#SPFBO Saturday

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Today I’m combining two posts – my Cover Love (3) post that I usually post on Friday and my Saturday Snapshot where I post an excerpt from one of the forthcoming SPFBO books.  Basically I was a little too preoccupied yesterday to do anything so I’m squishing the two together here today so that I don’t lose track of things.

So, firstly, I’m highlighting three covers from amongst my own collection of books this week – take a look and see what you think. In the interests of keeping this post to a reasonable length I’ve not added the descriptions here but I have linked to the Goodreads and Amazon pages so you can check them out quite easily:

Rise of the Forgotten Sun (The Sun and the Raven #1) by Jon Monson


Emma and the Minotaur (World of Light, #1) by Jon Herrera


Burn (Desert Deities, #1) by G. E. Hathaway

Do you have a favourite?


Secondly, my sample today, kindly provided by the author, to shine a light on his SPFBO entry, is The Child of Silence (The Burning Orbit Book 1) by Joseph O. Doran – this is a tiny teaser, I’ve also provided the description, links and author information below.  Enjoy:


** Excerpt **


I am called Aiata dal’Pelferta. On the day I entered the world, I sustained massive damage to my brain. In a society where beauty is paramount, I have a weak, poorly-formed body that I can hardly move. Amongst a people where one’s voice grants incredible power, I cannot speak save for random sounds. For most of my life, those who knew me either resented my existence or liked to pretend I did not exist at all.

And worst of all, I was born fourth in line to the throne.


** Ends **


Further details for The Child of Silence:

ChildofsilenceYou’ve never met a hero like this before.

Born severely disabled, Aiata dal’Pelferta has spent her life despised by her own people simply for who she is. Worse still, she is the youngest daughter of the Empress, making her an Imperial embarrassment. Unable to talk, move or let anyone know she is a thinking, feeling person, she spends her days observing – and learning – from those around her.

Everything changes when she finally discovers a way to communicate and is plunged into the dangers of the Imperial court. With the magic of Songthrust, Aiata’s people can force others to their will, however they are ill-prepared for a popular revolt within their own borders – a revolt that Aiata is dragged into. Abused by her family and surrounded by danger, Aiata will learn that her intellect – not her magic – is her greatest asset, as she fights to save her home from the ravages of civil war.

Yet while all eyes are on the war at home, a far greater threat looms in the dark of the night sky.

Author info


Finally, I’ve made very good progress on my first batch of books and my update will follow very soon. Unfortunately this will involve cuts – which is my least favourite part of this first stage of the competition – but it is also a necessary part so I wanted to raise this in advance.



9 Responses to “#SPFBO Saturday”

  1. Tammy

    I remember BURN was one of my favorite covers in your first cover post, so I love seeing it here again😁

    • @lynnsbooks

      It’s a very good cover, it was such a difficult choice picking only three covers for the competition.
      Lynn 😀

  2. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I echo Tammy, BURN is definitely the one that stands out here!

  3. Rebecca

    Rise of the Forgotten Sun reminds me of a minimalist travel poster for like, Tatooine or Arrakis.

  4. waytoofantasy

    These all have really great covers. Is that a dinosaur in the desert? I’m intrigued….

    • @lynnsbooks

      It certainly looks like a dinosaur in a desert – I am definitely intrigued.
      Lynn 😀

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