Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 4

Banner courtesy of Anya at On Starships And Dragonwings!

Banner courtesy of Anya at On Starships And Dragonwings!

Better late than never!  Things have conspired against me this week.  Firstly long working hours, secondly, my kindle running out of battery which meant I couldn’t read on my journey to work and back and thirdly my laptop temporarily ‘died’ last night and I had a couple of hours in limbo!  Anyway, without further ado onto the questions which this week are being hosted by the lovely Micheline over at Lunar Rainbows.  If you haven’t yet got round to picking this book up – then what you waiting for.  Come and join us.  Beware of spoilers for the rest of the post.

1.  We seem to be getting more and more proof that there is some ”luck” or magic at play when it comes to Kaladin’s safety,  survival and his skills – especially during those battle scenes.  Even when performing that Kata in the Chasm, there was something  incredible about his movements according to the rest of the crew. Initially the blade seemed to be the source of his skills (to me at least) , what do you think might be fueling his powers?  Do you think they’re getting stronger?

I think maybe he is in some way a descendent of the Knights Radiant. I also think he has some sort of ability to use magic although I don’t think he’s aware of this, and that’s what accounts for his ‘luck’ during battle.  It’s almost as though he has, or creates, an invisible shield.

2. We were introduced to Navani, King Gavilar’s widow and the current King Elhokar’s mother.  What was your initial impression of her?  There seems to be some complicated history between her and Dalinar,  do you think she might end up being an ally or an eventual hindrance?

Not sure really what to make of her just yet.  Clearly Dalinar has feelings for her and it seems like she has toyed with him in the past – or was she toying?  It seems to me that she chose Gavilar because he was the first and obviously would become King.  So, maybe, she really preferred Dalinar but was too ambitious to turn down the opportunity to marry the future king.  And now of course, Gavilar is no longer around…

3. What did you make of Sadeas’ maneuver against Dalinar to gain the King’s favor by being named the High Prince of Information?  How do you reconcile his actions with the advice Dalinar received ”to trust” Sadeas?

I still really don’t trust him.  I think he’s going to try and undermine Dalinar and this new position gives him the perfect opportunity.  I can’t help wondering if, when Dalinar was told he could trust Sadeas, there was another meaning to the advice – like, Dalinar can trust Sadeas to behave like a rat!

4. Were you surprised when Rock admitted to Kaladin that he was seemingly born being able to see the Spren and therefore could see Syl following Kaladin around? That led to a pivotal point for Kaladin, gaining Rock’s favor and then Teft’s.  What were your thoughts on that whole scene? Can you speculate as to why some people are able to see the spren when others can not?

Maybe the Spren decide who can and cannot see them?  I’m not sure about the Rock, I like his character and like seeing the friendship he’s developing with Kaladin and Teft.  Perhaps he was born with this gift just like some people can use magic, or some people can foresee things?  I loved when she was getting naffed off with him being too respectful with her – I like her sense of fun.

5.  We got to see Adolin confront his father Dalinar because of his visions and lay all his cards on the table. Clearly Adolin thinks his father is losing it and his words seemed to shake Dalina’s own convictions as well.  Do you think this will have a lasting effect on Dalinar’s belief in his visions? Not to mention his acting on them?  Moreover, do you think Adolin will ever be convinced that there is more to Dalinar’s visions any time soon? 

I feel a bit sorry for Dalinar because he seems to be going through a bit of a doubtful period, like, he’s unsure now whether the visions are real and he’s actually thinking there’s something wrong with him.  I’m not really sure what’s going on with Dalinar – he seems to be pushing Adolin into his shoes somehow – as though he thinks he’s not going to be around.

6.  As if in further indication of Dalinar and Kaladin’s collision course towards one another, Dalinar has agreed to train a bridge crew – without putting them directly into assault or harm’s way (of course, love these two!!) do you think their joined efforts might be enough to change the way the the other High Princes  go about things during battle?  Especially Sadeas?  

Well, even though the High Princes seem to have a total disregard for the slaves you can’t help thinking that they might start to see the sense in both what Kaladin is doing and also Dalinar.  If Kaladin continues to train and train his men too it makes sense because they’ll be fitter and will reach their destination quicker therefore lessening the chances of being shot at by already waiting Parshendi.  No matter how much disregard the High Princes have for the slaves they must see the sense eventually!

I loved this week’s reading.  Kaladin is really coming into his own.  The scene where the bridge men had to go on retrieval mission in the chasms was really intriguing.  What about the Parshendi growing their own armour – quite literally growing it!  Sanderson is such an amazing author.

