Countdown to 2023 – Day 30 ‘Family and Friends’ (1 day remaining)


Today is day 30 of my countdown to 2023 – woot, only one day remaining.  Today’s prompt is ‘Family and Friends ’.  The prompts can be found here if you want to join in.  I’m hoping to use mostly books read this year.  Let’s begin:

FAMILY AND FRIENDS (A book with great characters)

I’ve gone for a series that I’m really enjoying and where the characters are fantastic.  This is an urban fantasy based in Manchester in the UK (so I confess I have a soft spot immediately for that reason alone) but, on top of that this is packed with great imagination and I love reading it. The Stranger Times series by CK McDonnell.  Book 1 is The Stranger Times, followed by This Charming Man and the most recent instalment Love Will Tear Us Apart which was just amazing.  My review will be up soon.

Love will

Tomorrow: Bottle of Bubbly – Your first read for 2023


One Response to “Countdown to 2023 – Day 30 ‘Family and Friends’ (1 day remaining)”

  1. Dawn

    Never heard of this series before but sounds worth checking into!

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