Booking Ahead/Weekly Wrap Up

Sunday Post

I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing a round-up of the week just completed and also take a look at my plans for the forthcoming week.  I rather got out of the habit of doing this last year but I would like to reinstate this type of post as I feel it keeps me on track.  So, I’m linking up to The Sunday Post over at Kimberly’s  Caffeinated Reviewer.  Without further ado:

Last week:

So this week.  I’ve finally caught up with the first Discworld book – just need to put some thoughts down for that one and settle down to discuss it with my buddy.  I haven’t managed to get back to The Light of the Midnight Stars by Rena Rossner because I’ve been concentrating on my SPFBO books (it being the last week – no, I’m not panicking).  I’ve completed The Combat Codes by Alexander Darwin – my review for which should be posted tomorrow (fingers crossed and all going to plan) and I’m about 20% into Justin Lee Anderson’s The Lost War.  I think I’m on track although the finish line is fast approaching.  I’ve also made a start on The Girl and the Mountain which I’m about halfway through.


Next Week

Complete The Lost War, The Girl and the Mountain and The Light of the Midnight Stars.  Doddle.

Reviews Posted since last Sunday:

  1. The Two Faced Queen by Nick Martell
  2. Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone

Forthcoming Reviews:

  1. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
  2. A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab
  3. Ariadne by Jennifer Saint
  4. The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
  5. The Combat Codes by Alexander Darwin


6 Responses to “Booking Ahead/Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. jessicabookworm

    Glad you caught up with your first Discworld book and that you will enjoy discussing it with your buddy. 😊 Take care and happy reading in the coming week. 🙂

  2. Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

    Discworld is such a great series, it’s huge!

  3. Tammy

    I’m curious to see the final results of SPFBO, good luck finishing!

  4. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    Wow, another SPFBO coming to an end! You’re right on track, you can do it!

  5. Lexlingua

    Awesome, looking forward to your reviews, esp. the Pratchett!

  6. pagesandtea

    Looking forward to your thoughts on Discworld. I read the first two books and I do hope to get back into the series at some point.

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