Tricked by Kevin Hearne

Tricked is the fourth instalment of the Iron Druid Chronicles brought to us by Kevin Hearne.  This is a great series of books with oodles of humour, some great banter and a cheeky, rather easy on the eye mind, Druid called Atticus.  If you haven’t read any of the IC books then I recommend you give them a go.  They’re chockablock with different characters, myths, religions, weird and wonderful creatures and giggles.

At the start of the story you may be surprised to discover that Atticus dies.  Now, keep your undies on – it’s a staged death to get certain people, who are less than pleased with him following his antics in Hammered, off his back, and, still keep your trollies on – that wasn’t a spoiler – it’s the first line of the book (and also there’s a rather big giveaway on the jacket!)  So, faked death successful, bad guys off the trail, what can possibly go wrong?  Plenty.

Coyote plays a main role in this story which is where we get the title from of course because he’s tricksy after all!  So, in payment for aforesaid staged demise, Atticus is now in Coyote’s debt and has made an arrangement to help him and his people – unfortunately for Atticus, he didn’t read the small print and pretty soon he’s going to be up to his neck in sand with the ants swarming (I made that bit up).

I really enjoyed this.  Oberon plays a big part and the banter between him and Atticus is as good as ever.  Lots of one liners and playing oneupmanship on each other usually with the incentive of sausages (not for Atticus).  The story examines a little more of Atticus’s former life which is interesting and I think could bear a lot more of a look into.

We spend more time with Granuaile which helps to get to know her a little bit better and the chemistry between the two seems to be hotting up, in spite of Atticus having the best intentions not to become involved with his student.  It’s simply not the done thing!

Anyway, the main action contains a whole new form of evil in the form of skinwalkers.  They’re some nasty characters, vicious, fast, evil and with a demented mania to have a taste of our hero.  These skinwalkers can shape shift.  They’ve been living out in the desert for many years picking off innocent people.  They’re seriously messing with the set up of Coyote’s new enterprise and yet Coyote is missing in action.  This problem doesn’t belong to Atticus but he will own it against his will or better judgement.

Now, I won’t go too much more into the  plot.  There’s plenty of action in this story.  There are new characters plus some old ones.  A bit of betrayal from an unexpected source and an intriguing set up for the next story.

I do enjoy these books.  I thought this one was not as dark as the last and to a certain extent I preferred this.  There’s a certain sort of light relief in reading these books.  They are easy to read, they always have a fast moving plot and there are plenty of different myths and religions that seem to live together seamlessly.

Did I miss anything?  Yes, the Widow!  I’m not going to tell about that.  You’ll have to read it.  And, Leif!!!  No way!

Mmm, criticisms.  I’m still not 100% sure about the Atticus/Granuaile thing.  It’s not that I don’t like Granuaile but I’m just not convinced by it somehow.  Not yet at least anyway.  However, that being said, I am convinced about this series, which is good.

Looking forward to reading the next.

4 Responses to “Tricked by Kevin Hearne”

  1. nrlymrtl

    I come from the land of the skinwalkers. What clothing item are trollies?

    The Widow! Shudder. I won’t spoil either – but damn!

    You forgot the bare ass shenanigans – which is one of the reasons I keep reading this series. 😉

    Are you going to read the two Ravens and one crow novella? Oh, and I just learned there is prequel to the entire series novella too.

    • lynnsbooks

      I hadn’t heard of these novellas – I’ll definitely take a look.
      Can’t believe I forgot to make a mention of ‘snugglepumpkin’ in my review!
      Lynn 😀

  2. TBM

    My cat, Atticus, says I must read this!

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m just imagining Miles being called Oberon now and having a strange obsession with pork and apple sausages!
      Lynn 😀

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