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Posted On 20 October 2019

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October is the fourth month of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off.  As with last year I have divided my 30 books into five batches of six books (selected using a random sequence generator).  Each month I will highlight that month’s selection at the start of the month, providing details about the books and the authors.  As the month progresses I hope to have a clear favourite out of each batch – although things don’t always go to plan of course – I will provide mini reviews for each book and hopefully a full review for each book that I read fully or choose to be a semi finalist.  The aim being to then choose a finalist from those semi finalists.

Obviously, this month I’m late posting about my fourth batch of books, for which apologies, a couple of weeks without wifi has not helped in this respect.  But, I have been reading and and I’m hoping to post my feedback very soon.

I’d like to wish everyone the best of luck and I hope you all enjoy the competition.

Without further ado here are my six books for October:

The Blade.jpgThe Blade Within by Jackson Lear

Someone kidnapped the wrong girl.

Twelve hours ago Raike didn’t even know she existed. Nor would he have cared. That was until the only clue to her kidnapping lay in a cryptic note foretelling her death – a note Raike has seen once before. Now he’s prepared to lose everything to get her back.

Standing in his way is an alliance of two mercenary companies, a city watch who cares more about stopping Raike than finding the missing girl, and an imperial general who had little to fear – until Raike came along.

A gripping fantasy thriller that will keep your heart racing until the very end.

Twitter : MrJacksonLear


Orphans.jpgOrphans of the Dead by Phil Dickens


Charlotte and Joe Dáithín are dhampirs: half-human, half-vampire. But beyond their unique heritage, and the fact that their parents saved the human race from extinction, they have little in common.

Charlotte is in training to take over from her mother as the Sentinel, a powerful and self-assured warrior. Comfortable with her destiny, and madly in love with her girlfriend Emily, there’s little else she wants from life.

Joe still has a lot of growing up to do. His life revolves around finding ways to get drunk or stoned with his friends, and duty and battle are the last things on his mind.

But between a powerful demon with an unknown agenda, and a drug that provokes a powerful blood lust, both siblings are about to have their lives turned upside down.

Author Info

Twitter : phil_dicko


VortexVisionsVortex Visions by Elise Kova

A desperate princess, a magical traveler, and a watch that binds them together with the fate of a dying world.

Vi Solaris is the heir to an Empire she’s barely seen. Her parents sacrificed a life with her to quell a rebellion and secure peace with a political alliance. Now, three years past when her wardship should’ve ended, Vi will do anything to be reunited with her family.

The Empire is faltering beneath the burden of political infighting and a deadly plague. Yet, Vi can’t help but wonder if her inability to control her magic is the true reason her parents haven’t brought her home. Suspicion becomes reality when she unleashes powers she’s not supposed to have.

Powers that might well cost her the throne.

As Vi fights to get her magic under control, a mysterious stranger appears from across the world. He holds the keys to unlocking her full potential, but the knowledge has an unspeakable price — some truths, once seen, cannot be ignored.

All eyes are on her and Vi must make the hardest choice of her life: Play by the rules and claim her throne. Or, break them and save the world.

Author Info:

Twitter : EliseKova


Daugheroffate.jpgDaughter of Fate by Aaron Hodges

When Knights attack the temple of Skystead, seventeen-year-old Pela is the only one to escape. Her mother and the other villagers are taken, accused of worshiping the False Gods. They will pay the ultimate price – unless Pela can rescue them.

Pela has never left the safety of her town, let alone touched a sword. What chance does she have against the ruthless Knights of Alana? She’s not a hero.

But she knows one.

Her uncle Devon was a mighty warrior once, in times when magic filled the world. Age has withered his strength and he retired long ago, but maybe he will answer the call of family.

Can Pela convince him to stand against the darkness one last time?

Author Info:

Twitter : aarondhodges


Riverof.jpgRiver of Thieves by Clayton Snyder

We were the worst kind of people. For the best reasons.

After a robbery gone horribly wrong, cursed thief Cord broadens his horizons and plans to execute the heist of a lifetime. With fellow thief and knife connoisseur Nenn in tow, the two build their ragtag crew to target the heart of the kingdom – Midian, the seat of tyrant King Anaxos Mane. As treachery, horrifying creatures of nightmare, and opposition bar their path at every turn, the gang must depend on skill – intellectual, martial, and magical – to deliver them an endless summer and keep them free from the clutches of evil despotism. If they don’t sh*t the bed first.

Author Info



Gatesof.jpgThe Gates of Golorath by R MGarino

At the edge of the world stands a gate to another realm. The fallen angels, the Lethen’al, sealed it when they fled the Apostate. It has lain dormant, forgotten for seven thousand years. But the Lethen’al have not been idle in their absence. They have mastered the arts of magic and of war, in preparation for their enemy’s return.

Arielle is descended from the founder of the Areth’kon, the martial school. She dreams of becoming a Mala’kar, a Bladeless Master, like her parents before her. But she lived in the shadow of other’s expectations for so long, followed the path they set for her without question, and forgotten her own desires. To reclaim who she is, she leaves her former life and lover behind to start anew at the Gates. But her past claims a stake in her future, and refuses to let her go.

Angus is driven by a secret; a failure he is ashamed of. To rectify his disgrace, he is determined to learn the ways of the sword. Forsaking the teachings of the Magi, he arrived at the Gates to train with his father’s people. Raised on the heroic tales of the Blademasters, he strives to live by their example. But the Blademasters here are nothing like the stories.

When their squads arrive at the Gates for their final year of military training, Angus and Arielle are drawn together. The truth of who they are has the power to reshape the history and purpose of their people, but it is guarded by royal decree.

Will they be able to handle the truth of who they are? Can the world? Can they contain the magnificent powers they wield or will they destroy everyone in their way?

All the while, a new enemy stirs in the shadows.

Author Info:

Twitter : @rmgarino



12 Responses to “#SPFBO5 My fourth batch of books”

  1. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    Good luck to the current batch of books, there are a few that look very promising here!

    • @lynnsbooks

      The books have been so good this year – makes for tough decisions.

  2. maddalena@spaceandsorcery

    I’m particularly intrigued by The Blade Within and River of Thieves – the latter especially sounds very promising, as do all books with a heist at their core… 😀

  3. sjhigbee

    I love the sound of The Blade Within and Vortex Visions. I hope you enjoy this particular batch and look forward to hearing what you make of them:)).

    • @lynnsbooks

      I loved the Blade Within – can’t wait to read on.
      Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Blade Within:)

  4. waytoofantasy

    Three or four of these are pretty interesting to me, hope this batch is a good one!

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  6. jessicabookworm

    An interesting mix of books, Lynn – I hope you enjoy 🙂

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