May : My Month in Review

Posted On 31 May 2019

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Did you hear that?  Was it a plain soaring overhead?  Was it a train speeding by? No, it was the sound of another month rushing by so fast that it broke some sort of a new world record.  We’ve been travelling round the Highlands which has been great (even with the lack of wifi)  Such a beautiful place that I highly recommend.  This month sees the completion of the SPFBO – watch this space for an upcoming announcement, plus today is the final day for the Wyrd and Wonder event – I’ll post a wrap up tomorrow.  I’ve managed to read 11 books this month (my month in covers can be found here).  And, I still have a few reviews to post but overall I’m on track.  Here’s my month in review:

Books read:  this month = 11

  1. The Furies by Katie Lowe
  2. Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen
  3. Westside by WM Akers
  4. A Brightness Long Ago by Guy Gavriel Kay
  5. King of the Road by RS Belcher
  6. The Poison Song by Jen Williams
  7. We Ride the Storm by Devin Madson
  8. Orconomics by J Zachary Pike
  9. Council by Snorri Kristjansson
  10. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
  11. The Red Stained Wings by Elizabeth Bear

What’ve you been reading??

Backlist books

  1. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs (RTF)


Unfinished series completed:

  1. The Poison Song by Jen Williams (RTF)


Books Bought: 

  1. The Mortal Word (The Invisible Library series Book 5 by Genevieve Cogman

Mortal Word.jpg

Audio Books Bought:

Review Books:

Well, *blushes* I may have gotten a little carried away this month with my review books – especially after I showed such restraint last month.  But, in my defence (1) I couldn’t help it because – BOOKS; (2) the review dates on these vary quite a lot and some are not due to be reviewed until September and even October – so there is that (forward planning don’t you know); (C) BOOKS.  Guilty as charged; (d) – OMG – these books sound so bloody awesome that I was mesmerised, I’ve linked to Goodreads so you can check out the blurbs – prepare to want these books.  That is all.

  1. Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham
  2. Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
  3. Bone China by Laura Purcell
  4. Limited Wish by Mark Lawrence
  5. Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  6. This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone
  7. The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg
  8. Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze
  9. The Toll by Cherie Priest
  10. Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa
  11. Priest of Lies by Peter McLean
  12. Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs

Cover compare:

Again this month I like both covers but the cover on the left is my favourite because of the blossoms.

Which is your favourite?

Hope you’ve all had a good month.

19 Responses to “May : My Month in Review”

  1. sjhigbee

    You have had a great May! I need to get hold of Queenslayer – I LOVE this series:)). I haven’t read anything by Frances Hardinge – and I should… Glad you are enjoying the Scottish highlands – it’s definitely on my bucket list.

    • @lynnsbooks

      I’ve picked both up in audio so looking forward to starting them soon.
      Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        I’m definitely going to treat myself to Queenslayer!

      • @lynnsbooks

        I’ve picked up the audio version and I’m looking forward to picking it up soon.
        Lynn 😀

      • sjhigbee

        I’ve already started on the ebook version of this one and I’m loving it…:)

      • @lynnsbooks

        Excellent 😀

  2. Jules_Writes

    You’ve got a great selection of books to read! Happy reading.

  3. Tammy

    You had such a good month! Also, you’ve got some fabulous review books coming up. I just saw Bone China and I’m dying to know if it’s good😁

    • @lynnsbooks

      The release is a way off yet but I am excited to pick it up
      Lynn 😀

  4. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    I just learned about Bone China earlier this week, and gah, looks like you guys are getting it before the US again! Seems like these days, the only thing to keep me from requesting more books is geographic restrictions because I have no self-restraint either 😛

    • @lynnsbooks

      Oh well – self restraint is not all it’s made out to be!! LOL

  5. evelynreads1

    Looks like a good reading month 🙂
    I really need to start reading spellslinger:)


  6. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    I need to figure out my totals but I don’t think May was as good as I wanted. I blame NOS4A2 which I am loving, but it has sort of bogged things down. I don’t know why I wanted to read it before the series. I watched the first episode last night and all I could do was pick out what was different/wrong. I’m sure my husband found it very annoying. I can’t believe May is over already!

  7. waytoofantasy

    Sounds like a wonderful month of books and travel! I also can’t believe it’s June already! How did that happen? Hope you have a great month, Lynn!

    • @lynnsbooks

      Thanks – I’m hoping June doesn’t go by quite as fast – it makes me feel dizzy.
      Lynn 😀

  8. jessicabookworm

    Wow, what a month of reading and what a haul of review copies! 😀

    • @lynnsbooks

      Yes, I may have gone a little crazy momentarily – I hope momentarily!
      Now, I need to get reading. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it – lol
      Lynn 😀

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