Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 9

537a7-wordsofradgroupread250We’re now on to week 9 of our readalong and the action and tension is so immense it really has been difficult to put the book down after the allocated chapters.  This week’s chapters are, just, frankly, really excting!  So usual obligatory sentence about bewaring of spoilers below – catoutofthebag spren are flitting about like nobobdy’s business.

So this week, Liesel over at Musings on Fantasia is our host and without further ado lets get to the Q&A.  If you’ve read the book and want to jump in with your thoughts you’re absolutely more than welcome:

1. What did you think of Dalinar’s tactics, proving Kaladin correct by catching Amaram in a lie? What will happen, do you think, when they attempt to “try” him?  To be honest this is exactly when I expected Dalinar to do.  I thought he would play a tactical game with Amaram in order to catch him in a lie and this plan worked perfectly.  Not sure how well a trial is going to go – I have a feeling that there is something here that Amaram isn’t quite revealing, it could be that he’s neither good nor bad – some sort of neutral force.  It’s going to be curious to say the least.  As Dalinar said himself, you can’t exactly imprison a man who has a shardblade!

2. Navani offers her services to Shallan with her mission to find the Oathgate. What do you think Navani’s intentions are? Will she help or hinder Shallan’s mission? This was a really interesting turn around.  I thought it felt genuine and I was pleased that Navani admitted she’d been avoiding Shallan because of her own feelings of grief.  At the end of the day Navani will be interested and intrigued to know what’s going on, plus as Dalinar’s partner she has an added interest in finding this hidden kingdom that Shallan is seeking.

3. Moash’s group is still planning to assassinate Elhokar. Do you think Kaladin will allow him to go through with it? I actually don’t think so.  Kaladin is definitely conflicted by this himself – perhaps that’s why Syl left.  If Kaladin really believes that killing Elhokar is the best course of action then that changes things slightly.  However, I still think Kaladin will really struggle to come to terms with that particular course of action and this is why it’s not honourable.  If it felt like the right course of action he wouldn’t have any qualms about it would he?  There simply has to be another way!  Perhaps Elhokar is cut out to be a King but being useless doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be poisoned, thrown off a balcony or have your throat slit in the night – does it?  Am I just too soft?

4.The king approached Kal and asked Kal to teach him to be a hero? Do you see Kaladin attempting this? Does this change your opinion of the king? How? What a very strange development indeed!  I don’t think Kaladin is going to have chance to attempt any such thing and besides which it’s not really something that can be taught is it.  Perhaps Elhokar will simply be faced with a difficult challenges and make the right move.  That could change things for him.  It must be awful feeling so useless (even though he does kind of deserve to feel like that).  Perhaps he will step up to the plate now – maybe he’ll simply step down as King – can’t see it somehow though.  I don’t know if it does change my opinion of him really.  I don’t particularly dislike him and I don’t think he deserves assassination however he is pretty bloody useless!

5. Dalinar tells Shallan to find the Oathgate, and that he might need to use the pathway as a retreat for the army. (No pressure or anything, though.) Do you think Shallan will find it? Do you think Dalinar will need to make use of it. Where do you think it will lead?

I think that the Oathgate will be found although exactly how I’m really not sure.  I wonder if some from of words has to be spoken by a Radiant in order for this to happen – a bit like the gate to the Mines of Moria – wouldn’t open until somebody spoke the answer to the riddle.  I hope they can make use of it – it seems like it might be their only chance although I could just be getting caught up with all the nervous excitement!

6. The battle action is very high where we left off. What do you think will happen when the Parshendi song ends? Will the high storm show up in full force and destroy the Alethi army? Will Dalinar’s troops manage to interrupt the song? Other predictions?

Oh my God!  I really don’t know what to think next so my prediction will be that Dalinar’s army try to stop the Parshendi finishing the song, the fighting is starting to go very badly for the Alethi army, men dropping like flies as the storm begins to rage and all looks lost, Shallan finds the oathgate but doesn’t know how to open it! Simultaneously Kaladin prevents an assassination attempt on the King, Syl returns  and Kaladin, powers restored, manages to fly to the assistance of the army.  Unexpectedly, Jasnah, who was never really dead but faked her own death so that she could continue her search for the Oathgate unhindered has actually worked everything out and is one step ahead of Shallan – she’s managed to open the gate!  There.  How’s that for a prediction.  Fanciful? yes, Possible? yes – this is fantasy after all!  Oh, and I forgot – Szeth also turns up for his last ditch assassination attempt so we could possibly have four Radiants to face the voidbringers???  Unite them!

And, I’ve just had a really horrible thought – perhaps Mr Sanderson isn’t planning a triangle – perhaps one of our heros is going to die!!!!!  Noooooooo.


4 Responses to “Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 9”

  1. Liesel K. Hill

    LOL. Love the predictions, Lynn. I’m not entirely convinced Jasnah is dead, either. I’d love it if her, Syl, and Szeth all made an appearance before the end of the book. I thought perhaps the Oathgate would bring Kaladin to the battle somehow? Don’t know how, but I kind of think he’s got to be present for book’s climax, don’t you? He’s got to get there somehow. Great Moria reference! I thought the Wheel of Time’s World of Dreams, but I can see the Moria thing, too. Gotta love epic fantasy. 😀 My WoR Post

    • lynnsbooks

      It would be a really sweet ending wouldn’t it! Not quite sure that Sanderson can pull all that off. Yeah, I’m really sad and still holding out for Jasnah to be alive!
      I do love epic fantasy. Absolutely, totally LOVE IT.
      Lynn 😀

  2. nrlymrtl

    I really liked that Dalinar pointed out to Kaladin that you can’t truly imprison a Shardbearer, so a trial’s verdict doesn’t exactly carry much weight. Kaladin will have to make peace with the fact that justice isn’t always meted out.

    For many chapters now, we have seen Kaladin struggling with himself over both Amaram and Elhokar. He’s been trying ever so hard to talk himself into killing one or the other, or at least turning a blind eye in the case of Elhokar. At first, concerning Amaram, he was honest with himself, that he wanted his death for himself. Then he tried to put a different spin on it – that it was for the good of the kingdom, etc. But it just isn’t working. There is no honor in coldly killing either one of these men.

    I like your fanciful ending to the book and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing how this novel ends. and that would be beyond all my expectations if Jasnah stepped out of the shadows and gave a much needed assist at the end.

    • lynnsbooks

      I think we totally agree on this week’s chapter – apart from my epic fantasy finish – LOL. It is very fanciful but I was enjoying myself writing it with a big daft grin on my face.
      Lynn 😀

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