Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson readalong week 9

Okay, the penultimate readalong week.  Let’s face it – if you haven’t joined in yet then you probably want to savour this book all to yourself – and it is worth savouring so please give it a shot.  This week’s readalong is hosted by Musings on Fantasia so please call on over to check out everyone else’s replies.  Straight to business and don’t forget to stop reading now as spoilers lurk beneath.

1. Andolin has a change of heart, not only about his father, but about how he views the war. How do you think this will affect the story going forward?

I think Adolin is feeling slightly guilty.  Truth be told he was thinking a little ill of Dalinar and now it seems that proof will be forthcoming that Dalinar is not going crazy after all.  On top of that Dalinar has more than displayed that he isn’t a coward.  However, we also got to see that Andolin is very skilled at the art of fighting so perhaps he may have an opportunity to help Dalinar at some point or pick up the reins if Dalinar is not around?

2. Elhokar reveals that he sees figures with symbol heads, which sound suspiciously like the ones Shallan keeps drawing. What do you make of this?

It’s very strange, they do sound similar.  Shallan only sees the figures when she’s not concentrating during her drawing – it’s unusual that Elhokar also sees them just in a totally natural way.  I was trying to think what they’ve got in common but not really been able to come up with anything – other than they’re both scared about their futures.  It’s very odd.  I’m not coming up with too much here!  *rummages around in dark corners of brain*.

3. What do you make of Dalivar’s most recent vision? Was the king he talked to really Nohadon, author of The Way of Kings? If so, what do you think the timeline is? What happened before and after what Dalinar saw? Were the strange, rock-like corpses really Voidbringers?

Dalinar is taking so much more from his visions than at first.  He’s observing everything around him and has also figured out that he needs to try and participate to find out more information.  Frankly, I really think that it was Nohadon in the vision, at least it seemed to be fairly clear to me.  I’m not sure about the timeline but clearly Nohadon hasn’t yet written his book – although the suggestion to do so has now been sown.  Interesting that Dalinar, who is reading and upholding the word of the book quite fastidiously is now travelling back in time to suggest it’s written in the first place!  A real chicken and egg situation right there.  If Dalinar hadn’t had the vision would the book have ever been produced?

4. Dalivar and Navani finally share a passionate kiss, and then start conducting a covert romance. What are your impressions of the relationship? Has your opinion of Navani changed at all?

Listening back over some of the history I think I was perhaps too hasty about Navani.  I assumed she’d married Gavilar for position even though she maybe was more attracted to Dalivar.  As it turns out Dalivar practically handed her to Gavilar on a plate with trimmings and sauce!  Lots of misunderstandings between these characters it seems.

5. Kaladin’s decoy plan works almost miraculously well. How do you see this affecting the story going forward, and in what way? Address the issue both for Kaladin and his men, and for the war at large.

I have a bad feeling about this!  All along I have this horrible feeling that the Parshendi are just playing with the Alethi and it’s all some sort of distraction.  Now that Kaladin has offended them so severely I think they may take a different stance.  They may wrongly assume that this is a battle tactic and not just Kaladin’s brainwave in which case they will be more determined to win and will up their game.

6. So Moash wants to kill someone out of vengeance. Any guesses who or why?

I can’t begin to guess to be honest.  No doubt I’ve missed something crucial along with way or not picked up a strand that Sanderson has thrown out.  I must say that I’m prepared to give Moash the benefit of the doubt and think the best of him seeing as how he pledged to protect Kaladin!

7. Why do you think Sadeas abandoned Dalivar as he did? Was this done intentionally? Was it planned in advance? What are your thoughts?

My first thoughts were a big ‘WHAT, followed by plenty of expletives!  However, having had time to reflect I don’t think Sadeas would do this deliberately.  The two of them seemed to be forming plans together and getting along well.  (There is of course the possibility that Sadeas was trying to lull Dalinar into a false sense of security.  I’m hopefull that Sadeas had observed the other Parshendi army and is trying a different tactic.  Perhaps he’s moving his men to another plain so that they can then reassemble to attack elsewhere!  I hope so anyway.  OMG – perhaps the Parshendi are now trying to kill Dalivar – perhaps he’s reached a similar point to his brother and they think they need to eliminate him.  Also, at the start of this – wasn’t there some speculation about Sadeas being involved with the assassination on Gavilar – perhaps Sadeas is betraying him after all and has agreed with the Parshendi to leave him vulnerable.  Way to have two completely conflicting opinions hey!  I completely hadn’t thought about the latter until literally this minute as I was typing and then the little gremlin popped into my brain!

Basically, I now need to go and finish this book – quick sharp in a hurry!!!  Otherwise I may burst with anticipation…

4 Responses to “Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson readalong week 9”

  1. tethyanbooks

    I hadn’t really thought about the implications of Dalinar’s presence in the visions. I guess I assumed that it was just a vision, sort of like a reconstruction from the mind of the vision-giver. If he was literally traveling back in time to experience these scenes, then he has done some pretty impressive things! On Navani, that is actually even nicer than I assumed. She just figured Dalinar wasn’t into her :(. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t see Sadeas’s betrayal coming, if it is betrayal. I hope he is not!

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, the visions – it’s so strange that Dalinar is able to take part. It makes me think that he’s changing things as he already saved a woman and child in one and now of course he’s suggesting writing the book.
      I was pleasantly surprised with Navani. I really had been lulled into a fall sense of security with Sadeas – *shakes fist at sneaky Sanderson*.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Liesel K. Hill

    Yeah, the chicken and egg situation is definitely there with the book. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. This may sound weird, but I actually kind of hope Sadeas is really betraying Dalinar, only because otherwise, it’s a bit of a cheap way to end the chapter. 😀 Can’t wait to read more!
    My WoK Post

    • lynnsbooks

      I have a strange feeling that you may be right with Sadeas. When I initially started to read I genuinely, foolishly, maybe even naively, thought Sadeas must be trying a different tactic! Then it hit me – how much I originally disliked him, how I originally suspected him of being involved with Gavilar’s assassination and how he treats the bridgeman! Sanderson – he went and did it again and lulled me into that false sense of security with his ‘vision telling Dalinar to trust Sadeas’ routine!
      Lynn 😀

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