#SPFBO – Not a Review : Finalist Reading Schedule, Book #2

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300 books           10 Judges            1 winner

The 1st of June marked the start of the sixth Self Published Fantasy Blog Off (details here.)  My Introductory post is here.  Stage 1 is now complete and the finalists can be found here .

During Stage 2 I will read, review and score the remaining 9 finalists as will the other judges until a winner is revealed.  As with previous years I have given each of the 9 books a number and randomly selected a reading order.  Today’s post is to highlight the second book I will be reading and provide information regarding that particular finalist.  The first finalist I read was Shadow of a Dead God by Patrick Samphire.  This was a great start to the finals and my review can be found here.

My second finalist will be :

The Fall of Erlon (The Falling Empires Saga #1) by Robert H. Fleming

The Fall of Erlon is the finalist selected this year by The Critiquing Chemist.  Their review can be found here and below is the description and author details:


As empires burn, heroes must rise.

Elisa Lannes was once heiress to the mighty Erlonian Empire. But when her mother abandons the empire and her emperor father is defeated on the battlefield and sent into exile, the world she would rule collapses around her. As enemies converge on the capital, Elisa must join with the last of the empire’s loyal soldiers to escape the evil that hunts her and her family.

With the help of her father’s generals, can Elisa find the strength to fight for her people? Or will a twist in the tide of the empire’s last war awaken an evil far greater than the enemy’s blade?

The Fall of Erlon is the first in the new military fantasy series from author Robert H. Fleming. If you like deep fantasy worlds filled with colorful characters and massive battles, the gods and generals of the Falling Empires Saga is for you.




8 Responses to “#SPFBO – Not a Review : Finalist Reading Schedule, Book #2”

  1. Greg

    So much good fantasy…

  2. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    The blogger gave this one an intriguing review. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Picking it up very soon – hope it lives up to the promise.
      Lynn 😀

  3. waytoofantasy

    Good luck, Lynn! Hope you enjoy!

  4. sjhigbee

    It sounds really promising – I hope you enjoy it, Lynn:))

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