#SPFBO 8: Recap

Posted On 8 October 2022

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What is SPFBO? Check out Mark Lawrence’s post here to look at this year’s entrants, judges and allocations list.

I am teaming up again with the ladies from The Critiquing Chemist.

Today I’m giving a recap of where I’m up to in terms of Phase 1 of the Competition.

SPFBO Introduction

SPFBO Cover Competition

SPFBO Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 3

SPFBO Feedback: Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 3

I rolled forward five books to read fully and have subsequently read and reviewed them:

The Hidden Blade by Marie M Mullany

Scarlight (Castles of the Eyrie #1) by Evie Marceau

The Blood of Crows by Alex C Pierce

Between Ink and Shadows (Between Ink and Shadows #1) by Melissa Wright

Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons by Quenby Olson

On Monday the Critiquing Chemist and I will simultaneously post our Semi Finalist announcement post by which point only four, possibly five, of our allocated books (30 in total) will remain.  We then need to read each other’s choices before putting our heads together to select a finalist.

Good luck to the remaining authors.

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