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Posted On 19 September 2021

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Sunday Post

I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing a round-up of the week just completed and also take a look at my plans for the forthcoming week.  I rather got out of the habit of doing this last year but I would like to reinstate this type of post as I feel it keeps me on track.  So, I’m linking up to The Sunday Post over at Kimberly’s  Caffeinated Reviewer.  Without further ado:

Last week:

Last week I missed my update so I’ll double post this week.  As per usual I am behind at the moment as a result of travelling to see family and friends.  Still, good times – just, I am fed up with myself sometimes!  Anyway. The past two weeks I’ve been pressing on with my reading although I need to sit down now and catch up with some reviews and blog hopping.  The week before last I read By the Pact by Joanna Maciejewska and also The Women of Troy by Pat Barker.  I’ve also read A Girl Made of Air by Nydia Hetherington, continued with my buddy read of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law (75% into this one now) and read one of my SPFBO books – Little White Hands by Mark Cushen.

Next Week

This week I’d like to complete my buddy read, read Wisdom of Crowds and pick up another SPFBO book – of course, we all know what ‘they’ say about the best laid plans.

Reviews Posted since last Sunday:


6 Responses to “Booking Ahead/Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I hear ya, I fell behind a lot in August because of all the travel and visitations as well and I’m just now getting back into my normal schedule. I’m really looking forward to diving into the Joe Abercrombie book soon!

  2. evelynreads1

    Enjoy your reading!

  3. pagesandtea

    I love the cover for The Women of Troy. And seeing The Wisdom of Crowds here makes me want to get back to that series as well. So many books I want to read though at the moment 😀

  4. maddalena@spaceandsorcery

    The Wisdom of Crowd is pure Abercrombie grimdark delight 😉 I’m in the middle of it and loving it so… happy reading!!!

  5. Tammy

    You’ve got some big chunky books going so it’s no wonder you feel behind😁

  6. Lexlingua

    I know all about them, those best laid plans. But I do hope you manage to conquer all of these in time and enjoy them too. By the Pact is very striking “arcane and otherwise”, so I’m off to check out your review, thanks!

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