Entangled by Cat Clarke

To quote a line from the back of the book Entangled is “A story of dangerous secrets, intense friendship and electrifying attraction”.  The story is told in the voice of Grace who at the start of the book has woken up in a white room and has no memory of how or why she is there.  In the room is a table and chair, writing paper and pens.  As Grace loves to write – that is how she chooses to spend her time and as the days pass she gradually starts to piece together the prevous events that have led to her being trapped in this place but she isn’t going to like everything she remembers!

This book is totally gripping and refreshingly different.  It touches upon such a lot of very difficult subjects, such as self harming, and yet manages to do so with such honesty, sensitivity and believability that it is frankly difficult to put down.  The story isn’t particularly a new theme but it’s told in a very creative way and even though you may second guess what is going on it isn’t until the final few chapters that everything becomes truly clear.  I really liked Grace, she’s certainly not perfect but I don’t think anyone would be who suffered such a dramatic loss at such a young age.  It’s difficult to write much more about the story without giving away the plot which I don’t wish to do as I think that this book needs to be read without any preconceived ideas so that you can be swept away by the writing.  This is an emotional read but it’s not dark or depressing and the voice of Grace is really well conceived, touching and amusing.

I don’t really have any criticisms! I just suggest you read it – and anyway, it would be difficult to resist picking up this book as the cover will totally grab your attention! (Its true that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but its also true that this can be the thing that makes it stand out from all the other books on the shelf!)

Rating A+

Plus – triple brownie points as I think (need to check though) that this book meets all three of my book challenges so me really likey!



3 Responses to “Entangled by Cat Clarke”

  1. Kevin Griffiths

    have a nice day

  2. zahra

    I LOVE this book!! i love the ending!! when i read it, i was shocked, i would of never of guest that ending!! It’s soo good!!, the way it’s wrote is simply outstanding! Loads of secrets that are soo intense that you have to take a deep breath!! i strongly reccomend this book!! 😀

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