Hexed by Kevin Hearne

Posted On 15 February 2012

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Just finished reading Hexed by Kevin Hearne, the 2nd in the Iron Druid Chronicles.  I recently read Hounded and liked it so much I could have just picked it back up and reread it but, as I’m behind with this series, I didn’t have to reread as the 2nd and 3rd installments were available – lucky me!  If you haven’t read the first book beware of spoilers contained within.

Hexed picks up immediately from where Hounded left off.  Atticus has a (very) brief respite from the excitement of the first book before his troubles once again begin.  He is in the process of arranging a peace treaty with the local witch coven, in an attempt to keep the peace following his all out battle with half of the coven in book No.1.  The number of witches in the area is however about to grow dramatically – and the new witches are not friendly – to anyone!

There is plenty to entertain again in this novel.  We have the leftover demon-who-isn’t-a-demon from book No.1 who still remains to be taken care of and has in the meantime taken to eating students.  We have Bacchants causing chaos and orgies and we have this new coven of demon consorting witches – witches that Atticus has met before, in World War II.

We have the cast from the first book back in full effect.  Gods, vampires, werewolves, shop assistants and of course Oberon.  The action is fast paced, starting almost immediately and not relenting until the last few pages.  There’s plenty going on and we have Atticus having skirmishes with his next door neighbour – who reveals a rather surprising side to himself – and the law – who I’m convinced if Atticus carries on the way he is will be on their ‘most wanted list.  Again, you can’t help liking Atticus.  He’s very old, over 2000 years, but he’s kept in touch with people and the times.  He’s basically a nice guy, a little untrusting of course but after that length of time staying alive you build natural defences.  What I also like about him is that although he looks, and sometimes talks, like a young man he has a good head on his shoulders – there’s no indecision or immaturity, he knows how to look after himself and his friends – although he does suffer a loss this time around (but no more about that!)

I love the world created by Kevin Hearne.  All the supernatural elements just nestling alongside the regular everyday folk (mundanes).  It’s witty and again makes lots of really hysterical references – which my favourite this time was Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride!  Plus I really like the writing, it’s too the point, it gives you enough information without massive info dumps and it doesn’t go into too much recapping from the previous story.

All in all I really loved this, equally as much as the first and I will read Hammered soon!  The characters are so likable that I can’t wait to return.  And, I can’t finish without mentioning Oberon – who is without doubt the most amazing character with the funniest lines.

Definitely recommend this series.



4 Responses to “Hexed by Kevin Hearne”

  1. TBM

    I haven’t heard of this series. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!

    • lynnsbooks

      I’m really enjoying this series – it’s not deep and meaningful exactly but it’s really good fun and I like the characters, the world and the banter. Also, the author is knocking them out at a fairly brisk pace – which I’m quite enjoying as there are no 12 month gaps in between! Makes a good change of pace.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Jen @ In the Closet With a Bibliophile

    I’m so glad you are loving them! I absolutely adore them, but I live in Arizona so sometimes I wonder if that’s it. LOL! I sent your comment to the moderator for the Mr. Linky and they will delete your link so you can add a new one. I’m so glad you’ll be participating with us!! I do LOVE the read-a-longs! Plus, Kevin Hearne is really awesome!

    • lynnsbooks

      This is a great series, so easy to read with really likable characters. I love Oberon! Can’t wait for the readalong (don’t think I’ll have to reread as I’ve only just finished so should be okay).
      Lynn 😀

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