My sister is a huge Aragorn fan too 🙂 And Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorites too!

    • lynnsbooks

      Pan’s Labyrinth is such a good film. I love it. And, your sister has excellent taste!
      Lynn 😀

  5. jessicabookworm

    I’m afraid I don’t watch any of the TV shows you’ve chosen but I love your film choices 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, I wondered if I should stick all to films! You can’t go wrong with a bit of LoTR after all. Bit of a cheat really as that’s three films – and so is Star Wars (so technically I have nearly 10 films on the list anyway – oops!)
      Lynn 😀

  6. hlmorris85

    I keep a cd of FotC songs in my car, and whenever I listen to it I’m a danger on the road I’m laughing so hard. Haven’t watched the show in forever, but it was great! Also, Life of Brian is one of the best movies.

    • lynnsbooks

      Life of Brian is sooooo funny – I could watch it any number of times and still find the humour hilarious. FotC – I wondered if anyone else would even have watched this – I always felt it was a little obscure but I really got into it. I love the ‘girlfriends’ song.
      Lynn 😀

  7. Lisa (@TenaciousReader)

    I really enjoyed True Blood in the beginning, but gave up about Season 5 🙂 Love Breaking Bad!

    • lynnsbooks

      Breaking Bad is so good. I started out thinking mmmm, maybe – by the second episode I was hooked! I also haven’t completed True Blood – can’t remember where I watched up to be honest.
      Lynn 😀

  8. Genki Jason

    Boo, no The Walking Dead.

    I stopped enjoying True Blood after season one… When I think back on it, I’m not sure I ever really liked it and just watched it.

    Flight of the Conchords was intermittently funny. Great musical parodies.

    Pan’s Labyrinth was brilliant. I cried in the cinema when I saw it and I cried when I watched it at home ;_;

    The Shining is a classic.

    • lynnsbooks

      I do really like The Walking Dead – I think we’ve only watched two series? (not sure how many there are??) We tailed off at little after No.2 but somebody told me they pick up again after that point?
      I loved Flight of the Conchords – probably preferred the earlier series though.
      Pan’s Labyrinth is the only film that I watched – and then immediately watched again. I loved it.
      I know – The Shining! Such a lot of creepiness and Jack Nicholson is awesome. Yes, I preferred the book version (now I’ve actually read it) but it hasn’t made me like the film any less. Chilling.
      Lynn 😀

      • Genki Jason

        Season 2 of TWD was awful until the final episode. It picks up at the prison.

      • lynnsbooks

        I think somebody told me they had hardly any funding for series 2 – but then the series got taken up again and all was good. I do need to pick back up where I left off.
        Lynn 😀

      • lynnsbooks

        Haha, thanks for the clip – je voudrais un croissant! I love Jermaine. Is that really weird?
        Lynn 😀

      • Genki Jason

        No. Nothing wrong with that 😉

      • Genki Jason

        Here’s an AMV featuring music from Flight of the Conchords:

      • lynnsbooks

        Haha, lmao – that is so good. It makes me want to go and watch a couple of episodes. I really liked the episode where the fruit vendor won’t sell them a piece of fruit because he thinks they’re Australian – ‘too many mutha uckers’:

        Lynn 😀

  9. lilajune

    FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!!!!!!! I completely forgot about that show on my list but I love, love, love it!
    What a great list all round!

  10. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    The Sopranos – SEEN THEM ALL – There were really great – though I can’t imagine myself ever watching them now or ever again lol.
    Dexter – LOVED THE FIRST SEASON – but never continued on with it (not much TV time for me)
    Flight of the Conchords – NEVER SEEN IT
    Breaking Bad – ERRR NO
    The Shining – RED RUMMMMM
    The Life of Brian – WHO DOESN’T LOVE MONTY PYTHON? I first started flirting with my husband via SPAM….spam spam spam spam spammity spam
    Pan’s Labyrinth – YES AND TRIPLE YES!
    Star Wars – the first three! OF COURSE!

    • lynnsbooks

      Haha, I was reading the Charlaine Harris books when I started watching Trueblood and as you know the series is a little bit, mmm, more, how to put it – full of sex, so my hubby was all like ‘ahh, so this is why you like reading’! I do tend to ebb away from series eventually – the only one on the list I’ve completed is the Sopranos – which were brilliant.
      I love the Life of Brian – so many quotes!
      Lynn 😀

  11. Keri B.

    Monty Python is awesome. I forgot that on mine.

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, you can’t fit everything on there after all! I actually enjoy going looking at everyone’s lists it’s funny seeing what other people like and jogging memories.
      Lynn 😀

  12. Michael

    I love the Life of Brian as well…but I’ve got more stretches of the Holy Grail memorized. 🙂

    • lynnsbooks

      I love the coconuts being used to make horse noises in the Holy Grail! So funny.
      Lynn 😀

  13. Mogsy

    Very good mix here! I would have a hard time picking a list of top TV show/movies. I don’t watch much TV these days either, who has the time! And like you, I also much prefer to pick up a box set or stream a whole bunch of episodes together and marathon than to catch up every week. That has never really worked so well for me. Movies I’ll have an easier time listing. Though sometimes I feel like such an old curmudgeony lady, all my favorite films seem to be made before 2000! And yes, Star Wars is up there!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yes to Star Wars! I just can’t keep up with tv – too time consuming. I guess you make a choice about what’s more important for your time and plus our tv is full of absolute crap – reality tv about everything you can think of and it all just becomes really formulaic and ‘samey’. It’s no wonder that people are all over the odd series that comes out – like Game of Thrones – which is something else that I’ve only watched the first one of. I actually quite like being curmudgeonly – and not only that you don’t get to use that word every day!
      Lynn 😀

  14. Michelle

    I’m glad you included `Lord of the Rings

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, I use any available opportunity to go on about LoTR!
      Lynn 😀

  15. cherylmahoney

    It is both funny and sad that all Star Wars fans (me included!) feel obliged to explain *which ones*…

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, you don’t want people to include you in the wrong series!!!! Very funny, and yes, a tad sad. 😀
      Lynn 😀

  16. anotherafterthought

    Lord of the Rings influenced the purchase….of a hunting bow. Not that I’ve had much chance to use it but it’s something neat to have hanging on my wall I guess. Dexter is something that I’ve had queued up for the longest time to watch but geez…eight seasons seems so deathly.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    • lynnsbooks

      Well, if any orcs break in you’ll be ready for them! LOL. I love that you bought a hunting bow – I want one now!! Yeah, I’ve not watched all 8 of Dexter – I reached either 5 or 6!
      Lynn 😀

  17. Melanie C (@MelTimeBlog)

    I used to be totally obsessed with Monty Python back in the 90’s, haven’t seen it for years now! We had a couple of months earlier in the year watching Breaking Bad from start to finish, loved it so much! Looking forward to “Better Call Saul” 🙂 x

    • lynnsbooks

      The Monty Python films are films that I could watch anytime – I love quoting from them because I’m a total geek! The funny thing is though, if you quote something out of Monty Python people usually know what you’re on about which is really funny.
      Breaking Bad is brilliant – I need to catch up with the series.
      Lynn 😀

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