The Pi**ed-Off Parents Club by Mink Elliott

This book centres around Roxy, a new mother who has recently moved from London to the countryside to live in the village of Riverside with her Partner Jack.  Jack and Roxy are finding parenthood a struggle, money is tight, their house is in the process of being renovated, but money has run out, Jack works long hours and has a tiring commute on top and the move to the countryside has left Roxy with none of her friends or family to turn to for help.

This is really a very nice light hearted read which I don’t think you could find much wrong with – providing this is the sort of read you’re after. It’s not a particularly new theme but it’s nicely written and does have some genuinley funny moments although I would say that personally I found the first half of the book much more enjoyable than the latter half.  I think that a lot of the anecdotes will feel familiar to anyone with children – either young or not and there are a few messages in here about the ‘joys of parenthood’ and the fact that it’s not all fun and games.

I did really like Roxy and Jack – they seemed a bit more like real people.  I liked the fact that Roxy hadn’t lost all her pregnancy fat yet and wasn’t a perfect mum and Jack could come across as a bit selfish sometimes.  Basically I think you got a little bit of both sides of the story.

In terms of criticisms I would say that in spite of the fact that Roxy and Jack always seemed to be falling out their arguments didn’t really carry any substance in fact they were ususally over and forgotten after a couple of sentences.  The only other thing I would say is that everything does seem to fall in place very easily for all concerned – but I won’t go into any more on that.

I don’t think this book will appeal to everybody but I do think that new mums will find a lot to identify with and would probably find it amusing and possibly reassuring in that not everyone finds first time parenthood a doddle.

Rating C+

The Pissed-off Parents Club

The Pissed-off Parents Club

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