Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett, readalong week III

The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett readalong week III.  Nearly caught up with this readalong – holidays hey (can live with em)!!

Hosted by Dab of Darkness and Over the Effing Rainbow.  Week three’s questions hosted by Dab of Darkness as follows, oh and if you don’t want to know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt then read no further as spoilers will abound:

1) What did you think of Annagramma’s blunderings and then her reveal to Tiffany about her parentage? It sort of makes sense.  I hadn’t really considered it but when she revealed her background it gave a bit more substance to the way she behaves.  She’s somehow ashamed of her background and comes across as though she’s always trying to hide her real self!

2) Lady Summer makes herself known in this section of the book. How did your impressions change with each time we saw her? Well, she was pretty miffed and like I always say ‘hell hath no fury’ so I wasn’t too surprised about her reaction when a young usurper comes along and steals her man!  All that being said, and whilst I might understand her a little I can’t say I warmed to her (no pun intended).

3) Ah, the Cornucopia, the Horn of Plenty. Was it all you expected? What would you ask from the Cornucopia if you had it for a day?  This wasn’t what I expected but I loved Pratchett’s strange twist.  Mmm, I would ask for a very fine bottle of red wine (after all it’s like having one of your five fruits for the day), some cheeses (because what could be more natural?) and Jean Tannen – sorry, just skipped books there, brrr…

4) Werk, werk, werk. So many chickens! Which is worse: 5 kilted Feegles hiding under your bed or a house full of chickens? What would you do with so many of the feathered egg-laying manure factories? I’ll take the Feegles hiding any day.  At least they’re relatively house trained – although the fresh eggs would be a bonus.  Chickens can be little so and sos though and I don’t fancy getting my ankles (and other bodily parts) pecked!

5) The winter was a harsh one, with wolves in the ice tunnels. However, Mistress Weatherwax put a stop to the wolves but never said how. What do you think she did?   She probably set You on them (btw I’m referring to the kitty and not being personal)!  Or perhaps she simply transported them to another place!  Maybe she turned them into ham sandwiches and shared them round the village.  Basically, I’m pretty clueless – but then I like to be consistent.  (Actually, damn, what did she do with them?)

6) The immortal who tried to make himself into a man: did you enjoy the Wintersmith’s attempts to make himself a man?  I actually had a good deal of sympathy for the Wintersmith and thought he was a great character.  He had his little infatuation and didn’t really understand all the trouble he was causing.  I loved that whole poem ‘thing’ – I wonder if it’s actually based on a true poem??  Anybody????

7) Granny Weatherwax tests Rob Anybody’s spelling and then sets him a heroic task. Do you think she was right to set that in motion or do you think someone else would have come up with the same idea?  Maybe, although Granny W always seems to be one step ahead of the game.  I thought it was good that she gave Rob Anybody a bit of a push in the right direction and the whole incident with the ferrymen and singing ‘row your boat’ was pretty funny to say the least.

8) Finally, did you applaud Tiffany’s solution to the Wintersmith dilemma? Did you find the ending satisfactory?  Yes.  Yet again I wondered how she would achieve it but she simply managed when the time came.  She’s experiencing a wealth of different and difficult situations which are ultimately going to make her into a simply brilliant witch.

Very enjoyable.  Terry Pratchett is so funny he had me laughing out loud no end in this volume – particularly any part where the Feegles show up – such a great creation – I would literally read a book just with the Feegles.

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