A few days away

Posted On 14 September 2022

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Just a short post to let you know that for the next few days I will be absent  (I have scheduled a few posts though)- not on holiday but travelling and helping with family things.  I don’t usually feel the need to post about such things  (and I am quite a private person as a rule) but I recognise that this year has been quite different for me.  You may have noticed my slight absence in recent months, less reading, blogging and commenting and this is not a reflection on my love of books or this community but more an indication of extra things taking place this year behind the scenes that have simply pulled me in other directions.  So, if I’ve not visited you for a while – I will be doing so soon.  I’m hoping that I’ll have a couple of calmer months in October and November when I can catch up with everyone and I also have a few new ideas to think about for the future.

So, see you all in a few days.

see you soon


2 Responses to “A few days away”

  1. confessionsofayareader

    I hope your few days away is good.

  2. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I feel ya. This year has been an odd one for me too which has also affected my blogging and reading, so I understand where you’re coming from. I wish you well, whatever you need to do!

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