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9 Responses to “Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, readalong week 4”

  1. conflicteddesires

    The Parshendi growing their own armor is rather interesting; we don’t seem to know a whole lot about their motivations and it just makes me even more curious to see their true reasoning behind the assassination and whatnot. The different races in this book just fascinate me so much! 😀

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m super curious to see why the Parshendi assassinated Gavilar! It just seems to have brought about this whole war/siege situation – do they like war?? They’re able to grow their own armour and leap over chasms. Perhaps that’s how they’re wired. It’s all very curious.
      Lynn 😀

  2. tethyanbooks

    2. As you said on my post, I was thinking exactly the same thing. It’s cool that we keep agreeing on these theories, whether or not they’re right :D.
    3. Makes me think of Captain Jack Sparrow, “…you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.”

    The bit with chasm duty was really interesting. I think that’s the first time (since Szeth’s prelude) that we’ve actually seen the Parshendi up close, too.

    • lynnsbooks

      I must admit that I’m loving this more than I expected! I know that probably sounds silly because I’ve read Mistborn and The Emperor’s Soul by Sanderson and loved both but something was putting me of this series. Perhaps it’s simply the scope. That’s why a readalong is so much better for me for this particular series. It makes me (1) have the motivation to pick it up (2) think about the plot, characters and world building in greater depth and (3) share all my random theories – which is even better when somebody else is thinking the same thing.
      I loved the Chasm chapter – that could just be because I’m loving all the chapters in which Kaladin stars!
      Lynn 😀

  3. Lianne @ caffeinatedlife.net

    The Parshendi growing their own armour is interesting–and slightly freaky, lol. Could be one of the may reasons why it’s so difficult to wage war against them…I’d be curious to know what their motivations were for the assassination and the war and whatnot.

    Hmm, that’s a good idea about the spren, them choosing who can see them and whatnot…Syl is also proving to really be a unique spren so I wonder about that as well…

    • lynnsbooks

      Yeah, growing your own armour – it’s not exactly like you can remove it and chill out – what about in times of peace?? Does it shrivel and drop off!! It’s almost like they’re born for war, grow their own protection, can leap over chasms – actually I was curious about that – the Shardblade holders can leap over the chasms when they’re wearing their plate?? I wonder if this means the Parshendi are using the same sort of magic somehow – but maybe ingesting some of the magic somehow?
      Lynn 😀

  4. nrlymrtl

    Yes, Navani is toying with Dalinar. Well, in my opinion she is. She likes the power she has over him, by simply being her. I wonder if she has true feelings for Dalinar, or even her dead husband – or is it just about the power?

    Syl is so silly. She got tired of Rock being so serious and respectful and led him to a dungpile! I guess she could have been really naughty and tripped him into it face first. So it seems Syl has some self-control.

    Parshendi armor! Are they insects? Are they crustaceans? A mix? Very intriguing indeed!

  5. suecccp

    Sorry I am so horribly late: sometimes my life is just far too complicated! :D 

    1. There is a good chance that the ability to manipulate Stormlight is an inherited characteristic, so you could very well be right. I find this much easier to accept than the possibility of reincarnation. (Just as long as it isn’t midchlorians or whatever it was that George Lucas suddenly created for The Phantom Menace!)

    2. Yep, I’m not sure of her yet, but I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt at the moment.

    3. I agree: Sadeas = ratty McRat

    4. Syl seems a little surprised that Rock can see her, so I am not sure. I get the feeling that he is rather more than just a chef: perhaps he is some sort of shaman?

    I love Syl’s development and how she is learning what it really means to be sentient.

    5. Life is certainly testing Dalinar’s determination, but I hope that it will prove to be worth while and his sons stick with him.

    6. You would think that saving slaves would drake sense, but these people seem to be very conservative in maintaining the traditional ways of doing things. Either that or they simply don’t care.

    Yep – grow your own armor: how? what? why? 😀

    • lynnsbooks

      Sue, I know exactly what you mean. My spare time has felt a bit none existent this month to be sure!

      I also love Syl and whats going on with her. I keep thinking there’s something hidden in her, like she’s different for some reason – and she seems to have this attachment to Kaladin – it’s as though they’re destined to help each other or something. I can’t put my finger on it but it feels more than just an accidental meeting.

      The Parshendi are a bit like insects with that armour thing! Curiouser and Curiouser.

      Lynn 😀

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