Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 8

This week’s instalment was fantastic – I realise that it’s getting boring me constantly harping on about how brilliant it is – but, it does keep getting better!  Anyway, as previously, if you’re thinking of reading this, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be of course, then read no further as spoilers are running amok!  This week our lovely host is Caffeinatedlife so stop over and check out the other participants:

What do you think of Dalinar’s latest vision concerning the Radiants? Can you make sense of them? Do you think Jasnah will prove or disprove Dalinar’s visions? And what did you think of Dalinar and Navani’s almost moment? 😉

I thought the vision was very interesting.  Strange how they all came together as one to abandon their swords and shards.  Reading later chapters where Dalinar is in battle with the Parshendi I couldn’t help wonder if they had become similarly sickened by all the death?  But, to be honest I’m not 100% sure what’s going on with the visions yet.  I think it will be very interesting to see if Jasnah can solve this puzzle.  Dalinar and Navani – you just can’t help thinking that she must always have had a soft spot for Dalinar?

Dalinar proposes a military alliance with Sadeas. Given what we’ve read of their relationship and of Sadeas’ character, did Dalinar make the right move? How long do you think this alliance will last? Has Dalinar finally gotten Sadeas on his side by using Sadeas’ interests (gemhearts, the Shardblade, etc.) as incentive or does Dalinar have something else up his sleeve?

This was a really good chapter.  I loved when Sadeas made his announcement at the feast and I can’t say how pleased I am that I was so wrong about Sadeas and his motives.  I really did think he’d taken on this role just to try and incriminate Dalinar and  I had this horrible vision of Dalinar being taken and thrown captive in some dark infested prison awaiting a trial and execution!  As to whether their alliance will last – I think it may well do.  I’ve decided that I need to trust Sadeas.  Maybe fighting together will inspire them somehow and more importantly maybe it will make the other high princes think about joining together?  I definitely think that there is something odd going on with the Parshendi – it’s as though they’re playing with the Alethi.  How can they keep having so many people to send out to battle – even when they lose.  And, also, the way they behave about their dead – something a little bit different with them I think and I don’t think the Alethi know enough about their foe.

This is the first time we’ve read in detail what it’s like to be a Shardbearer fighting with Shardblades in battle through Dalinar. What did you think of it?

Well, as we’ve all said already, Sanderson is excellent at writing these particular scenes.  I wouldn’t say it’s the part of the book that I’d normally be drawn to or find particularly holds my attention – not usually at least!  But these scenes are quite mesmerising.  They draw you in until you’re almost sat on the edge of your seat gripped with tension about what might or might not actually happen.  Fighting with Blades and Plates seems a little like being the Iron Man.  It’s unusual because although it gives the wearer/bearer the strength it’s the blade and the plates that are using the magic.  Whereas with Kaladin he seems to be using the magic directly.  Interesting difference.

We get a big reveal about what’s happening with Kaladin this week regarding the Stormlight as well as a revelation regarding Syl’s nature. What did you think of it? Given what we know now, what else do you think he is capable of?

It was quite revealing I thought.  I’m not sure what Syl is exactly but they seem to have developed a sort of symbiotic relationship.    In terms of Kaladin, he clearly seems to have more ‘magical’ ability than, say, Dalinar, he’s obviously absorbing the power and he leaks the light in the same way that the damaged shardplate does.  Also, he seems to be developing similar talents to Szeth in terms of binding.  He also survived the storm.  As to what else he can do – well, perhaps like in Dalinar’s vision, he will be able to shoot into the air and travel very quickly from place to place?

Kaladin initially blames his curse as the reason why people around him keep dying. Is there some truth to his claims, that this binding ability has some correlation with the casualty count around him, or is Kaladin simply grieving over recent losses? If the former, do you think this might have any connection to what the Radiants are and whatever happened to them?

I just think that Kaladin and the others (all of his other previous losses included) are in the sort of situation where losses are expected.  I don’t think Kaladin is the reason why people are dying – in fact, in terms of the bridgecrews doesn’t No.4 now have less casualties than the others?  I think he just expects too much from himself – which isn’t a bad thing but difficult to achieve.  Perhaps the radiants became overwhelmed with despair – in a similar way to Kaladin seems to sometimes.

  • Wit/Hoid is turning out to be more than just the life of the party and a thorn on the sides of the other highprinces. As we’ve seen, he’s not very playful with Dalinar and is quite sober, even ominous, with Kaladin. What did you think of his conversations with Dalinar and with Kaladin? What do you think he’s up to? How does he factor in with everything else that’s going on at the moment (or what’s to come)?
  • He reminds me very much of The Fool from the Assassin’s Apprentice – and what I mean by that is he seems to have a strange sense of predicting things and knowing what people are thinking.  He turned up in the plains at just precisely the right moment to calm Kaladin down and tell his little story.  He feels like a character who knows what the bigger picture is and tries to move around positioning things for a better outcome.  I can’t help liking him to be honest and would gladly read more of his story.

Given where we’re now up to in the story I can’t help feelings that we’re going to be left with some kind of huge reveal that leaves us absolutely gagging to read No.2 – fortunately that’s pretty good timing as it happens!

2 Responses to “Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 8”

  1. tethyanbooks

    I’m really starting to wonder how this is going to wrap up. I’m expecting something devastatingly horrible to happen, leaving us all desperate to know what happens next!

    I would like to know a lot more about Wit too, but I get the impression he’s a series-spanning character (and so might be the sort to stay always a mystery). I can see the resemblance to the fool in Assassin’s Apprentice, though :).

    And I agree with your thoughts on Kaladin. All of the current bridge 4 would probably be dead already if it weren’t for him.

    • lynnsbooks

      Given that we’re now so far into the book and there’s still such a lot that we have no idea about it seems like a good thing that book No.2 is due out soon!
      Have you got your copy ready??
      Lynn 😀

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